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3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

how to track mobile location

There are a handful of ways on how you can track a mobile location. Today, in this time, finding a lost smartphone is not a rocket science. All it needs is an active internet connection in order to get transit to your phone and FamiSafe to be downloaded and installed into the device. Whatever the situation might be, FamiSafe will track your mobile location and recover it back.

However, unfortunately, if you don’t know how to track a cell phone location and you don’t have FamiSafe installed, there are two other ways you can easily recover your mobile phone. Scroll down and familiarize yourself on how you can track mobile location easily.

How to track mobile location via FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a dedicated parental control app and it’s available on both iOS and Android gadgets. It enables parents to track their child’s location, block apps and set screen time limits, making your life easier as a parent. Using this app, you no longer need to worry about your child accessing the internet through their phone. Here’s how to track a cell phone location via FamiSafe:

Step 1: Install FamiSafe

To track a phone’s location, install FamiSafe, both on your and your child’s device. Simply go to Appstore or Google Play and search FamiSafe to download it.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Step 2: Sign up a FamiSafe account inside the app on your (parent’s) device. On your child’s app, sign into the FamiSafe account and put in the identity as “Kid”.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

Step 3: Don’t forget to activate FamiSafe on your child’s gadget. Take note of the fact that if your child is using an Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to allow quite a number of permission requests while installing the app for it to be able to work properly. However, in the case of iOS, simply install a mobile device management file and allow necessary permissions.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

Step 4: Once you’ve completed all the installation processes, sign in from your own device. After this, FamiSafe will automatically connect to your child’s device. As soon as you’re done setting up everything on both your gadgets, you are free to control everything, including blocking harmful or inappropriate content from your own gadget to your child’s one.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

How to track mobile location online

If you don’t know how to track a cell phone location online then this part is perfect for you. There are two great built-in solutions for both Android and iOS devices that allows you to track your child’s phone location for free! All you need to do is, activate the features on both the device for it to work. Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods have the iCloud Find My Device feature which makes it simpler for you to track your child’s phone location.

Step 1: Start off by tapping on to the settings in your Apple device. On top, tap on Apple ID and then allow Find My Phone feature.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

Step 2: If you’ve already done enabling the feature, head over to iCloud.com and sign in with your details and click on the Find iPhone/iPad/iPod button located on the second row.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

Step 3: If you have multiple devices from one single account, select the device that you want to track. Now you should be able to see your device’s location on the map. From here, you have three options; lock your phone, erase all data or send an audible alert. Choose accordingly!

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

In tune, Android devices come with an easy option associated with Google’s Find My Device service or as you may know Android Device manager. Similar to iOS, you’ll need to activate and connect your device to your Google Account for this to work properly.

Step 1: Tap on to settings after which, head to security and device administration.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

Step 2: Check the box beside “Android Device Manager” to activate the feature and then go to location services to turn on location.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

Step 3: If you can’t find your device, simply log in to the Find My Device service with your details and you’ll be greeted with a map that shows your device’s location. You’ll see three option; ring, lock and erase. From here, you can choose whichever option you feel is convenient for you.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

How to track mobile location via Mobile Location Tracker app

The Mobile Location Tracker free app works wonderfully as it can track all the previous locations that you’ve visited on Google Maps. One such app that is highly recommended by experts is Spyzie. Spyzie is user-friendly and reliable software that expertise in how to track a phone location, not letting the other person finding out. It is one of the leading software when it comes to tracking the location of a cell phone. Here’s a step by step guide on how you can track a phone location making use of Spyzie at its best:

Step 1: Free Signup for Spyzie

In order to use this Mobile Location Tracker, you’ll need to sign up an account in Spyzie. Simply follow the clear instructions provided while completing the installation process.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

Step 2: Install

You’ll need physical access to the phone that you want to track the location of. Cross check the login credentials provided to you via email. Make use of that information to enter your personal Control Panel. Make sure you follow the instructions on the Setup Wizard to completion.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

Step 3: Track the location of the target phone

After successfully installing Spyzie, you’ll be able to access your online Control Panel to track the cell phone location using the GPS system. The best part is, you’ll be able to see the target phone’s current location as well as their route history. This is most useful when tracking a stolen or lost cell phone.

3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

From keeping a close watch on your child to tracking a stolen phone, whatever reason you have for tracking a cell phone’s location, it is way easier than it was years back. There’s no more excuse for people to say how to track a cell phone location by myself? With the help of Famisafe you will never have confusion about how to track a phone location. Have you enabled your location services on your smartphone? Did the methods mentioned above help you in any way? Share with us your experience.

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