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Best parental control App

How to Set Time Limits on Android?

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According to Google, Android is the most popular mobile phone operating system, with more than 3 billion users. These devices are sleek, powerful, and packed with entertainment resources like games, social media apps, web browsers, and more. However, sometimes you may need to set a time limit on apps for Android. A good example is when you need your child to sleep or finish specific tasks at home. So, this guide shows you how to set the Android app time limit with two simple methods.

Part 1: Is there an app to limit screen time?

Yes, you can limit screen time on Android using Digital Wellbeing & parental controls. It’s a free app that usually comes pre-installed in the latest Android versions. That said, Digital Wellbeing will let you know the amount of time you spend on your Android screen throughout the day or week using a chart. After that, you can use the “Do Not Disturb” mode to mute app interruptions or enable the “Focus Mode” to temporarily pause apps as you perform other tasks. And of course, the Family Link app can help you supervise your child’s device remotely.

Below is how to use Digital Wellbeing & parental controls to set a screen time limit on Android:

Manage your app time:

  1. Tap your phone’s Settings app to open it.
  2. Find Digital Wellbeing & parental controls and click it.
Digital Wellbeing & parental controls
  1. You’ll see a chart showing your Android phone’s use for the day.
Digital Wellbeing & parental controls chart
  1. Tap the dashboard to see the apps you’ve been using and the number of notifications from specific apps.

Set time limit on apps for Android:

  1. Open Settings and tap Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.
  2. Tap the chart on the dashboard and then click the app you want to block.
  3. Click App Timerbeside, the app that you want to manage.
Digital Wellbeing & parental controls app timer
  1. Next, enter the timer duration in hours and minutes. Remember, the timer will reset at midnight.
Enter time duration on Digital Wellbeing & parental controls
  1. Tap Okto set the screen time limit on your chosen app.

Mute Distracting apps temporarily:

  1. Open your Android phone’s Settings app, then tap Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.
  2. Tap Focus mode and then choose the app you don’t want to use.
Digital Wellbeing & parental controls Focus mode
  1. Click the TURN ON NOWbutton to pause the app. It’s that easy!

Pro tip: You can download the Family Link app and manage your connected kid’s device. However, setting this feature may be challenging to novice users. Therefore, read on to learn a better alternative to the Digital Wellbeing & parental controls app.

Part 2: How to easily set app time on Android for your children?

If you’re looking for the most straightforward app to set app time limits on Android, install Wondershare FamiSafe. This app is super-easy to set up as you only need to install it on your device and that of your child, then use a single account to sign in. After that, you can remotely monitor the amount of time your kid spends with their device and on which apps. As expected, FamiSafe lets you block time-consuming apps and set daily or weekly screen time schedules. You can even block the whole screen on Android, iOS, or Kindle Fire devices.

Below are the steps to time limit Android apps using FamiSafe Screen Timer:


Visit Play Store to download and install FamiSafe on your Android phone and your child’s phone.


Create an account on your phone and then choose the Parent mode. Then, use the same account details to log into your child’s device.


Next, click Start on the parent device and then pair it with the kid’s device.

Set up kid’s device on FamiSafe

Enter your kid’s name and age, and then grant FamiSafe access to your kid’s phone.


On the navigation bar, tap Features and then click Screen Time.

Choose Screen Time on FamiSafe

Click View All to see the amount of time your kid spends on their device and which applications.

View time-consuming apps on FamiSafe

Tap the icon beside the app you’d like to set the Android screen time limit and click the Set Time Limit tab.


Now choose the Start Time and End Time to set the screen timer on Android. Finally, click Save to apply the time limit schedule.

Set the app timer on FamiSafe

Part 3: Form a good habit with FamiSafe

Of course, FamiSafe comes with a host of parental control features to exploit. So, without wasting any more time, here are other FamiSafe features to help your kid cultivate a healthy digital habit:

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Location Tracking & Geo-fencing

App Blocker & Web Filtering

Screen Time Control

Smart Parental Control Setting

Block In-app Purchase

  1. Block apps
Set the app timer on FamiSafe

After learning the amount of time your kid spends behind the screen and which apps, FamiSafe lets you block the addictive apps instantly. This allows your child ample time to sleep or finish their homework without distraction from apps like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. You can even set app schedules on a daily or weekly basis.

  1. View browser history
View browser history on FamiSafe

Another area where your child is mostly hanging out is on google browsing websites. Fortunately, FamiSafe lets you keep track of your child’s browser history and block any suspicious websites. Also, use the “Web Filter” feature to block apps by categories like drugs, violence, adult, gambling, and more.

  1. Detect suspicious text and SMS
Detect suspicious text and SMS on FamiSafe

If you’re worried that your kid is reading explicit texts and comments on social media and YouTube, worry no more because FamiSafe will help. With it, you can monitor nine social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on. Interestingly, parents can add suspicious keywords that they’ll use to monitor their kid’s social media accounts.

  1. Restrict camera use and app installation
Manage camera, SMS, and apps on FamiSafe

The chances are that your kid is taking photos and sharing them with unknown people on social media. Even worse, they may go ahead and install unnecessary apps on their Android devices. If that’s the case, use the “Content Manage” feature to restrict camera access and unknown app installations. You can also prevent SMS access with a mere tap.

  1. Detect inappropriate pictures
Detect suspicious photos on FamiSafe

The internet is full of immoral and violent pictures that are readily available to your kid. Fortunately, FamiSafe lets you protect your child from these photos using the “Inappropriate Pictures” function. After detecting the inappropriate pictures on your child’s Android device, you can delete them before they even view.


So, between FamiSafe and Digital Wellbeing, which parental control app do you prefer? Credit where it’s due; you won’t pay a dime to use Digital well-being & parental controls. However, the app can be challenging to set up with your child’s device. Even worse, it lacks essential features like SMS monitoring, picture detection, and so on. Therefore, use FamiSafe to get a broader view of your child’s screen time use on Android.

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