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What are the Most Popular Gacha Games?

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In search of the most popular gacha games in 2022? Look no further as our team of game experts has researched the net and handpicked the 7 most popular gacha games to play. However, before revealing our list, let us enlighten you on what the gacha game entails.

Part1. What is a Gacha Game?

Gacha is a video game genre that requires players to spend real-life money on in-game tokens that are in turn used to purchase in-game assets or characters. These assets or characters play a significant role in the game as players could use them to compete with each other, and also complete specific tasks. Mind you, all these assets or characters have unique features that distinguish them from others.

The gacha game is available in both mobile and PC versions. There are countless games underneath the gacha genre, but we will introduce you to the seven most popular ones just as we’ve mentioned earlier. Without wasting your time, let's check them out.

Part2. What's the Most Popular Gacha Game?

Game 1Genshin Imapct

Genshin Impact is our top 1 most popular Gacha game. Released in September 2020, the game has generated over $2 billion in gross profit from its players toppling the popular Pokemon GO mobile game. Also, the number of active players has risen to over 61.5 billion- the highest so far from a mobile gaming platform.

The game is well-known for its aesthetic visuals. Players of Genshin Impact are rewarded with amazing characters which could also be purchased with in-game tokens using real-life money. Each character has utility in the game.

Game 2FGO

FGO, also known as Fate/Grand Order, is another interesting game underneath the Gacha system. With over $5 billion in revenue and 1+ million active players, this game ranks second on our list of most popular gacha games in 2022.

This game employs gacha mechanics as players [often referred to as Master] take charge of a team [called Servants] and battle against in-game enemies. Each servant is either purchased or earned by completing a task. Mind you, each servant has distinct characteristics.

The Fate/Grand Order game is available in both iOS and Android versions. Also, there is the arcade version for players who enjoy visiting the bar or restaurants to play games.


E7 is an amazing anime RPG popular for its breathtaking design and intriguing storyline. Since development, EPIC SEVEN, E7, has generated over $3.5 billion in revenue. The number of active players has also risen to about 500,000.

This game, EPIC 7, supports several gaming options such as the labyrinth, world boss mode, and more that players can select from. Also, there is the PvP challenge option where players battle one another.

EPIC 7, just like other gacha genres, comes with lots of in-game units also known as characters which could either be earned or purchased. Another incredible feature players enjoy on E7 is team customization. Players can create a team of 4 characters that could be used to battle in the game.

Game 4Arknights

Here is another well-known gacha game, Arknights. This game mixes both gacha mechanics and tower defense gameplay to create an interesting storyline. Players are responsible for protecting their world against deadly diseases by fighting against enemies. Each time an enemy is defeated, the player gets a reward. This reward comes in the form of a character that is usable in the game.

One unique feature that makes Arknights popular is the melodic soundtrack. In addition, the specialty or rarity of a character doesn't affect the performance. For instance, just like a rare character, a less rare or low-specialty character can be easily used to defeat an enemy.

Game 5Azur Lane

Azur Lane is another popular mobile-compatible gacha genre video game. This side-scroller shmups game combines the traditional RPG, bullet hell, and naval welfare to create a breathtaking storyline. The game requires players to take the role of a captain who controls a warship and leads it towards victory against an AI enemy.

Azur Lane, unlike the aforementioned games, does not involve character collection. Rather, players are rewarded with warships. All the warships aren't the same. Each one has its stats and skills.

Game 6Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is an incredible action RPG that implements gacha mechanics. It's well-known for its astonishing graphics and classic arcades. This game has one of the most challenging and thought-provoking puzzles to solve. Hence, players need to think deeply before embarking on any mission.

Complete a mission by luring an enemy into an area, and unlock a character [Hero] that could be used in the game. Also, players acquire weapons in the game which can be used to battle enemies by picking up boxes while embarking on a mission.

Game 7AFK Arena

Lastly, we have the AFK Arena game, a classic RPG with amazing visual quality. The game is popular for its stunning artistic design and epic storyline. It implements the gacha genre.

Just like Guardian Tales, players earn characters called Heros. However, these characters are controlled by AI and not the players. This makes the game a bit different from the aforementioned gacha games.

Gams with Gach Elements

Here are some games that also contain gacha elements:

● Brawl Stars

● Hearth Stone

● Dragalia Lost


Part3. How to Block Apps on Kid’s Phone

All of the games listed above are fun to play. However, these games are addictive and time-wasting, especially for kids. So as a parent, you need to find a way to restrict your kid from playing the games.

There are certain parental control programs/software that could be used and one of them is the Wondershare FamiSafe software. With Wondershare FamiSafe, you can control, track, and manage your child’s mobile activity right from your comfort zone.

Wondershare FamiSafe works with multiple operating systems such as Android, iOS, iPad, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. It's very easy to operate, thanks to the developers who made the interface user-friendly. Wondershare FamiSafe offers its services in both free and premium versions. The premium version, unlike that of its competitors, is cheap. Thus, anyone can afford it.

FamiSafe Key Features

● Intuitive user interface

● Compatible with virtually all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac, Chromebook, and Windows

● Provides real-time reports about your kid’s mobile activity

● Easily track your child’s location without stepping out of your comfort some

● Supports geofencing feature, screen time limit, and more

Wondershare Famisafe

FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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Now you have our list of the 7 most popular gacha games in 2022. These games are intriguing and addictive. Which one do you find your child playing? Take your time now and restrict your child's access by blocking the game application. We have introduced one of the best parental control software, FamiSafe. Kindly employ the stepwise guide given in the article and see the results.

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