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8 best group games apps for kids

Top group games apps for kids

What is a group games app?

Family and friends are the most precious thing to have around us. They always avail themselves when celebrating your achievement and offer support during somber periods. Many video games keep you interactive, and the best part is that group game apps allow you to enjoy your games together with friends and family.

best group games apps for kids

Tech advancements have made smart devices connect with others remotely, and this makes it possible for your kids to playgroup games with their friends on their devices. Some games your children can play simultaneously, while others will require your kids to be taking turns and assuming different roles during gameplay.

Top 4 Android Group Game Apps

1. Monopoly

Besides being a board game, Monopoly has been made available for smart devices. Monopoly so far is the best game for your teens and younger kids who want to keep on playing the board game on their devices. Your children can play online, play online with friends, or Pass and Play. Additionally, in Pass and Play, your child will host the game and pass around the mobile device to friends or siblings, and they play in turns. It would be best for your kids to play the game on tablets because of the larger screens. With Monopoly, you are sure to keep your child busy on their devices and let them manage their properties.

android group game app Monopoly


  • The game can be played on different platforms of android devices.
  • Pass and Play option can be played with more people.
  • When your child leaves the game, it saves itself, and when you restart, it continues from where left.
  • It helps your children develop creative skills in handling money.

The game price on Google Play Store is $5.

2. Draw Something

This is another popular group game app that you can download free from the play store. The game is popular among families, and also to grown-ups. This is a game that you should have for your kid. It is pretty easy to learn its basics and play the game very well. Draw Something enables your kids to rival one another on coming up with drawings basing on the given description from the other kids. With the use of the internet, your children can also play the game with friends from different parts of the globe.

When playing, the playing style dictates that every child takes a turn in drawing items basing on the given descriptions. When your child succeeds in drawing things, they earn points which they will tally and find out the winner.

android group game app Draw Something


  • Your kids can play with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or when they find gaming buddies on the platform.
  • Your kids can take turns when playing, that is, Turn on the go.
  • The game has color packs for drawings and coloring
  • Draw Something has points, which your kids can exchange a problematic word for an easy one.
  • Guess drawings, complete the pictures, and earn points.

Draw Something is suitable for child development and makes them learn on the drawings they make and their names.

3. Family Feud 8

Have you been looking for an interactive and more exciting game for your kids? Family feud is among the best group gaming app for your kids. The group option makes the game enjoyable as your kids will have to gauge each other’s IQ by answering the questions. The game has interactive animations. Furthermore, it has predictive input features and theme music for your kids. It gets better as it can keep your children busy for hours.

android group game app Family Feud 8


  • Up to 8 people can participate in gameplay.
  • Your kids can play with friends online.
  • If your kids have different devices, they can connect using WIFI and play against each other

The game helps your kids develop and improve on their vocabulary since the game gives them the ground to ask for any name under the sun.


Catan is common among families. The group game app encompasses developing your communities and has the communities have sustainable living conditions, such as forage, cultivate areas, and mining for your people. Also, your child also gets to protect their communities during wars and, as a result, earn points, golds, and many gifts. The main objective of the game is for your child to have the most thriving population in the game.

android group game app Catan


  • Your child can play the game on different devices with one account.
  • The game has different levels, and it will peak your child’s mind to come up on top
  • It has a tutorial for your child just when starting, for them to understand what needed of them
  • Your child can chat with other players when playing online.

Catalan is the best development group game for your children as it gives them what is required to run a good society and live harmoniously.

Top 4 iOS Group Games

1. Heads Up! Kids

A group game app, which is fun to play to kids and you can play with your younger ones, regardless of their reading level. The gameplay is where one kid gives clues for the other kid or friend to guess the picture placed on the head before running out of time. Heads up for kids is the game to keep your kids interact with.

iOS group game app Heads Up! Kids


  • your kids can play with other kid or play with a classroom of children
  • you children will be able to pull up a new card by merely a tilt of the phone
  • you can keep videos of your kid’s gameplay

Heads Up! Kids game helps kids be able to communicate ideas using different methods and make them approach situations from alternative angles.

2. Bejeweled

A group game app almost similar to Tetris, the game is rated the top puzzle game globally. This game allows your kids to take turns in swapping up gems. Furthermore, your kids can play the game against each other or against time. With the theme of music, your kids will enjoy playing the game and earn points.

iOS group game app Bejeweled


  • The game has impressive challenges for your kids to discover
  • By winning levels or defeating opponents, your kids earn points.

The game helps develop the creative thinking of your kids through solving out the jewel puzzles.

3. Scrabble Go

Based on the board game, this is the right game for your kids as it educates while entertaining your kids. Your children can take turns when playing, or they can play remotely on different iOS devices. The objective of Scrabble for kids is to earn more points and emerge the best.

iOS group game app Scrabble Go


  • The game has animations and visual effects that make it entertaining to your kids
  • It has celebration effects for winners
  • Your children can play remotely with others.

The game will equip your kids with grammar skills and juggle their minds when answering the words.

4. Quiz Up

Quiz Up is a group game app, designed specifically for trivia questions. This is the game that can keep your kids entertained while answering questions covering different topics. The game is quite addictive to kids while also challenging at the same time.

iOS group game app Quiz Up


  • Your kids can play with others either online or remotely.
  • The game has a wide variety of questions for kids to participate in.
  • Your kids can meet and compete with new people every day

With the trivia questions the game, the game tests your kids on their general knowledge and help them improve.

How can FamiSafe help kids enjoy the group game app better?

The kind of group games your kids will participate in may have strangers who may, in turn, lush out foul language during gameplay with your kids. FamiSafe Parental Control App is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app will protect your children against those they play against, and give you probable notifications whenever necessary.

 FamiSafe parental control app

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Three Main Features of FamiSafe.

App blocker & usage

Suppose your kids are more glued to their devices playing games. Then FamiSafe will let you see apps that your kids spend much of their time on, or what they take time doing with their phones. If you want to reduce the times spent on certain apps, you can opt to block apps that take much of your child’s time or lock apps based on your child’s age rating.

App activity

FamiSafe checks your child’s everyday phone activity. And you can do this, remotely, without needing to access your kid’s phone. Know the games or apps your child installed recently and those that they have deleted.

Limit screen time

Your kid may be spending much time on the devices playing games. Most kids will spend an exuberant amount of time on games and other apps. With FamiSafe, you can set a schedule of when they play games, study, and go to bed. To boost their morale, go ahead and reward them with screen time after completion of other tasks.


Having group game apps for kids makes them participate with their friends and siblings for togetherness. The group games might seem impressive, but they also pose a danger to your kids. That is why having a parental control app like FamiSafe, will help you not to be afraid of what your kids may subject themselves to during group games.

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