How to ensure
your kids' safety at school?

You get an alert from FamiSafe at school time. The warning says a message with suspicious words was intercepted on your
kid's phone. Which words give you red flags for your kids' safety at school?

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Please select the words below that may pose a threat to your child's online safety

The Most Reliable Parental
Control App

$59.99 / Year

$119.88 / Year
  • Enhanced AI content monitoring for precise, timely detection of inappropriate material.
  • Manage kids' app time, schedules, and usage details with smart tracking.
  • Regulate app usage, and block unwanted apps, like TikTok, ensuring healthy habits.
  • Real-time tracking, instant Geofence alerts - Stay connected with your kids.
  • Detect explicit language on social apps, like Snapchat and YouTube, and get alerts for immediate action.
  • Build a secure online space - Block inappropriate websites, and protect children's innocence.

Keep Your Kids in Safety!

Keep an eye on where your
kids go

  • Know your child's whereabouts, grasp the real-time location of your child;
  • Set up a safe geo-fence to send a timely warning when the kid leaves or enters;
  • Know where your kid has been in the past time; record the child's driving report.
Real-time Location
Driving Report
Location History

Manage screen time and reduce distractions

  • Record kids' Internet activities, set up smart screen time management solutions;
  • Reasonably arrange the use time of entertainment software such as videos and games;
  • View and manage the use of YouTube and TikTok (Android).
Screen Time
Tik Tok History
YouTube Control

Watch your kids search for online safeguard

  • Sort and filter inappropriate websites and texts such as adults, violence, etc;
  • Turn on the safe search mode, and escort kids online;
  • Monitor suspicious text and pornographic images to reduce kids' victimization.
Safe Search
Web Filter
Suspicious Photos
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The National Parenting Center
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Time management is so important and what better way than FamiSafe to monitor my children’s screen time so that they study, interact with family and play games as well, rather than spending all their time on their devices.


by Jackson


It's quite simple to set parental controls on YouTube with FamiSafe. I added some probable offensive words to the app's word bank and can track their activities on YouTube by receiving real-time notifications.


by Noah


FamiSafe is excellent support for my husband and me. We are a working couple and can’t spend much time at home. While we are away, the only way to know that my kids are safe and happy is via FamiSafe. Have an emotional connection with this App.


by Eudora


Being a parent is another challenge! The world outside the house is not safe for our kids. We want to keep our eyes on our kids always so that they cannot get bad habits. So as per my experience, Famisafe can help you to track your kids' activities and their physical presence too.


by Celerino


Everyone at least once should try this app Famisafe because this is the best app I used ever. It provides a real-time location for your kids, and you can check if they are studying or using the phone. You can set the time limit, and after the time is over, the phone will get locked, so 5-star definitely. Thankyou Famisafe.


by Jatisha


Harry was upset and depressed from the past week. I came to know about his cyberbullying experience from the app called Famisafe. Thank God! It helped me save my child from further exploitation.


by Kirman


Back to School Checklist

Pay attention to school news
  • Notify the school of any allergies or health problems your kid has
  • Review school dress code
  • Review school holiday schedule
  • Register for after-school activities
Essential items
  • Masks, band-aids, disinfectant
  • School bag, stationery, stationery storage box, notebook
  • Water cups, tableware, toiletries
  • Uniforms, gym clothes
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