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Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018

child gps tracking device


In this fast pace of the world, parenting is not an easy job. Parenting becomes more difficult when it comes to tracking the real-time location of your child. As the technology going smarter day by day the risk of harmful potential threats is also increasing. It is necessary for parents to keep their kids away from such harmful threats. So, how to track kids location? Well, with the help of GPS location tracking device, you can keep an eye on your kid whereabouts. Getting engaging with this modern technology, one can perform many other things that make parenting easier like never before. So, if you are seeking such devices then, follow this post. Here, we will compile the top 10 child GPS tracking device for a child.

Why kids need child GPS tracking devices?

As we said earlier, the risk of harmful threats is increasing. Parents can reduce this risk by using the child GPS tracking device. Is the child not telling you about their whereabouts? Want to know where he/she is? Getting engaging with GPS tracking device for a kid, you can easily find out where your kid is without knowing them. Using these child GPS tracking device, you can also set restrictions like limit boundaries. This will notify you when your kid enter or leaves the specific boundary.

List 10 best GPS tracking devices for Child in 10 parts

1: hereO GPS watch for kids:

hereO is the GPS watch that is specifically designed by keeping kids in the mind. The beautiful design of this watch makes it child-centric watch with minimal features for kids. Simply download its app on your mobile device and track your kid at any time.

Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
Editor's Choice
$199.00 at Amazon


  • This child GPS tracking device support GPS/Wi-Fi/ and GSM with support for over 120 countries.
  • The looks and feel of this watch are outstanding.
  • You don’t have to worry about the water splash. This wearable device is splash proof.


  • You will get 6-month free subscription from the date of purchase.
  • The notifications are real-time directly from your kid device.


  • It is not free; you have to pay $4.96/month in order to use its functions.
  • It only supports 2G and Wi-Fi connectivity in order to operate.

2: LG GizmoPal 2:

LG GizmoPal 2 comes from the house of LG electronics. If you are worry about your kid whereabouts then, you must try this watch from LG. It is available in two colors pink and blue for both boy and girl.

Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
Editor's Choice
$57.99 at Amazon


  • Tracking real-time location with this smartwatch is easier and convenient.
  • Apart from location tracking, you can also call and receive a call from selected phone numbers.
  • The design of this watch is top-notch.


  • LG GizmoPal 2 is kid friendly and durable in build quality.
  • One can easily operate the watch remotely from their mobile phone running on Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 7 or higher.


  • There is no option to send or receive text messages.
  • One of the major negative points about this watch is Verizon only. You have to pay $5 for line access.

3: NEW TickTalk kids smart watch:

This is another child GPS tracking device that enables parents to know the whereabouts of their kids. It is not limited GPS tracking only, you can also perform many other task with this watch.

Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
Editor's Choice
$129.99 at Amazon


  • TickTalk 2.0 supports 2 way communications unlike many other child GPS tracking device.
  • Parents can easily set reminders and send a notification to their kid smart watch like bathing time, study time, and much more.


  • The battery life of this watch is around 48 hours.
  • TickTalk 2.0 support Wi-Fi, GPS, and LBS 3 way locators to identify the real-time location.


  • Like other watch, it is not free. You have to purchase monthly plans in order to operate.
  • Some people are complaining about the network issue on this watch.

4: Owl Cole Smart watch:

Owl Cole is the smart watch for a kid. The main purpose of this watch is to locate the kid. It enables parents to track their kid location. Owl Cole smart watch suits hands of both boy and girl due to its looks and feel.

Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
Editor's Choice
$39.99 at Amazon


  • Unlike many other kid watches, it has a slightly bigger display with 1.44 inch touch LCD display.
  • You will also find the camera at the bottom of the screen which is used to capture photos.
  • Tracking location with this smart watch is buttery smooth.
  • Pros:

    • Pedometer is also integrated in this watch that is used to know about footsteps.
    • Integrated games are also available in this game.


    • According to some user, they are facing with their cellular plan.
    • Some features of this watch like Alarm are really hard.

    5: LY ANT GPS Kids Tracker Smart Watch:

    LY ANT GPS tracking smart watch is one of the sophisticated watches with decent hardware specs. Using this watch, you can easily track the whereabouts of your kid.

    Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
    Editor's Choice
    $28.99 at Amazon


    • GPS tracking is possible on their smart watch. Parents can use their smartphone device in order to track the location of their kid.
    • 2-way communication with this watch is possible.
    • Geo-fence feature is presented in this smart watch. Using Geofence, you can set a restriction on boundaries.


    • There is a slot for MicroSD card in order to store data.


    • The SIM card and Micro SD card is not included in the box. You have to purchase it yourself.
    • This smart watch is not water resistant.

    6: GBD smart watch:

    GBD smart watch is the one of the popular smart watch that is powered by some amazing features. The main thing about this watch is that it is affordable in price and superb in build quality.

    Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
    Editor's Choice
    $36.95 at Amazon


    • Parents can track their kid location remotely easily using their smartphone.
    • Geofencing is also available in this smart watch which allows parents to set safe area on the map.
    • Messaging and camera functions are available.


    • They offer 90 days return policy if you are not satisfied with the product. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty unlike other products.
    • SOS feature is present in this watch.


    • The battery life of this watch is very less.
    • The quality of the screen is not good.

    7: Trax Play:

    Trax Play is the GPS tracking device specifically designed for kids. This is not the wearable device. Simply place this on your kid pocket or on the bag. It comes with free of cost app which you have installed on your smartphone to operate this GPS tracking device.

    Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
    Editor's Choice
    $98.64 at Amazon


    • Apart from GPS tracking, geofencing is available in this device.
    • Trax Play work in almost 40 countries with every mobile cellular operator service.


    • Trax Play is durable in quality with water resistance and dust resistance.
    • Its free app for both Android and iOS device is available.
    • Not only for kids tracking, you can also use this device to track your pet.


    • Sometimes, GPS tracking is not work well.

    8: Pocket Finder outdoor Personal GPS locator:

    Pocket Finder GPS tracking device is the best way to track your kids or pets. Simply, place this device to your kid pocket when he/she goes to school or anywhere else. There are loads of features available in this device that makes it better than other GPS tracking devices.

    Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
    Editor's Choice
    $500.00 at Amazon


    • Tracking the live location is easier with this pocket Finder device.
    • Set Geofencing to get notified when they are out of the safe area.


    • You can use this child GPS tracking device directly from your mobile device.
    • Using this device is really easy as compared to other device.


    • Monthly subscription plan is required to track the location.

    9: Yepzon Freedom GPS Tracker:

    Yepzon Freedom GPS Tracker named as one of the best GPS tracking device especially to track school age kids. It doesn’t matter where your kid is. This device will show you complete information about your kid location.

    Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
    Editor's Choice
    $159.00 at Amazon


    • Tracking the live location with this device is easier.
    • No account or profile is required in order to use this device.


    • Use Yepzon app to operate the device directly from your Android or iOS device.
    • The security of data is foolproof unlike many other devices for GPS tracking.


    • The quality of this product is not up to the mark.
    • Expensive as compared to other child GPS tracking devices.

    10: Yepzon One GPS tracker:

    Yepzon one GPS tracker is another device that comes from the house of Yepzon. This device is mainly designed to track kids, pets, cars, and other vehicles.

    Best GPS Tracking Devices for Child of 2018
    Editor's Choice
    $129.00 at Amazon


    • Tracking live location with this child GPS tracking device is the best way to know where your kid is right now.
    • It tracks the location in every 10 seconds.


    • The battery of this device is unbeatable.
    • When we talk about build quality and features, it is an affordable device.


    • The application of Yepzon is a bit laggy.

    Introduce FamiSafe as the best Parental Control tool for tracking, with description and features.

    FamiSafe is the best parental control application with loads of amazing features. Getting engaging with FamiSafe, you will find plenty of features like location tracking, web filtering, screen time, smart schedule etc. It is coded for both Android and iOS device. Simply install this app on your kid device to know what he/she is doing with their device.


    • GPS location tracking: Tracking the live location with FamiSafe is easier like never before. FamiSafe allow you to track the live location of the target device at any time.
    • App Usage: App Usage allow you to restrict your kid from accessing the specific app. This is a great feature if you are a kid is addicted to any game or app. Simply choose the app and hit on the block button.
    • Web filtering: These days, there are lots of harmful threats available on the web like porn, cyberbullying, gambling, and many others. You can use Web filtering to restrict specific page or site on the web.
    • Smart Schedule: If your kid is at a school or any certain time like bedtime then, you can use the smart schedule feature for different control settings.


    These days, most of the parents don’t have enough time to monitor their kid activities. Tools like FamiSafe enable parents to keep an eye on their kids from anywhere. Parents can remotely track their real-time location, access app usage and much more. Moreover, FamiSafe is reliable and affordable with great features.

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