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What Does Boujee Mean and Should Your Kids Use It?

boujee definition for parents and teens

If you’ve heard your kids using the word “boujee,” there’s probably no need to worry. Though it is a slang term, it shouldn’t be offensive when used correctly. Having a child who aspires to “live the boujee life” or have “boujee things” is usually a positive thing.

Let’s talk about the origins, meaning, and variations of “boujee.”

Part 1: The Origins of Boujee

rihanna boujee esthetics

When your kids use the word “boujee,” they are actually speaking French. Well, kind of. Boujee is an English derivative of the widely used French word “bourgeoisie.”

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the term bourgeoisie refers to the “social order dominated by the so-called middle class. In social and political theory, the notion of the bourgeoisie was largely a construct of Karl Marx and of those influenced by him.”

So by definition, the word bourgeoisie means “of middle-class status.”

However, if you can recall your history teacher right now, you might remember that this is not just any middle class. In 18th-century France, the bourgeoisie was the middle class of socially influential and financially stable people who claimed and won political authority.

The bourgeoisie was the moving force behind the Industrial Revolution.

bourgeoisie dictionary

Thanks to the German philosopher Karl Marx, the bourgeoisie has historically been seen as the main opposition to the lower working class. The industrialists, businessmen, and manufacturers of the bourgeoisie class overpowered common laborers due to their political status and wealth.

Since then, being part of the bourgeoisie meant being upper working class.

For further consideration, it’s essential to understand that these people are neither “old-money” nor “nouveau-riche.” Though wealthy and powerful, they also play a pivotal role in society by inspiring change. The bourgeoisie is educated, smart, and enterprising.

Part 2: What Is the Meaning of Boujee

black girl luxury boujee lifestyle

But what does boujee mean, then? And is it okay if your kids use it?

Boujee is urban for “self-made wealth that doesn’t mean forgetting one’s humbler roots.” The word, too, is loyal to its etymology. Like the term bourgeoisie, boujee implies meritocracy. People living the boujee life deserve every penny of it because they earned it themselves.

boujee slang dictionary

However, the word boujee has a racial/cultural connotation as well.

Being primarily used in the African-American community to describe people of color, it uses the historical heritage of the European bourgeoisie to evoke racial discrimination and celebrate black progress. The boujee life is sweeter because it comes from suffering.

Is calling someone boujee racist? On the contrary, the word boujee denotes admiration and respect, regardless of where it’s coming from.


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Part 3:Bougie or Boujee?

bougie girl walking in the street

While being called or calling someone a boujee is a very positive thing, confusing this word with another slang term derived from bourgeoisie might be problematic.

Though it sounds similar, the word bougie means something different.

When it comes to boujee vs. bougie, it’s not a question of either/or. These are two different words with the same origin, and they are used to describe two different types of people. If you hear your kids talking about somebody “being bougie,” that might be an insult.

In a way, a bougie person is the opposite of someone who is boujee.

A person eating an overpriced avocado toast in a posh restaurant while wearing designer clothes is a bougie if they are struggling to make ends meet at the same time. This is a low-class person who is pretending to be lavish and rich – it’s the antithesis of the popular “stealth wealth” phenomenon.

Part 4: How Is Boujee Used

migos bad and boujee

Boujee is primarily used as an adjective, but it can also be a noun.

Here are a few examples of how boujee might be used in conversation:

  • Did you see that boujee guy in a BMW?
  • Where did you buy that boujee coat?
  • His new girl is so fancy she’s a boujee.
  • Her boujee parents are on vacay in Italy.
  • She’s living the boujee life on IG.

Some synonyms for boujee include rich, fancy, extravagant, and luxurious, but also ambitious, driven, and prosperous. On top of these materialistic traits, boujee people are humble and true to their roots, priding themselves on their achievements and enjoying their money.

Part 5: Boujee vs Bougie: Proper Use

bougie urban dictionary

The correct way to pronounce boujee is BOO-zhee.

In contrast, the word bougie is pronounced BOO-gee.

Boujee and bougie sound similar and have similar spelling, which might be confusing to you as a parent. Even more importantly, this might confuse younger kids who are trying to fit in by repeating slang words they hear from other kids, especially teens.

So instead of describing someone’s demeanor as boujee, your kid can accidentally call a respectable person a bougie. It can feel insulting and even come across as a racial slur since this word is sometimes used by African-Americans to describe a cash-fixated white person.

Because words can be hurtful even by mistake, it’s crucial to pay attention to the proper pronunciation and spelling – even more so when using slang.

Part 6: What Is Boujee Hippie?

 boujee hippie models

Admiring a boujee lifestyle isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a teen, but that still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk to your kid about what it means, and here’s why:

There’s a line of products on the market called Boujee Hippie, so your teenage daughter might be referring to that instead of just a lavish way of living. Boujee Hippie sells weight management pills and targets young black girls who are insecure about their appearance.

According to the tagline, Boujee Hippie is for “the eclectic, modern-day women with high heels and higher standards on your journey to wellness and self-awareness.”

Boujee Hippie products include vitamins and other nutrients, so they might not be bad for health. However, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not this brand promotes a certain body image that might be dangerous for your teen daughter’s self-esteem.

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Part 7: How To Know if Your Kid Is Using Boujee and Other Slangs Online

father and son learning boujee definition

Do you have reason to suspect that your kids are using offensive slang words while talking to their friends? You can try to openly ask them about it. Don’t forget that teens are prone to hiding the truth from their parents. Keeping secrets makes them feel independent.

Luckily, there is another way to ensure they are not insulting anyone or being insulted. If you want to stay on top of your kids’ conversations, you can – at least the ones they are having over their phones. Tracking apps for parents like FamiSafe can help you do that.

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Apps like FamiSafe can help you restore trust in your kids while keeping you sane as a parent. They are also an excellent way to curb excessive phone use and subsequently raise productivity in children. Most importantly, a good parenting app can keep your kids out of danger.

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Part 8: Talking To Your Kids About Slang Words

The word boujee entered the urban dictionary when the hip-hop group Migos used it in the song Bad and Boujee in 2016. Now, the lyrics to this song will sound terrifying to any parent at first. It’s a long song written almost exclusively in slang, including plenty of swearing.

But underneath all that, Bad and Boujee promotes positive values:

bad and boujee lyrics

If your kids have been using a lot of slang lately, they have probably been listening to a fair amount of hip-hop and rap artists, too. So instead of forbidding “foul language” and bad-mouthing their idols, take a moment to listen and analyze the lyrics of their favorite songs.

That way, you’ll be able to understand what your kids are saying and talk to them in a language they understand. This is especially important if you’re raising teenagers.

Bad and Boujee can serve as an example of positive slang words, so discuss the meaning of the lyrics with them. Talk to them about what it takes to achieve a boujee lifestyle. If handled well, this could be an excellent lesson in the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Also, explain to your kids how slang can be offensive and hurtful.

Slang can be incredibly creative and fun to use because it is like a secret language that only a handful of people can understand. As a parent, you shouldn’t try to censor it.

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If your kids are using the word boujee, don’t forbid it. Your only job as a parent is to make sure they understand what it means. There’s nothing wrong with being a little boujee. Admiring this lifestyle might motivate them to study hard and apply their talents.

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