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5 Best Smart Watches for Kids

smart watch for kids


Smartwatches give a picturesque look to your child, though built for a child, they tend to give a somewhat mature look. Ironic as it looks, due to the flashy design of the smartwatches, it portrays the level of concern by the parent for the child, whilst proving to the parent that the child can be careful by maintaining the watch on them at all times. Smartwatch for kids is gadgetry advanced owing to their eccentric features. In like manner, the child may like the gadget due to its design. With that said, let us delve into some of the best and most likable smartwatches for kids.

2. List 5 Smart Watches for Kids in 5 parts

Part 1. QQWatch

Equipped with the ability to call the watch as a listener, this smartwatch lets the guardian listen to the child’s surrounding by opening up as an audio receiver on the child’s end. QQWatch is designed to be waterproof with a rating of the IP65 level. The smartwatch is stylish, offering the date and weather condition at the current time. There are a number of models of the smartwatch as well as different designs and color-coding. It has an awesome screen resolution with an inbuilt camera. The smartwatch supports a sim card as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The watch has a sustainable battery life of 3-8 days. The charging mode is magnetic adsorption. One can also set an alarm using the smartwatch.

5 Best Smart Watches for Kids
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Key Features

  • The smartwatch has a GPS tracker.
  • The guardian can set geographical boundaries using the watch and see the location history too.
  • The watch is waterproof.
  • It has text messaging and voice call capabilities.
  • The smartwatch has an emergency alert function.


  • The smartwatch has a stylish design
  • Has a long battery life
  • The GPS tracking feature is efficient


  • The watch is a bit expensive
  • One of the models of the smartwatches may be a bit bulky to the child.

Part 2. Ticktalk

Conformité Européenne (CE) marked, you can be sure this is an awesome smartwatch for kids. They have a variety of smartwatches that come with some distinguishing functions. It is a bit plain looking in design, but with such marvelous functions, the design is nothing to fret about. Ticktalk smartwatch for kids assures you safety with the firewall being on at all times, and the child can only receive the call from preset contacts only. The watch also has an app for easier connection. It is therefore compatible with both iPhone and Android as well as any other OS. The smartwatch has a step counter. The smartwatch also supports the ingenious silent listening in the background, as you will precisely hear what’s happening within the environment your child is in. Other design features include the touch screen function and a sim card with a very cheap monthly free SpeedTalk SIM card subscription.

5 Best Smart Watches for Kids
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$129.99at Amazon

Key Features

  • Activity schedule, with up to 50 things to do with reminders as well.
  • Ability to communicate, via a voice call and text messages as well as listen to the child’s environment.
  • The smartwatch has a GPS tracker and route history of locations visited.
  • Enhanced security with the firewall feature.
  • Easy mode of operation using the app.


  • The smartwatch is compatible with a number of devices and smartphones.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It has an SOS function for emergencies.


  • The smartwatch appearance is a bit plain.
  • Limited space to set schedule and reminders.

Part 3. LG GizmoPal

LG GizmoPal is a classy and sophisticated smartwatch that comes in a number of colors with a nice display. The screen display is LED. The watch is lightweight and fits well on the child’s wrist. It is also easy to use, with an auto answer function. It comes with a micro USB charger. The smartwatch is compatible with both iPhone and Android as well as other OS. It has smart guided voice prompts for easy calling, playing messages and instructions on how to use other functions. It also incorporates a recorder. The smartwatch can be used to make calls and view text messages. It is also wearable friendly.

5 Best Smart Watches for Kids
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Key Features

  • Easy call and message functions
  • Great display
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Wearable friendly on the kids hand
  • It is lightweight


  • Has a lustrous design
  • Has a GPS tracker
  • It is easy to operate


  • A limited number of contacts that can be set-only four
  • Doesn’t have a lasting battery life

Part 4. Vtech Kidizoom

This is a remarkable smartwatch for kids with some features that most smartwatches cannot come close to. It has a nice design, not so big and bulky and neither is it small. Vtech Kidizoom has inbuilt cameras, not one but two, so one can take selfies and videos too. It has downloadable additional faces, camera effect, and even games. The screen is a huge LCD high-resolution display, that is also a touchscreen. It is compatible with a number of devices, ranging from smartphones to PCs. The smartwatch has a motion sensor and a step counter too. The battery is rechargeable using a Micro USB cable. The greatest attribute of this device is that it is very affordable.

5 Best Smart Watches for Kids
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$43.99at Amazon

Key Features

  • Motion sensor and step counter
  • High-resolution screen display that is touch screen enabled
  • Downloadable games and effects with over 50 Clock, 3D, and analog preset theme displays
  • Easy to use and fit the child well
  • Has other functions such as an alarm, a calculator, and a stopwatch.


  • It is affordable
  • Great display, with many different themes
  • Ability to download games and also supports other learning activities


  • Doesn’t have a GPS locator function
  • No internet access or call and message functions

Part 5. Kurio Watch

The Pedometer is not the only likable feature about the smartwatch. It is rather comprehensive beating most smartwatches with fantastic features such as the ability to listen to music on the smartwatch. Take pictures, make calls, send messages, doodle, these are just some of its interesting features. It has entertaining features such as the music player, games and photo editor. Other features include the alarm, calendar, and calculator. The watch features one eccentric feature that is in case of emergency, (I.C.E) app, where parents can detail and provide their child’s critical information, in case of an emergency. The screen resolution is complimentary with a touch screen and the smartwatch is rechargeable using a USB cable.

5 Best Smart Watches for Kids
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$55.99at Amazon

Key Features

  • Features an emergency app for critical information in case of an emergency
  • Has entertainment features
  • The smartwatch can be used to, as well as it can receive calls and text messages
  • It has an inbuilt motion sensor and activity tracker
  • It is compatible with Android devices.


  • It is remarkably affordable
  • High screen resolution
  • Has internal storage and also supports extra memory


  • No GPS tracker.
  • Bit bulky for smaller children but fits well for older children.

3. FamiSafe

If you want to know one of the best tracking tools that will cater all the needs regarding tracking with parental control features and safety concern, then the easiest way to go is with Famisafe. That is the most recommended software with easy to use interface. It is legal and you just have to install it on both the child’s and the parent’s phone, whereby the parent will have administrator control and permissions over the child’s phone. The parent can block and restrict the child’s usage of the phone, geo-fence locations as well as exercise some of its fascinating features.

Key Features

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking and Location History.
  • Activity Monitoring and Scheduling
  • Screen-Time Control
  • App Blocker
  • Flexible and Remote-Control capabilities


These smartwatches for kids are designed to handle any situation. Built with durable, resilient and waterproof materials, it is a great way of keeping a look out for your child. Some of these smartwatches are really affordable. If the parent wishes for something different with a complete solution, then, FamiSafe is the best, and most recommended one. It is a suitable alternative to any smartwatch, more affordable and a convenient way of monitoring the child.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 14,2018 14:33 pm
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