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The Most Addicting iPhone Games That Teens Can't Put Down

Most Addicting iPhone Games


The present generation teens and kids are highly prone to addiction games over the gadgets. The advent of smartphone spoiled the creativity in kids. The gadgets occupy most leisure time of the children. The peer pressure amidst the teens triggers the curiosity to explore the dangerous games at the online space. This article focuses on the addicting iPhone games and effective ways to protect your child from the dangerous cyber world. It is high time to surf through the popular games targeting the innocent souls in the online mode. There is a need for the parents to know about these risky games so that they can take respective measure before the situation becomes worse.

Gaming addiction

Part 1: The 20 most addicting iPhone games

Reigns: Her Majesty

This game works like the Tinder app. You must swipe right or left and take the right decisions to continue your reign lasts as long as possible. You will meet up with a series of obstacles and characters. This adventurous game involves optimum decision-making skills.

Reigns her majesty

HQ Trivia

It is a revolutionary game like ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’? game show. In this game, you must answer the listed questions and complete the race along with the other competitors. The last man with the correct answers wins the cash price. You must book an appointment to play this game. This event occurs twice a day and you must be available at the gaming timing.

Hq trivia

Splitter Critter

A puzzle game for the intellectual teens and a 2D graphic excites the players quickly. You must cut the map and arrange in such a way to solve the puzzle. Find the solution to the puzzle and navigate to next level wisely.

Splitter critter

Pigeon Wings

It is a racing game excites the teens quickly. This Pigeon Wing has 2D controls with a simple user interface. The levels are challenging and quite interesting too.

Pigeon wings

Mega dead Pixel

This game is like Temple Run. You must guide the pixelated hero to cross the obstacles and reach the destination.

Mega dead pixel

Ridiculous Fishing

As its name indicates you must gather fish from the water source. You need to access some of the crazy items to catch fish. You will get points based on the number of fish you catch within a specific time.

Ridiculous fishing

Player’s Unknown Battle Ground

It is popularly known as PUBG and it is famous amidst teens and kids worldwide. It is like Fortnite game where you must kill your enemies within some short period. There are 100 players available in the battleground and you must access the weapons to kill the opponent. It is seriously an addictive game for teens.

Pubg game


The game starts in an island populated with players and he/she must use the weapons to survive till the end of the game. A cartoon stylish with simple mechanic techniques is implemented in this game.

Fortnite game

Super Hexagon

Here, you must move the triangle around the series of hexagon without touching the walls. The levels are difficult and you must complete all the levels to win the game.

Super hexagon


It is an awesome puzzle game on the iOS platform. You must arrange the numbers available in the display and form the greatest number. Move the tiles with numbers wisely and generate a big number to win the game.

Threes game

Beat Sneak Bandit

It is a music game where you must collect the clocks by tapping the screen in pace with the game beat.

Beat sneak bandit

Clash Royale

It is a popular gaming app and you must use item cards to build your base. After the base construction, you need to attack the enemies.

Clash royale


A complex gaming app and works like a card game. To start with you must build minions, spells, weapons etc and then target the opponent’s hero. You must beat the hero of the other player.

Hearthstone app

Space Team

This app instructs the players to run a spaceship using the knobs and controls in their deck. The players must read the given instructions before activating the controls and buttons.

Space team


It is a board game and here you must arrange the puzzle to build cities, road, and infrastructure. The other player disturbs your work now and then, and you must overcome those obstacles and complete the puzzle quickly to win the game.

Carcassonne app

Impossible Road

This app locks you in a zen-like state. It is like a racing game where you must tough the left side of the screen to move left and the right end to move in the right direction. The hairpin bends are a challenging task in this gaming app.

Impossible road

Push and Pop

This gaming app works on the Tetris formula. You must arrange the blocks optimally to win the race.

Push and pop

Mini Metro

In this game, you must design effective metro lines for your city on the map screen and enhance the transportation system.

Mini metro

Hidden Folks

You must identify the people and objects hidden on the screen behind the black and white image.

Hidden folks

Golf Peaks

It is an app-based golf game with effective animations. It works like the real Golf game where you must use specific shots to push the ball into the hole.

Golf peaks

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Part 2: What can parents do when they find their child is addicted to these games

You can follow the below guidelines when you find your teen is addicting iPhone games


You can effectively talk to your child conveying the hidden dangers of the games in the online space. Proper communication can bring wonders in your kid’s gadget behaviour. Instead of yelling and scolding, you must connect with your kid and view the issue on their shoes and discuss the addicting games of pros and cons in a friendly way.


It is the sole responsibility of the parents to bring awareness in kids and teens about the potential dangers of the addicting games. You can explain the real-time examples and reach out your kid and teen in a convincing manner. You must emphasize the consequences of the game and help them to overcome the addicting issue by giving them the best alternative to it.

Parental Control App

The FamiSafe parental control app is the best application to control the online activities of your kid. You can remotely supervise your kid’s gadget activities and take respective measure when you find is getting addicted to games and websites. You can protect your kid and teen from addiction before the situation becomes worse. It is the perfect partner for digital parents.

Features of FamiSafe

  • Block risky and addicting games in your kid’s device remotely
  • Limit the gadget usage with the help of ‘Screen Time’ feature
  • Using ‘Web Filter’ option you can filter unwanted adult content and addicting games from reaching your kid’s phone
  • The ‘Smart Schedule’ option assist the parents to plan a productive day for their children
  • The ‘Activity Report’ of FamiSafe app lists out the gadget activities of your child in a well-organized manner.

FamiSafe app

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

A detailed description of features

App Blocker and Usage

If you find any inappropriate and addictive game apps in your kid’s phone, then immediately block the apps remotely using the FamiSafe Parental control app. You can also limit the app usage by setting a time limit for every app in your child’s phone.

App blocker

Screen Time

It is high time to control the gadget activities of your child using the ‘Screen Time’ feature. In this option, you can set a time limit for your kid’s phone and when the time limit expires the device locks automatically. The ‘Screen Time’ plays a vital role in limiting the gadget activities of your kid.

Screen time

Web Filter

To protect your child from the online monsters, the ‘Web Filter’ feature plays a vital part. The adult content, porn websites and addicting iPhone games app will not be able to enter your child’s device if you have enabled the ‘Web Filter’ option.

Web filter

Smart Scheduler

The FamiSafe app allows the parents to plan a smart schedule for a day. You can allot study time, TV, play etc to spend a productive day during holidays. It helps the kid to learn time management skills and they will learn how to use the time for a constructive purpose.

Smart schedule

Activity Report

The FamiSafe app records the entire gadget activities of the kid in a well-organized manner. You can access this report on request for specific dates. This report comprises of the time spent on each app and websites. From the listed data you will be able to figure out whether your kid is addicted to any gaming websites or apps. Immediately limit the app access to protect your child from addiction issues.

Activity report


Thus, it is time to end the discussion on the most addicting iPhone games and the respective measure to safeguard the kids from the trap of these online sources. The FamiSafe parental control app assists the digital parents to monitor the gadget activities of their children remotely. It serves as a boon and gives a sense of relaxation to the working parents. The parents can connect with their kids even during office hours and supervise their gadget activities precisely. Choose FamiSafe app and watch out the kid’s online moves carefully to get rid of cyber issues.

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