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With advance technology, people easily change their location, sharing location and tracking anyone location such as friends or family members through the GPS. GPS is global positioning system, which locate the location in all over the world. If you want to change your location on your iPhone, then there are various tactics that provide best features for you.

You can easily change phone location iPhone with some basic steps such as:

  • You can easily change iPhone location with click on setting option and Select “iTunes & App store.
  • Login Apple ID with password.
  • After login, you can choose Country/Region and select new country.

How to Fake Your Location on iPhone?

If you want to change location on iPhone to show different locations rather than current location, then you can use fake location iPhone apps.  There are various reasons for people want to fake location such as privacy reason, tracking location and other reasons. The user easily makes a fake location for change phone location iPhone through various dating apps.

There are various jailbreak tweaks that can help you to make fake location on iPhones. You can easily download jailbreak tweaks from Cydia that can change your location according to your favorite places. The LocationFaker is one best and easy tweak for change location iPhone.

Steps for download LocationFaker to make Fake Location on iPhone:

Step 1: For download LocationFaker, you can open Cydia and click on search tab at the bottom, after that typing LocationFaker in the search box. Then, you can select iPhone version and proceed to install in your phone.

Fake Your Location on iPhone

Step 2: After installation, you can see the app show your current location. But with this tweak, you can easily drag around the screen to change the location with green pin and set up fake location.

change phone location iphone

Step 3: If you find location that you want, then click on the off button in lower left corner to enable LocationFaker and start to fake your location. The button will turn to on.

how to change phone location iphone

FamiSafe - The Best Parental Control for iPhone Tracking

FamiSafe is the best cell phone monitoring software that specializes in tracking and examine for Smartphone users. The FamiSafe app is easily available on phones and Computers and for both Android and iPhone users.  If you want to download FamiSafe app, then you can download from App Store and Google Play store. The main purpose for designing FamiSafe was to make it as a parental control tool.

It is one of the best child-tracking apps that every parent should use. This may design in a very simple way so you can easily use this app. You can keep a track on kid’s activities such as location without any trouble or difficulty. This app will help you to keep the same from any unwanted situation. With this app, you can track and examine your kid’s cell phone activities.

  • Real-time GPS location: The FamiSafe app allows tracking the real-time GPS location of your kids. GPS, is a global positioning system, with FamiSafe app, the user easily finds out the location and navigates exact location.
  • Real-time GPS location

    With FamiSafe real-time GPS location feature, parents can instantly know where are their kids.

  • Location history: If you want to view location history of your family members or kids, then you can easily view the location history through FamiSafe app on android and tablets.
  • Track the whereabouts of your kids

    With FamiSafe location history feature, you can view the details about where your kids have been.

  • Block apps: If you are scaring about your kid’s social activity and addiction to games, then you can easily block various apps through the FamiSafe app. The FamiSafe app is more reliable and shows the exact location.
  • Block any app remotely

    Block apps When your kids are addicted to chatting with their friends on social media.

  • Block websites: Sometimes, the user needs to block some website on their kid's With FamiSafe app, you can easily block websites without any difficulty.
  • Block websites

    Block porn or harmful websites to protect your kids from being hurt through FamiSafe.

  • View browsing history: The FamiSafe app allow to the user best feature of viewing browsing history and also show past history.

FamiSafe could also help you set up parental control and let you and your family locate each other's phones from a computer or mobile device.

If you want to setup parental control on your kid’s Smartphone, then you need to use FamiSafe software. This software is best cell phone monitoring software and accessing in free of cost. The FamiSafe app provides various features for users such as real time real time GPS location, location history, block apps, Schedule Restriction, block websites and many others. You can secretly access your kid’s phone and monitor all activities.

You can easily use FamiSafe apps to track the locations for your family members through the mobile phones and computers. If you want to setup parental control, then you need to sign up with FamiSafe app and start monitoring your family member’s phone and their activities.

There are various apps or websites that provide the best control over the kid’s phone activities. But, the FamiSafe is one of a best popular app that offers parental control such as location tracking, app blocking, web filtering, screen time control and more. You can also block websites and set the time restriction with the FamiSafe software.

If you want to control over kid’s mobile phone and view all activities, the FamiSafe is the best option for you. You can easily signup with FamiSafe account in free of cost and keep tracking kid’s locations as well as other mobile activities. Sometime people want to change their iPhone location for various reasons, and then you can easily change location through various jailbroker tweaks.

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