A Complete Guide for Parents

Are You Ready for Kids Back to School?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have prepared a back-to-school guide for parents to check. Join our campaign to prepare for your kid's back-to-school life together!
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What do you concern most when kids
back to school?
Refresh Refresh
Social difficulties
Curriculum is behind
Distraction & Panic
Campus bullying
Addicted to the game
Study-induced stress
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Covid-19 infection
Distraction & Panic
Campus bullying
Know parents' worries
Worried about the kid going to a dangerous place
during the COVID-19?
The COVID-19 is still spreading; kids go to school alone and do not go home on time after school. Parents will inevitably worry that he is going to a dangerous or serious place. I want to know if the kid went home at the prescribed time and went to a dangerous place. 42% of kids play games after school; 22% of kids hang out with friends.
Worried about the kid having too much screen
time and vision loss?
The digital world is so interesting that kids can easily be attracted by games, videos, e-books, social interactions, and so on. Once there is no restraint, the kid will easily indulge in it. Kids aged 8-18 spend 7.5h/day on screen (Kaiser Family Foundation External), and this is one of the culprits that cause kids to be short-sighted, lack sleep and obese.
Worried about the kid being isolated or get into
trouble with school bullying?
If your kid often exhibits emotional abnormalities, low mood, stays in the room most of the time, and has no interest in social activities. These signs have appeared. Parents must pay attention to your kids. They are likely to be isolated at school or encounter sad things such as bullying. They need the tender care of their parents.
Keep your kids in safety!
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Keep an eye on where your
kids go
  • Know your child's whereabouts, grasp the real-time location of your child;
  • Set up a safety geo-fence to send a timely warning when the kid leaves or enter;
  • Know where your kid has been in the past time; record the child's driving report.
Real-time Location
Driving Report
Location History
Manage screen time and reduce
  • Record kids' Internet activities, set up smart screen time management solutions;
  • Reasonably arrange the use time of entertainment software such as videos and games;
  • View and manage the use of YouTube and TikTok (Android).
Screen Time
Tik Tok History
YouTube Control
Watch your kids search for
online safeguard
  • Sort and filter inappropriate websites and texts
    such as adults, violence, etc;
  • Turn on the safe search mode, and escort
    kids online;
  • Monitor suspicious text and pornographic
    images to reduce kids' victimization.
Safe Search
Web Filter
Suspicious Photos
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