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Top Free Mobile Trackers You Cannot Miss!

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Mobile trackers are applications that allow you to locate your lost phone or track the location of your loved ones. They use different technologies to give accurate coordinates of your device in real time.

With thousands available on each operating system, it can take time to identify one that suits your requirements. The following review guide will help you identify the top free cell phone trackers you must take advantage of.

Why Do You Need a Cell Phone Tracker?

Having a cell phone tracker on your phone has many benefits. Here are the top reasons why they are important.

  • You can locate your loved ones discreetly without appearing too overbearing. In today's digital world, monitoring your child's location is necessary to protect them against threats when they are out of your reach.
  • Mobile trackers offer an inexpensive solution to locate lost devices.
  • Delivery companies use cell phone trackers to optimize their delivery schedules. They can track their employee's location and issue real-time updates to their customers.
  • Some mobile trackers offer useful exercise information, such as how many steps you cover in a day and how many calories you burn during a specific activity.

Top Free Cell Phone Trackers

1. FamiSafe-Location Tracker


Famisafe is a tracking and monitoring application available for Android, Apple, and Windows devices. The application is extremely user-friendly and does not limit your device's performance.

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5,481,435 people have signed up.

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook

Key Features

  • Get your kid's real-time location on your phone through the FamiSafe Parent app.
  • Set Geofences to monitor your child's movements when they leave the house.
  • Receive alerts on your phone whenever your child exits the geofence.
  • View your loved one location history to determine their usual routine.
  • End-to-end encryption of location sharing on linked devices


  • The app is free to try, but you need to purchase a subscription plan to unlock the full features.

Hands-on Experience

The app is free to download, and you can set it up in three easy steps. You also get round-the-clock customer service to assist you whenever you encounter problems. The app also works discreetly on your kid's phone, allowing you to monitor them without being too overbearing.

Download Link: Famisafe

2. Spyic


Spyic is a mobile tracking app available on Android and iOS devices. It features some of the industry's most sophisticated tracking tools to help you monitor and track your loved one's location.

Key Features:

  • The app allows you to view past and present Wi-Fi and GPS locations.
  • You can see addresses and coordinates of where your device or loved ones have been through Spyic's interactive dashboard.
  • Use the Sim Tracker feature to see the GSM network-based locations of the target devices.
  • Set geofences and receive real-time alerts when target devices enter or leave the designated zone.
  • Monitor each target device stealthily using the hide app icon feature on Android. You do not need to download the companion app on target iOS devices.


  • You require a subscription plan to use Spyic on target devices. However, the developer offers a free demo on their official website.
  • The app is not compatible with Windows or Amazon devices.

Hands-on Experience

The app has too many monitoring and tracking features for its own good. These can prove challenging for the average user and require a steep learning curve. There are also issues with getting through to customer service, and the money-back guarantee they offer takes too long to materialize.

Download Link: Spyic

3. uMobix


uMobix is another mobile tracker you can use to monitor everything on target devices. It is available on Android or iOS devices and can monitor over 30 social media platforms.

Key Features

  • The GPS tracker lets you locate your kids on the map in real time. Additionally, you can open each location your loved one visits on the map by clicking on the pins.
  • Location history allows you to map out the target device's daily routes.
  • uMobix Device Tracker allows you to view the target device information, including its Wi-Fi history, timezone, device model, and battery capacity.
  • The remote-control feature enables you to customize your child's phone settings from your smartphone. You can set screen time, block apps, and apply the settings without restrictions.
  • uMobix monitors the target device's call history and provides timestamps for each call.


  • The app is resource-intensive and will drain your smartphone's battery quickly.
  • The iOS and Android versions have different feature sets.
  • You need to purchase a subscription to enable full features.

Hands-on Experience

The app has a user-friendly interface with easy access to most features. However, the keylogger feature breaches data privacy laws since it allows you to view everything the user of the target device types, including passwords. In addition, the feature difference in Android and iOS versions prevent it from being a wholesome solution.

Download Link: uMobix

4. Mobile Phone GPS Tracker - GPS Wox

Mobile Phone GPS Tracker - GPS Wox

The app is a mobile tracker for personal and business use. It uses the GPS Wox platform to give you the real time location of your loved ones and employees. You can download it on your Android or iOS devices.

Key Features

  • You can monitor and track target devices from your PC or other smartphone using the GPS Wox platform.
  • Linked devices can communicate with each other directly from the app using the chat function.
  • Location history and real-time alerts allow you to locate stolen or lost devices quickly.
  • The app has an easy setup process compared to other similar apps.
  • Mobile Phone GPS Tracker is free to download from Google Play and Apple Store.


  • The app is more suited for businesses than personal use.
  • It lacks critical features, such as geofencing, making it unsuitable for protecting your children.
  • You will need a GPS Wox subscription to enable tracking on your device.

Hands-on Experience

Mobile Phone GPS Tracker is an excellent fleet management tool. It lets you track and monitor your drivers' location in real-time, allowing you to offer precise updates to your customers. Furthermore, the app is not resource-intensive, even with 10-second updates, making it compatible with most smartphones.

Download Link: Mobile Phone GPS Tracker (Android) or (iOS)

5. Cocospy


Cocospy is a parental control and remote device tracking app for Android and iOS devices. Using its powerful stealth mode, it allows you to track the target phone's activity with 100% invisibility. The setup process is extremely easy, and the app does not require root access to function.

Key Features

  • Call tracker allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring your child is protected from unwanted calls.
  • Geofence Alert sends you notifications whenever your child enters or leaves the designated area.
  • Social Media Spy prevents access to inappropriate content, protecting your loved ones from online predators.
  • Track Sim Locations uses the target device's cell tower, Wi-Fi, and GPS information to give you real-time location data.


  • The 1-month subscription plan will cost you about $50 to set up, which is expensive compared to other apps.
  • The two-factor authentication feature requires you to enter a verification code on the target phone each time you want to monitor it.

Hands-on Experience

The app has an easy installation process and also offers a user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, you need to purchase a subscription to enable all the features, with the one-month cost being too expensive for the average user. However, Cocospy offers great tracking and monitoring tools to keep your loved ones safe once you overcome the initial hurdles.

Download Link: Cocospy

6. eyeZy


eyeZy is a budget-friendly mobile tracker for Android and iOS devices. It offers several tools to keep your children safe when using their devices. For example, the Connection Blocker feature prevents your child from accessing blocked websites, Wi-Fi networks, and apps. The app operates in stealth mode, with all the information relayed to your eyeZy subscribed account. You can access a free demo from your web browser, but you need to purchase a subscription to access the full features.

Key Features

  • The Pinpoint feature tracks the target device's location, offering real-time location data on an easy-to-read map. It also helps you uncover suspicious locations by providing access to your child's location history.
  • You can also use eyeZy's Social Spotlight feature to monitor your child's social media activity. The app captures screenshots of each app and relays them to you on your eyeZy subscription account.
  • The Magic Alerts feature uses Artificial Intelligence technology to monitor the target device and notify you whenever there is a threat. As such, you do not need to monitor the phone 24/7. For example, the tool will send alerts whenever your child breaches the geofence or attempts to access an inappropriate website.
  • You can monitor your child's calls using the Phone Analyzer feature and remotely block any unwanted numbers.


  • eyeZy requires jailbreak access to function on the target devices.
  • The app is only compatible with select iOS versions and devices. Confirm your compatibility by visiting the Apple Store.

Hand-on Experience

eyeZy is extremely easy to download and use across all devices. You can also monitor devices discreetly without installing the app on the target phone. For example, the iCloud Sync feature allows you to monitor compatible iOS devices, provided you have their iCloud credentials.

Download Link: eyeZy

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube & TikTok History Monitor & App Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook

We hope that all the above-mentioned information about the free phone tracker will enable our readers to find the best cell phone tracker which can help them to locate their loved phones or their lost device/vehicle instantly. Mobile trackers tend to ensure the safety of your loved ones as well as valuable devices. Therefore, one should invest in it wisely. All of the devices mentioned above are free of cost and have various compatibility. Therefore, we encourage our readers to read it thoroughly and then select the best one for themselves.

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