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Top safe social media apps for kids to keep safe online

Social media apps for kids to keep safe online

1: Introduction

In the present digital world, social media plays a major part in all age groups. It has become an inevitable one to connect with friends and family anytime and anywhere. It is high time to hunt for safe social media apps to provide a better social space for the kids to engage. In this article, you will learn a wide range of safe platform for the kids and teens to explore without any issues. Find out the exciting environment for your kids to have great fun during their leisure time. Choose the best safe social media apps for your child and offer them an opportunity to connect with people across boundaries.


2: Why kids should have social media?

There is a need for the kids to have social media to compete in this internet world. There are many advantages associated with social media despite its threats. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to remove unnecessary cyber issues related to social media. The social media provides a private space for the kids to connect with friends beyond boundaries. It offers a platform to explore different phases of life. They get to know innovative facts related to the field of their interest. In a constructive perspective, the kids and teens try to make innovative ideas using the informative chats with renowned people. The kids and teens will learn how to approach a person, handle them, and maintain a good friendship. It improves the social skills within short span effortlessly.

3: Dangers of social media for kid’s parents should know

Sexual Predators

If you take a closer look at the profiles available in the social media platform, most of the facts are fake. They are the sexual predators target the young mind and build a good relationship to threaten them in future. These predators hide with handsome faces and talk with kids and teens constructively. Later, they reveal their true colours by sending porn videos, sexting etc.

Cyber Bullying

While discussing any trendy topics, the kids and teens actively participate in irrespective of age groups. When there is a difference of opinions and controversies occurs, the kids and teens start to bully one another thereby leading to cyberbullying issues. The kids become upset quickly because of cyberbullying. They get affected psychologically in the long term when they are up to cyberbullying through social media.


The next serious issue with social media apps is addictive behaviour. The kids and teens neglect their daily activities and academics due to this social media addiction. They post videos, make random chats, group chats etc and have great fun forgetting their duties. This would ultimately lead to addiction issues in the long run.


4: 6 safe social media apps for kids in 2020

Kudos Kids

It is the photo-sharing environment for kids just like the Instagram platform. The kids can share their photos and the images are available only to his/her friends on the list. It is a free app and compatible with Android and iOS gadgets. This program is applicable for the kids above 8 years.


  • Share the favourite images at this platform.
  • Only three positive feedback is allowed.
  • Under the comment section, the positive remarks are displayed to encourage the kids.

Parental control settings

  • The entire kid’s profile is authorized by the parents.
  • Does not reveal location details of the kids.

Safety features

  • The kids can't add friends without the permission of their parents
  • The shared images are monitored before displaying in the timeline of the respective kid.


Play Kids Talk

The kids can personalize the pictures with emoji and share it at their timeline to make available for their friends to view. This app is like an Instagram program. It is a free app compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is applicable for the kids above 7 years.


  • Edit the images and decorate it according to the creative ideas of the kids easily.
  • Share the customized images by a single click at this space.

Parental control settings

  • The parents can keep an eye on the kid’s account like the contacts and profile of this app.
  • All the data shared at this platform is notified to their respective parents.

Safety measures

  • The parents must approve the age verification procedure to create an account in this platform.
  • The parents can monitor the conversations that take place in this environment.


Go Bubble

It is a reliable safe social media app for the kids and families. This app is applicable for the kids above 3 years. It is compatible with Android and iPhones. In this platform, the kids can share images, videos, and chat with their friends safely. It collaborates the school and students to get the best of the internet world. It is an award-winning app for its safety features.


  • This app is free of cost for two weeks and costs 1 Pound/month.
  • The school sign up students with the parent’s approval to carry out the project works, and academic activities.

Parental controls

  • Immediately removes the inappropriate adult content, images, emoji from the timeline.
  • Parents must approve to create a profile and the activities are monitored precisely.

Safety measures

  • Moderation team review the flagged messages to sort out the issues.
  • Advertisement free app and avoid unwanted pop-up windows.


Kidz world

As its name indicates it is the world for kids where the child can post articles, artworks, craft items and post their views in the forum etc. There are options to play games and read articles of their choice.


  • User-friendly space and the kids can handle it wisely.
  • This app is applicable for 11 years and above.
  • Compatible with iPhone devices.

Parental controls

  • You can set the time limit to use this app.
  • There is an app lock setting to prevent your kid from stepping out.

Safety measures

  • The content posted on the wall is moderated by a team.
  • Availability of filters to remove inappropriate content.



This app is available for free of cost. It is applicable for the kids 9 years and above. It is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.


  • Personalize the kid’s wall on their own with stickers, photos etc.
  • Learn a new language by enabling the ‘Word of the day’ option.

Parental controls

  • Posts are monitored.
  • There are options to report inappropriate content.

Safety Measure

  • The responsible moderators take care of the posts and content and carry out the respective measure if anything found suspicious.
  • This app allows the kids to send messages within their friends.



The kids above 13 years can use this app. It is free of cost and compatible with iOS and Android gadgets.


  • This app triggers creativity in kids because they can create unique avatars.
  • The kids can work on images, homework, videos etc.

Parental Controls

  • Parents must verify through email to create an account in this app.
  • The parents can monitor the kid’s activities on this app remotely like the recently added friends, last activity etc.

Safety Measures

  • There is a filter option to remove unwanted content.
  • The kids need not reveal their original names to create an account.


6: What can FamiSafe help for social media safety for kids?

The FamiSafe parental control app is the perfect partner for digital parents. The kids can use the safe social media apps without any hesitation if their gadgets have FamiSafe tool. It is an incredible product from Wondershare. Choose FamiSafe parental control app if you want your kids to feel safe amidst the online threats in the cyber world.

Remarkable features of FamiSafe parental control app

  • Monitor the app activities of your child remotely.
  • Block the inappropriate apps effortlessly using FamiSafe.
  • Reduce the time limit spent on the apps and games using the ‘App Usage’ feature.
  • Activate the ‘Screen Time’ option to lock the device when the set time expires.
  • Surf through the ‘Activity Report’ to learn about the gadget usage of your kids on regular basis.

FamiSafe app

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

App Blocker and Usage

If you find suspicious apps and games in your kid’s phone, then quickly block it even without their knowledge using the ‘App Blocker’ feature of FamiSafe. The apps and games become inaccessible.

With the help of the ‘App Usage’ feature you can reduce the gadget timings spent on their favorite games and apps. The apps lock automatically when the set time limit expires. Using this feature, you can reduce the time spent on specific games and apps easily.

App blocker

Screen Time

If your kids and teens use the gadget for long hours, then instead of yelling, the best technique is to activate the ‘Screen Time’ option in FamiSafe. Enable ‘Screen Time’ by setting a time limit to gadget usage. When the time limit expires the device locks automatically. Using this feature, you can overcome the addictive issues in your kids and teens.

Screen time

Activity Report

The FamiSafe records the gadget activities of the kids on daily basis. It records the time spent on each app and website and the frequency of the app visited etc. Using these data, you can find out the favourite apps of your kid and limit its usage using the ‘App Usage’ feature.

Activity report

7: Conclusion

Finally, it is high time to end the discussion on safe social media apps for kids. You can switch to the above-discussed reliable social media programs for your kids to engage along with the stunning FamiSafe parental control app installed. This parental control app gives you a sense of relaxation when your kids and teens work at the online platform. Choose FamiSafe and create a safe cyber room for your teens and kids to explore.

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