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A full Parental Guide for Disney Parental Control

Guide for Disney Parental Control

Do you have any idea about Disney Parental control app? What is all about?

Disney parental control is a tool to manage the internet activities of a family. You can establish control in all sorts of internet-connected devices. This app set a limit on the streaming videos and the web content, which enter into your kid’s smartphone. There are many shortcomings associated with this program. This system works on the rating chart of Disney. The basic idea behind this parental control app is that you can control the streaming content by switching between the profiles. The Disney parental control app assigns a rating for every profile and allows the movies or shows according to the built-in setup of the rate chart. It has M-rated and R-rated settings and works accordingly when you pair it with the created profiles.

Disney Parental Control

What can parents do by using Disney parental controls?

Age-appropriate content:

This parental control app ensures the kid’s gadget receives appropriate content and it is free from unwanted cyber issues like pornography, adult content websites etc. It filters unnecessary websites from entering into your child’s phone.

age-appropriate content

Track Usage

You can use this app to trace out the online activities of your child. The ‘Browser history’ gives a synopsis on the web pages visited by your kid. You can obtain better knowledge about the recent search of your kid on the internet browsers.

Track Usage

How do parents put parental controls on Disney plus?

Step 1: Connect the hardware

You must set up the router to connect with the smartphones of your family members. Create an account in Disney Plus then edit the profile by filling in the necessary details. Then add the connected gadgets and create a separate profile for each gadget

Set up Disney Parental Control

You can avatars for the profiles for ease identification.

Step 2: Edit the settings

You can now change the settings of each profile and turn on the parental controls of the connected gadgets.

Edit Disney Parental Control Setting

When you turn on the profile as a kid’s profile then this app prevents the entry of PG and PG13 content movies entering the device. This setting allows age-appropriate content and websites to enter the kid’s smartphone. Similarly, you have to edit the other profiles based on their age factor in this platform.

The pros & cons of Disney parental control


Reward system:

If your kid follows the time limit, then the parental control app will offer extra time as a reward. This system encourages the kid to follow the time limit seriously.

Pause the internet

This parental control app allows you to pause the internet connectivity of the connected gadgets easily. You can limit the internet usage with the help of this feature.


Complex setup

You will find it difficult to configure the connected gadgets with the parent smartphone. It takes a lot of time in creating separate profiles for each connected phone and set the controls according to the age factor.

Enable Wi-Fi

You need to have Wi-Fi connectivity to set up the controls in this app. Sometimes the performance of the app varies between Android and iOS gadgets. Certain features are inactive in the iOS platform.

Why parents still need FamiSafe?

For ease and comfortable parental control program, FamiSafe is the right choice. The FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare offers the users a convenient environment to enable various features effortlessly. You need not be a technical expert to accomplish the desired task at this FamiSafe atmosphere. The controls are clear and precise and you can provoke its functionalities in a fraction of a minute.

FamiSafe Parental Control

The dazzling functionalities are as follows

  • A single FamiSafe account is sufficient to connect with five devices. You can establish a complete control on five gadgets at a time without any interruptions
  • The customer service is appreciable. The 24/7 ticket system helpdesk solves your issues quickly.
  • It is a secure program and more than 200 countries make use of this tool kit to protect their kids and teens from cyber issues.
  • A simple three steps procedure is sufficient to enjoy the built-in features of FamiSafe parental control tool
  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

App block & Usage

Most professionals recommend the kids to play their age-appropriate games to avoid psychological issues in future. The experienced psychologist warns the parents to protect the kids and teens from violent video games to overcome behavioural problems in them. The FamiSafe provides a platform to block inappropriate games in your kid’s gadget remotely. This feature removes unwanted quarrel with your kid. You can perform the blocking activity without the knowledge of your child at any time and anywhere.

You can restrict the app usage by setting a time limit for each app. The app or games lock by itself when the set time expires. It is one of the methods to help your kid from getting addicted to a particular game in the gadget.

The App Usage feature in FamiSafe drafts a table containing the time factor related to app usage, website visited time, time spent on social media etc. With the help of this timesheet, you can get a clear picture of the addictive behaviour of your child. If you find your kid is spending too much on any app then it is the right time to limit the app usage using the restriction option in the app block feature.

FamiSafe App Blocker

Activity Report

It would be convenient for you if you were aware of the phone activities of your kids for the whole day. Sometimes, continues monitoring your kid’s gadget remotely may not be feasible due to your work nature. The ‘Activity Report’ of FamiSafe helps you to identify the complete phone activity of your kid in a day. The data is well organized and stored accordingly for easy retrieval in the FamiSafe tool. You can request for Activity Report of any period depending on your needs. The daily phone activities recordings are available in this tool.

This feature indicates the installed app in your kid’s gadget, the number of times app usage, count of the website visited etc. These data will help you to protect your child from online monsters at the right time. This report will help you to guide your child on the right path despite internet threats.

Activity Report

Screen time & Smart Schedule

The ‘Screen Time’ of Famisafe tool allows you to restrict the gadget usage of your kid. If you find your kid is spending a lot of time in staring the gadget’s screen then it is the right time to set this feature using FamiSafe app. This option enables you to lock the kid’s device remotely. You have to set time ‘Screen Time’ in the FamiSafe app and when the set time expires then the phone locks by itself automatically.

The ‘Smart Schedule’ option in FamiSafe app assists you to draft the best day plan for your kid. You can assign a time limit for every activity of your kid in a day. Make use of this feature to schedule the best progressive plan for your kid.

FamiSafe Smart Schedule

Browser History & Web Filter

The FamiSafe parental control app has a ‘Browser History’ feature to record the web activities of your child. It displays the web address along with the time factor. This app records the browsing data every day and it is stored for further reference.

You can now filter the web content based on categories like ‘violence, adult, drugs, porn’ etc. The websites related to this category will not be able to step into your kid’s gadget at any cost. The FamiSafe parental control app serves as a shield protecting your kid’s phone from the harmful websites in the internet space.

FamiSafe Web Filter

YouTube app control

This feature ensures your kid watches appropriate videos from the online store. You can block harmful channels or videos remotely using FamiSafe parental control app in your kid’s gadget with the help of this option. The YouTube app control establishes a complete control of the YouTube app. You can modify the settings according to your needs and protect your kid from unwanted issues in the cyber world.

FamiSafe YouTube App Control

Finally, it is time to conclude this topic related to the Disney Parental control app. When you take a closer look at the parental control apps in the commercial market, many professionals and parents recommend FamiSafe parental control app due to its successful results. You can install this app easily without much effort. All sorts of features settings are explicit and easy to enable. There is no way to bypass the settings of FamiSafe parental control app. All the built-in programs in FamiSafe is useful and effective. The FamiSafe app is the perfect solution to handle the present generation kids in disciplining their gadget activities.

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