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Best parental control App

How to turn off Screen Time on Any IOS Devices without Passcode?

The Best Parental Control App on IOS Devices

FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

“How to turn off ScreenTime? I have forgotten the Screen Time password of my child’s iPhone and now can not access the utility. Is there any way I can turn off the feature without entering the passcode?”

Screen Time is a security and parental control app that you can use to limit how long your device stays active. When accessing this feature, an alarm will go off if the passcode isn’t entered within set time limits. You won’t be able to access anything on screen unless it has been unlocked by entering incorrect digits as before.


However, there’s one problem: Screentime uses different codes than what we’ve come accustomed to seeing when unlocking our phones. Follow this post to learn how to turn off Screen Time without the passcode.

Part 1: Change your Screen Time Passcode with Apple ID

If you have access to your or the child’s Apple ID, then the process of turning off Screen Time is pretty straightforward. You can use either your Mac or iOS device to perform this technique. The method for both kinds of devices are as follows:

Method 1Reset the Screen Time passcode of your iOS device

The device must at least be updated to the iOS 13.4 version for this method to work.

  • Open Settings and access Screen Time.
  • Next, select Change Screen Time Passcode, and press the Change Screen Time Passcode option once more.
  • Hit “Forgot Passcode?” and enter your personal Apple ID and Password, before changing the existing Screen Time passcode.
  • This technique also works on iPad and iPod touch.
Method 2Turn off the Screen Time of your Mac system

Note: This method will only work if you use macOS 10.15.4 or later on your Mac desktop. Follow the steps below:

  • Access System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • Next, click on Screen Time.
  • Select the Change Passcode option, and click on Forgot Passcode.
  • Now, enter your Apple ID and password to create a new Screen Time passcode.
  • Once again, enter the new passcode. That’s it!
Method 3Reset Screen Time passcode on the child’s iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • As we know, there is one family organizer device that manages the Family Sharing features. From that device, open the Settings menu, and choose Screen Time.
  • Select the child’s device under the Family section and press the Change Screen Time Passcode option.
  • Next, tap the Change Screen Time Passcode button once again, where you need to enter the device passcode or your Face ID.
  • Lastly, type in a new Screen Time passcode for the child’s device, and confirm the action.
Method 4Turn off Screen Time for your child’s Mac
  • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  • There click on Screen Time, and you’ll see a drop-down menu. Here, you will choose the kid’s device name.
  • Next, click on the dotted button in the bottom left corner.
  • Now, click on Change Passcode, and click the Forgot Passcode tab.
  • Enter the respective Apple ID and password and state a new Screen Time passcode before entering it again to confirm the process.

Keep reading the second half of this article, in case you do not have access to Apple ID or its password.

Part 2: Use Dr. Fone to recover your passcode

With its easy-to-use interface and exceptional performance, there is no wonder that Wondershare has become one of the most popular software in this field. With their Dr.Fone solution for all your problems related to data management on iOS devices, they’re making it possible for everyone with different levels of expertise - from an expert down right novice!

With the Dr.Fone Password Manager, you can retrieve the device’s Apple ID and even the Screen Time Passcode. The user-friendly interface of Dr.Fone - Password Manager (iOS) can directly help you recover your Screen Time passcode in a jiffy!

The steps on how to turn off Screen Time are stated here:

Step 01: Connect iPhone

Firstly, open the Dr.Fone software, and select the Password Manager option. Next, connect your iPhone,iPad,iPod to your computer.

Step 02: Start Scan

Afterward, click on the Start button, which will prompt the software to scan for passwords saved in you or your child’s iOS device.

Step 03: View the Passwords

The program will display the Screen Time passcode on its interface. Simply view and export said the passwords of Screen Time. Lastly, you can easily manage the Screen Time settings.

Part 3: How to disable Screen Time control in a no download and re-setup way?

As things stand, it is quite improbable to disable the Screen Time passcode without you knowing either the Apple ID or the Screen Time passcode of the device. Moreover, Apple allows you to restore the device as new, which results in complete data loss.

However, it isn’t the case anymore, as it is a common problem; there is a way you can deactivate Screen Time without deleting data. Here are the steps to complete the procedure:

Step1Back up the iPhone data

The first phase is creating a backup of your data using iTunes. For that, connect the iPhone, and you will see the iTunes interface on your Mac. Sync the device as soon as you attach it to the desktop.


Now, you need to create an encrypted backup. However, we suggest using a password that you can easily remember. Simply click on This Computer and check the Encrypt iPhone Backup option under the Automatically Back Up section. Next, click Back Up and wait for iTunes to complete the process.

Step2Turn Off the iPhone’s Find My Function

Keep the iPhone plugged into the Mac. Now, you need to turn off the Find My utility from Settings. Under normal circumstances, you can not disable Find My when the Screen Time is working in the background. However, in our case, the method worked.

To make the process work, head over to the Settings menu and tap on your Account Name at the top of the list. Next, select the iPhone whose Find My you want to switch off. Next, tap Find My iPhone and disable the option.


Now, you can recover the iPhone data by clicking on Restore iPhone from iTunes.

Step3Turn Off Screen Time

Once you access the newly restored iPhone, do not set a passcode. Instead, head straight over to the Settings menu and tap on Screen Time. Finally, select the Turn Off Screen Time option, which will instantly disable the function on the iPhone. That’s it!


Part 4: Why FamiSafe is better than Screen Time as a parental control app?

There is only a limited amount of parental control activities you can perform using Screen Time as the primary application. The first thing is that it is only capable of limiting the app use and screen usage. Not only that, but you also can not check out the places your child has visited. There is no such facility to filter harmful content on the child’s iPhone or iPad with Screen Time.

Additionally, there isn’t any geofencing feature offered by Screen Time. Besides, one can easily disable or bypass the utility by applying any of the techniques mentioned in this post. Moreover, one huge let-off is that the Screen Time feature is restricted for iPhone users.

Under such circumstances, the best thing is to opt for an alternative that offers complete parental control features to keep tabs on the child’s on-screen activities. In that case, we recommend using FamiSafe as it is a multi-platform app available on iOS, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, and Windows.

The tool offers game-changing tech and fully enables the parents to manage the overall iPhone screen time. Furthermore, they can easily track the device’s real-time location and detect inappropriate content, such as photos, on the kids’ devices. Besides, you can apply a web filter to prevent the kid from accessing specific websites and even control the type of Youtube videos they can view. Click here if you're still looking for more apps to manage your screen time.

Wondershare Famisafe

FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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If you do not know how to turn off Screen Time, then we hope this article and tips mentioned here will prove to be fruitful for you. You can select any method based on your requirements and turn off the Screen Time passcode without deleting the iPhone data. Still, suppose you are not a fan of the features offered by iOS Screen Time. In that case, we recommend using Wondershare FamiSafe, which is a critically acclaimed cross-platform application offering advanced parental control functions.

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