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8 Hottest Chines Gacha Games Recommendations!

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Where is the largest market for mobile gacha games? Despite Japan's pioneering concept in early 2010, China is the current global leader. Industry insiders estimate the domestic Chinese gacha games market to reach $24.7 billion by the end of 2022. The figure indicates an increase of over 35% since 2018 when Niko Partners estimated the market value at $16 billion.

Keep reading to discover the reason for China's dominance and recommendation of the best mobile gacha games for 2022.

Part1. Why Chinese Gacha Games?

Are you wondering why Chinese gacha games are so dominant? Below are the reasons for the $24 billion market valuation.

Over 660 million Mobile Gamers.

Currently, China has over 660 active mobile gamers, surpassing the combined total of the next three mobile gaming markets, namely the US, Japan, and South Korea, by 152 million. As such, it is unlikely that another country will surpass them due to the huge deficit.

In addition, Chinese gamers spend over $23 billion on in-game purchases, which is 94%of the total gaming revenue. Therefore, mobile games will continue to have an audience as more people join the mobile gaming community.

Most Chinese Gacha Games are locally-made.

Unlike other countries that outsource part of their game development, China keeps everything in-house. Additionally, they continue to upskill their developers by training them in emerging technologies from other countries. As a result, game development costs remain low, resulting in higher profit margins.

Age-appropriate gaming content.

Some developers face criticism for having inappropriate content in their gacha games to increase profits. For example, Japan has a total ban on complete gacha, which has led to a decrease in gacha game development.

However, the Chinese government has strict protocols that prevent game developers from using inappropriate content to monetize their creations. As such, other markets are more receptive to Chinese-made gacha games since they are safer for their kids, which increases revenues for their developers.

Quality Smartphones Are More Accessible.

Chinese smartphone developers continue to flood the market with cheaper high-quality mobile phones. For example, companies like Huawei and Techno offer models similar to the latest Samsung smartphones at a fraction of the cost. In addition, they come with pre-installed games from Chinese developers.

The increase in market share and accessibility to Chinese-made games guarantees its dominance of the mobile gacha games market.

Internet is More Accessible.

According to Statista, 4.32 billion people use their mobile devicesto access the internet. In addition, most users engage with communication, information, and entertainment apps when online. As such, the market remains wide open for Chinese gacha games to thrive.

Part2. Top 8 hot Gacha Mobile Games in China

With your understanding of why China is dominating the market, here are the top eight hot gacha games in China.

Game 1Genshin Impact

The game is an online-only gacha game from the developer miHoyo. The gameplay involves controlling a four-member team of unique characters battling enemies in the game's dungeons and open world. In addition, you participate in daily quests that earn you rewards to upgrade your team's unique abilities. Alternatively, you can purchase in-game rewards like costumes and characters to quicken your progress. Genshin impact is available on mobile, PlayStation, and Windows platforms, as a free-to-play RPG.

Game 2Arknights

Released globally in January 2020, Arknights is a mobile strategy role-playing game that involves defending strategic map areas. You start as a single character and recruit operators to help you defend your base as you progress in the game.

In addition, the game features a generous gacha system to recruit high-level heroes to boost your abilities. Apart from battle, your operators also generate base-building materials to strengthen your defenses. Finally, Arknight players praise it for the excellent voice acting and extensive character roster.

Game 3Gray Raven: Punishing

Gray Raven: Punishing is a mobile action-RPG gacha set on post-apocalyptic earth. Your mission is to retake earth from the Ascendants, who are causing conflict between cyborgs and humans. In addition, you take control of an elite team of Construct, Gray Raven, unlocking their unique abilities as you conquer each chapter.

The game enjoys a massive following because of its engaging storyline and deep combat system. Furthermore, you can purchase various resources and upgrades using its elaborate gacha system.

Game 4Onmyoji: The Card Game

Onmyoji is a duel card mobile gacha game where you build your deck and battle in the combat zone. Every turn involves selecting four Shikigami, each with eight exclusive cards, which you can combine to power your attacks. In addition, the game features unique character storylines and impressive 2D live artwork, which provide you with an engaging gaming experience.

Furthermore, the game allows you to operate an in-game shop, which you can customize and draw patrons for extra earnings. The game is available for iOS and Android devices, offering two PVP modes.

Game 5Honkai Impact 3

Do you enjoy fighting zombies? Then Honkai Impact 3 is the gacha game for you. This anime-style RPG takes you through different missions where your roster of Valkyries fights zombies and mechanical monsters known as Honkai.

In addition, you can participate in special events and special side missions to earn rewards. Furthermore, you can create guilds or join with other players to increase your chances of success. The game is available on iOS and Android as a free download. However, in-game purchases and suggestive artwork are causes of concern among parents.

Game 6Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a real-time strategy, collectible card game for iOS and Android devices. Currently, it is only available in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The gameplay involves obtaining cards through gacha spins to create spells. In addition, you can duel against other players to determine who has the strongest spells.

The game's developers are NetEase and Zen Studios, with publishing from Warner Bros. and Portkey Games. You can also play it on Windows, but it is not yet available globally.

Game 7Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms

The game is a mobile card strategy game where you collect cards and battle other players for rank and identity. In addition, you need to combine strategy and wit to achieve the in-game objectives. Fans of the game highlight the following as the reasons for its appeal:

• Multiple game modes, including Player Vs. Player, Team Battle, and Authentic mode.

• The game's gacha system allows you to collect exclusive warlords from the three kingdoms.

• You do not need an active internet connection to play the game.

• It features impressive artwork and an accurate historical account of the three kingdoms' era.

You can play Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms on Android and iOS devices. However, the developer's lack of transparency on data privacy raises concerns.

Game 8KarDia to Abel

This mobile role-playing gacha game puts you on a continent where humans and monster girls live together. The objective is to collect and breed the over sixty types of monster girls to inhabit your farm. In addition, you can customize your farm in multiple ways.

For example, you can build a monster girl team to fight other players and complete quests to earn upgrades. Alternatively, you can use the in-game gacha to obtain hidden rewards, such as new characters, farm gifts, and boosts. You can download KarDia to Abel from Google Play or Apple AppStore.

Part3. How to monitor kids' phones to limit their screen time?


Most mobile gacha game developers design their games to be extremely engaging. This is because they want you to spend on in-app purchases for them to generate revenue from their creations. Although most adults can easily limit their screen time, what about your kids? Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions from your fellow parents.

How Do You Monitor Your Kid's Device to Limit Screen time?

Modern smartphones come with built-in tools that you can activate to monitor your child's device usage. For example, you can create multiple user accounts on a single device with access restrictions. As such, they can only play age-appropriate gacha games that benefit them.

Alternatively, you can purchase third-party parental control apps that allow you to monitor usage and limit their screen time. For example, Wondershare's Famisafe enables you to monitor multiple devices from a single web-based dashboard.

Do You Have to Pay to Monitor Your Kid's Device?

No. There are plenty of monitoring tools for all platforms that are free to use on a single device. In addition, they include essential tools such as safe browsing and automatic shutdown, which are enough to limit screen time.

Why is Limiting Your Child's Screen Time Important?

Excess screen time can affect your child's development and productivity. There are several studies available that report the dangers of excess screen time. Some of the dangers include:

• mobile game addiction

• poor social skills because your child is always on their device

• underdevelopment of essential life skills like time management, responsibility, and creativity.

Therefore, it is important that you monitor your child's screen time at the earliest. This helps you avoid paying huge sums to manage the effects of excess screentime.

Use this video to protect your kid from downloading inappropriate games on the online platform.

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