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Family Link Not Working: Quick & Proven Fix Solutions

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The current generation of techie kids is surrounded by modern technologies. From school to home, tablets, computers, and digital devices have become an essential part of their lives. When everything is gradually becoming technology bound, parents are also concerned about their children’s safety as well as mental and physical health.


However, parental control apps like Google Family Link have made it quite easier to monitor teenagers’ online activities and usage of the internet. However, some parents often complain the app is not working on their devices due to anonymous reasons. To address this problem, we bring some quick and proven solutions to fix Family Link not working issue.

Read this article to learn some quick and proven solutions to the Family Link problem and some of the best alternatives to Family Link.

Part 1: Family Link Not Working on iPhone

Family Link is an advanced parental control app by Google that allows parents to remotely monitor their child’s devices and keep an eye on their online activities. The app best runs on Android, but is also compatible with iOS.

However, iOS users find various challenges while installing or using Family Link on their devices due to several reasons. Some of them are given below:

Step 1Outdated iOS

Google Family Link runs on iPhones with iOS 11 or the latest version. Users with outdated iOS won’t be able to install and use this app on their devices. Hence, if you want to run Family Link on an iPhone, make sure your device has installed iOS 11 or the later version.

Step 2Limited Features

Although the Google Family Link app is compatible with iPhone, the iOS version gives limited access to features. Given below are some of Family Link settings that won’t work when your child signs in to Google apps on iPhone:

  • Device location tracking
  • App activity
  • Screen time
  • Website permissions and restrictions
  • App permissions and restrictions

Hence, if you try to monitor your child’s iPhone with Family Link, you cannot limit screen time, track the device location, block or approve websites or apps, and check app activity.

Alternatively, you can use a cross-platform parental control app like FamiSafe, which gives parents the freedom to monitor their teenagers’ digital devices secretly on different platforms. Whether your child is using Android or iPhone, FamiSafe will provide you with complete information about his/her internet browsing history, apps and games installed, time spent on each app, device location history, and social media activities. You can also customize FamiSafe settings according to your preferences and use this app for remote account monitoring without any risk.

Try FamiSafe Free, Monitor Kids' iPhone Remotely.

Part 2: Family Link Location Not Working

The location tracking feature in Google Family Link allows parents to find their child’s device location in real-time on Google maps. This feature is very useful when teenagers are outside or going to a specific location. It enables parents to make sure their kids are on the right track and have reached their target destination.

Sometimes, however, the Family Link location feature stops working due to multiple reasons. Given below are five major factors behind this issue and their solutions:

Problem 1Your Child’s Device is Powered Off

To locate your child’s device, it must be powered on. You won’t be able to find your kid’s live location if he/she has powered off the phone.


  • Ask your child to power his/her phone.
Problem 2Your Child’s Device is Offline

The Family Link Location feature works only when your child’s device is connected to the internet. If the device is offline, it won’t show real-time location in Family Link.


  • Make sure your child’s phone has a mobile data plan and is currently present in the area where mobile internet coverage is available. Besides, ask him/her to connect the device to the internet so that you can see his/her live location.
Problem 3Your Child’s Device hasn’t been Used Recently

Another factor that stops location tracking in Google Family Link is the inactivity of the target device. If your child’s device has been inactive for several hours, its location won’t appear on Family Link.


  • If your child hasn’t used his/her device recently, ask him/her to perform some activity so that it can be traced from Family Link.
Problem 4“See your child’s location” Settings are Turned Off

Parents have to turn on “See your child’s location” settings in Family Link for real-time location tracking. Here’s how they can do this.



  • Launch the Google Family Link app on your phone
  • Select the child whose location needs to be tracked
  • Click on Manage Settings, then Location
  • Turn on See your child’s location settings
  • Go to Device location settings and click on the device name
  • Turn on Device location
  • Select High accuracy
Problem 5Child’s Device Location Settings are Turned Off

Finally, the child’s device location settings must also be turned on to locate it via Family Link.


  • Open Google Family Link App
  • Select your child
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Manage, then Location
  • Select your child’s device, go to Settings, then Location Settings
  • Turn on Device Location
  • Select High accuracy

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Part 3: What to do with Family Link App Not Working?

Try one of the following recommended solutions to fix Family Link not working problem:

Method 1Try Hard Reboot

To hard reboot, press the Power and Home buttons located at the sides of Android mobile simultaneously and hold them for at least 10 seconds until the screen shows power off.

Release both buttons.

Press the Power button for a few seconds until the screen turns on.

Method 2Update Software

Family Link requires an Android device (5.0+), a Chromebook compatible with Android, an iPad (iOS 9+), or iPhone (iOS 9+).

If you have an older version of your device operating system, update it by going to the Settings, then Software Update. If any new update is available, download and install.

To install the latest updates on the Family Link app, go to Play Store, search Family Link, and tap Update. The newer version will be automatically installed and you will be able to use the Family Link app again.

Method 3Reinstall the App
  • Press and hold the Family Link app icon for 5 seconds until two options appear
  • Tap Uninstall and confirm the uninstallation
  • Go to Play Store, type Family Link in the search bar, and tap Install
  • Wait for a few minutes until the app is installed on your device.
  • Open the Family Link app to see if it is working
Method 4Check Data Connection

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection, check the internet speed. You might have a slow internet connection or too many users connected to it. Hence, connect your device to a fast Wi-Fi connection or mobile internet and try using the app again

Method 5Enable App Permissions
  • Go to Settings, then App Management, and then App Permissions.
  • Scroll down and select Family Link and give all permissions to the app.
Method 5Check Device Storage
  • If you are not been able to download the Family Link app or install the latest updates, your device might have limited storage
  • Delete some files from your device or uninstall some apps to make some space and try downloading the Family Link app again

Part 4: FamiSafe: The Best Alternative to Family Link

Don’t worry if you are facing trouble using the Google Family Link app on your device, we have a feasible solution for you!

Try FamiSafe, the best alternative to Family Link and the most reliable parental control app compatible with multiple platforms. FamiSafe has everything parents need to monitor their child’s devices and prevent them from indulging in harmful online activities.

With FamiSafe, parents can promote healthy digital habits among their children, protect them from online danger, and keep a track of their whereabouts. Besides, FamiSafe is a cross-platform app that can be used on different operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Chromebook.

Check the video below to know how FamiSafe works:

Unique Features of FamiSafe App
  • Activity reporting
  • Web filtering
  • Internet browsing history
  • App management
  • Screen time control
  • Explicit content detection
  • Safe search and content management
  • Location tracking and driving reporting
  • Geo-fencing and location history
  • Multi-user, multi-device compatibility
  • Integrated user dashboard

Why FamiSafe is the Best Alternative to Family Link?

Although Family Link is also a very useful parental control app, it does not work well on Apple devices. On the other hand, FamiSafe offers cross-platform compatibility and allows parents to monitor their kids’ devices and access all features on any device.

Give FamiSafe a try now (start 3-day free trial!), and start monitoring your child’s device secretly.

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Technology has become critical to success in today’s digital era. Since everything is being digitized, parents can’t keep their children away from using digital devices and internet surfing.

However, they can monitor their teenagers’ online activities through parental control apps like Family Link and FamiSafe, which allow them to block inappropriate content, access browsing history, track live location, and limit their screen time.

Parents looking for the best Family Link alternative must try FamiSafe, which runs effectively on multiple operating systems and offers advanced device monitoring at reasonable prices.

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