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19. May, 2021

I have always wanted to ensure that my kids don’t end up falling prey to cyber crime or child pornography and FamiSafe allows me to do that


22. June, 2021

It is time I have stopped calling my kids every moment to enquire about their location because I have this app and the location tracker is just fab!


19. June, 2021

I am very impressed with the dedication your group shows to the protection of family members. FamiSafe is a great application to keep sensitive eyes and ears from the dangers that live in the internet.


13. June, 2021

I am currently pregnant with my second child and it was becoming tough for me to manage my six-year-old. Thank God I came to know about FamiSafe.


9. June, 2021

I am using this parental control app to primarily protect my child from poor eye vision. I don’t want him to have unnecessary phone exposure.

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7. April, 2021

I recently had some issue with the famisafe app and I immediately contacted customer care. I must say the team is fab and they guided me so well.


8. June, 2021

While keeping tab of the screen time I realised the kind of obsession my child had for playing games and I was successful in curing it to some extent.


09. June, 2021

It was disheartening to see that our children didn't spend time with us even when we were home due to the pandemic. When FamiSafe came in our lives we all started playing together like a family.


19. June, 2021

I love the fact that I can keep a watchful eye over the kids and still not let them know that I am doing it.


11. Jan, 2021

I have been using FamiSafe for the sake of making sure that my kids get only the required screen time and not more.

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19. May, 2021

Thanks to famisafe I was able to see what was happening with my daughter on her phone and put a stop to it before it was too late. I am so grateful we chose to go with Famisafe to protect her


10. May, 2021

We are fairly new users and so far, so good. And I used the free version then upgraded then AFTER I paid full price I got a discount code. I tried to email to apply the code and got no response. That was frustrating, but other than that its a good app


19. May, 2021

I think it would be great for grandparents that has dementia and Alzheimer's too not just the kids cuz you never know when an elderly person that has Alzheimer or dementia would forget on where they're going or forget where they live.


19. May, 2021

FamiSafe is a wonderful app who helps you monitor your child’s time and the sites they go too!


19. May, 2021

I have used all these features with my son. So thankful for this app and putting my mind to ease.

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