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Best Online Game Sites for Online Gamers

Online Game Sites

“Life is fun if you play games yet under control.” – Anonymous

Online gaming is becoming more famous year after year provided a ton of reasons. One of the factors could be ease of access from playing at home. And most of the online game sites are highly rewarding as well. What you need to do is find a reliable online platform, register, and start playing. But, this fun time can prove to be dangerous also if you are unaware of obvious demerits. These demerits are what is known as the harmful effects of the Internet.

You don't know whether your children are playing games or watching any indecent content. More specifically, many such pornography game sites attract decent kids into a dirty digital world. Keeping in mind all of these criteria, we'd like to step ahead in sharing the best online game sites along with a trustworthy solution to block those worst game sites on your kids' mobile devices.

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10 Best Online Game Sites for Free Playing

It's time to check out the ten best online game sites with the free play facility. Given below are brief descriptions of each game site, including the key features.

1 – Armor Games

online game sites 1

'Armor games' is a site with lots of serious games as well. There are more than hundreds of games available on this website. Well, it is a modified version of Games of Gondor to reveal that gaming nerd from all of us. They showcase an extensive and in-depth catalog for the Internet's most renowned online games. However, you can't call it the safest game platform as most of the games also showcase a considerable violence level. So, they feature games such as strategy wars, puzzle games, shooting games, and war games, etc.

2 - Newgrounds

online game sites 2

You can call the Newgrounds, an all-in-one online game site for the feeds of different stereotypes. It has a range of titles from adventure and action genres to more obscure and simulated content, easy to filter through content views, ratings, and popularity. They have different sections relating to movies, games, art, and audio. A free account will provide excellent access to leaderboards, in-game medals, and various other challenges. The hot game Friday night Funkin is made by Mewgrounds, and you can also shop their games in their steam store.

3 - Kongregate

online game sites 3

The owner of Kongregate is Gamestop Corporation, a reliable gaming platform since 2007. It is among the best and free online game sites with different kinds of games, including puzzles, action, role-playing, online multiplayer, and shooters. The best part is the achievement system on-site, which is an excellent deal for competitive players.

4 – Addicting Games

online game sites 4

Addicting Games is by Nickelodeon and is one of the childish platforms. There are lots of cute shooter games, especially for girls. All in all, it's a funny platform with various 'aha' moments. So, you will find tiny games as violent. It also allows the embedding of games on social networks or blogs for maximum integration. So, the guys who want literal fun must check out the platform and unleash their madness.

5 - Zynga

online game sites 5

Zynga is the choice if you are looking for one of the best game developers online. It is a social gaming company with a logo of a bulldog. Their famous game is Farmville 2, which grabs both your attention as well as time. Besides, you will not encounter any privacy issues with the platform, and you can play most of their best games on mobile devices with separate apps. Their games are simple yet addictive.

6 – Free Online Games

online game sites 6

FOG or Free Online Games comes with a full stack of games within 'fun games.' The site also features the most invasive and obnoxious advertising of picks on the list. As the name also suggests, the platform is free to play any games, including Guns & Bottles, Princess Superheroes, Bubbles, 8 Ball Billiards, Traffic Control, etc. So, you can sign up freely for the FOG account and access their view history, chat rooms, notifications, favorite lists, and intuitive avatars.

7 - BGames

online game sites 7

BGames contains a dosage of healthy and creative originals of games. Even though the site comes loaded with video ads, the titles are highly creative with a list of genres from click titles to those frantic points. And, there are no such things as sign up or customization options for the BGames. It's the reason you can't avoid those myriad ads. Right on the home page, the titles such as Shooting, Cooking, Car, Dress Up, Strategy, Action, Girl, Sport, and Multiplayer, etc., will be visible.

8 - Bored

online game sites 8

Bored has divided its platform into two categories: the 'Top Games' and 'Hottest Games'. You will not feel any dull moment while surfing this online gaming site. So, it is one of the best and organized online game sites to play freely. Of course, you have to sit through ads and then play games, which is a bit irritating. The list of its hottest games goes like Elite Ghost Sniper, Warzone Sniper, Homescapes, Immortal Memory, Celebrity Bachelorette Party, and Escape The Dark Forest, etc.

9 - MiniClip

online game sites 9

MiniClip was first launched in 2001 and is currently the world's largest online game sites. It has a range of games, including the Flip Master, Short Ride, Bubble Trouble, Commando2, and 8Ball Pool, etc. At the same time, it is crowned as the most extensive game library alongside the Addicting Games. It also performs excellent with regards to social interaction. You can see different profile pages, awards, online leaderboards, and achievements through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Moreover, you can access the content in around 15 languages.

10 – Pogo Games

online game sites 10

Pogo Games are primarily concerned with word games, puzzles, and cards. Besides the titles with great catalogs, it also contains engaging content such as Badges and Tournaments to complete specific tasks. At the home page, you have to verify your age, which is a pretty exciting task. There is a kind of scroll bar which you need to stop at your age. The task also controls what type of content to present in front of players. As you get into the platform, you will get to see the Club- Exclusive games that are not free. However, there are lots of games which you can play for free.

Famisafe – Best Game Blocker for parents to keep children away from game addiction

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Hopefully, you have gone through all the best online game sites mentioned above. Even though the games are entirely safe and reliable, you still can't measure the threat coming out from anywhere. The thing called parental check should always be there to keep your kids away from the online world's dangers. There could be many links within the online game sites that may lead to sex or porn games.  Wondering how to block chrome or even Chromebook games with FamiSafe? Read this article to learn more about it: 

How can you stop all of this activity on your kids' mobiles? For this purpose, you must resort to a reliable parental control app. We want to refer to Famisafe as one of the best parental monitoring platforms with many features and merits. The single app of Famisafe is sufficient to monitor, block, and filter the web's questionable content. No matter your kids are playing games or surfing the Internet; otherwise, Famisafe is all the way done for effective monitoring. 

Let’s reveal the most demanding features of Famisafe as follows.

App Blocker to block games

online game sites 12

There is a facility to block particular websites and plays with the app blocker feature of Famisafe. Despite blocking, you can access the complete log of apps that your kids have used.

Web Filter to block game sites

online game sites 13

Famisafe uses specific criteria of web filters depending upon the different categories. It supports the browser, namely Safari and Chrome, for the purpose. Any violent, suspicious, or pornographic content will get straight away blocked via the web filters.

Screen Time Controls

online game sites 14

The software consists of an exclusive power to control the phone at a particular time. With the screen time controls, you can easily lock the screen on kids' mobile devices during bedtime, study time, or your choice.

Part 4: Conclusion

Now is the time to conclude our article on the ten best online game sites. It's not wrong to play games, but not dirty games. Or, to see your kids playing those games! This short-lived pleasure can leave devastating effects on the brain and the body that you can't even imagine. One of the damaging results could be the stoppage in overall personality. It's the reason we have also come up with a reliable solution for the best parental monitoring app called Famisafe. If you are a parent and want to adopt the smarter way of monitoring the online game sites, there may be nothing relevant than using Famisafe. It's an all-rounder to get your kids on track without even knowing the app's presence!

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