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What Does GG Mean To Kids?

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Learn Slangs Proven solutions

 gg meaning and uses

The internet has changed many different aspects of our lives. One of those aspects is video games and online communication within them. In the past, there were no online games that you could play. Today these games are widely available and come in different forms.

When you play with other players, it’s important to communicate so you can make the right moves and, ultimately, win the game you’re competing at. Over the years, online gaming communities have introduced many different slangs through playing.

They simply needed shorter phrases and signals to quickly deliver to other players and help them understand the situation. Today we will discuss one of the most universal slang for online multiplayer games: GG meaning.

Part 1: What Is the Meaning of GG?

understanding the meaning of gg

GG is short for “Good Game,” It was initially used exclusively in games. Today it has trickled down from the internet and into the real world. However, not many people use them in the physical world, and gamers usually say it.

The original meaning of GG was in the faith of good sportsmanship. Players usually used GG at the end to show their appreciation for the match and indicate they enjoyed the game, but gamers now use it in other contexts as well.

The most common meaning is like a virtual handshake. It’s the same as when football players shake their hands after the match and pay their respects.

Part 2: How Is GG Used Online

what does GG mean in games

GG can be used as a sign of respect, to acknowledge opponents, or to show you’ve enjoyed a match. However, it can also be used in a negative context to show that you are overconfident about winning a game and to undermine other players’ chances.

GG isn’t used often outside of games – in most cases, it’s used by gamers. Gamers often use GG universally to indicate they’ve “agreed on something” or “concluded something” successfully. For example, if someone says, “Can we meet up at 10?” a person can respond “GG” as a sign of confirmation or agreement.


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Part 3:GG Popular Variations

gg meaning variations

GG can be used in combination with many other combinations. For example, many players like to use “GG EZ” at the end of the game or when they make an excellent play to beat their opponents. GG EZ stands for “good game, easy,” but it’s more of a provocative statement telling your opponents they can’t match you.

Another popular variation is “GG WP,” which means “good game well played.” It can be an even more respectful GG, recognizing you’ve had a fun game and praising your opponents for what they’ve shown. However, GG WP can be used early during the match to tell your opponents you think the game is already over for one reason or another.

GG NO RE stands for “good game, no rematch,” and it’s often used by a player that’s lost in a terribly one-sided match and they don’t feel like playing again against the same opponent(s).

Part 4: How Can GG Be Used in Real Life

what does GG mean in reality

GG can be used in real life as well. For example, people often play games in the physical world, and it’s become a common phrase. Instead of actually saying “good game,” many people will say “GG” at the end of a tennis, football, poker, or basketball match.

At other times this can be really confusing because it’s essential to have people around that can understand this slang. If you use this term with people who don’t play games, chances are they won’t know what you’re saying.

Part 5: Recognizing Your Child Is Using GG

If you want to see if your child is using GG, just pay attention to what they say. Parents often can’t keep up with the slang words younger generations use. Whenever your child is playing a video game and chatting with someone online, you’re likely to hear them say GG.

You should also pay attention to those situations when playing games in the real world and see how your child reacts. This word is often used during those exciting moments when the game is on the line and at the end of the match. Be receptive during those moments to try to hear if your child uses slang.

Part 6: How to Talk to Your Kids About This Online Slang

Being a good sport is a valuable quality, whether you’re losing or winning. You should look to reinforce these values in your kids as much as possible. Teenagers and children are emotional, and it’s important to see how emotions affect their behavior and feelings.

If your kids use GG, talk to them about it. Try to learn how winning makes them feel and do they say GG also when losing. Try to understand why this word is used and whether they use it negatively toward other people. Teach them that taunting opponents is wrong no matter how much you win or lose.

Part 7: How To Recognize Your Kids are Using Harmful Online Slang

father and son learning boujee definition

GG is just one of the slang words kids use today. Even though this slang isn’t that bad and can’t have a very negative context to it, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to understand your child and their perception of it.

However, other online slang words could be dangerous, and you must keep them under your radar. It’s always a good idea to use a parental control app like FamiSafe to keep track of the words your kids use online.

Playing games is good, but you should keep this activity in check. This app lets you see how much time your child has spent playing video games. You can limit their gaming time and filter harmful content to protect them from the wrong sides of the internet.

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As a parent, you need to learn together with your kids. Keeping track of the words they use and in what context can help you become a better parent and be more understanding when helping your young one deal with problems and learn about life.

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