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The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018

GPS for cars

Why Use A Dedicated GPS Device Instead Of Your Phone?

Whether you want to lend your car to somebody or keep track of it on a long distance trip, GPS for cars always come to your rescue. The GPS devices have a dedicated Global Positioning System installed in it that allows you to keep a tab on your car, wherever you go. They are designed in such a way such that the network of satellites will show the location of your device and the vehicle.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018

It simply uses the geometry of a circle and lets you determine the relative locations of various points on the basis of your distance.

However, when you use your phone, it can be only used to navigate the vehicle and keep the track of its physical position.

In the case of theft, you can locate your car with the GPS tracker, while the phone GPS will not be able to give you the exact location. Moreover, you can also install the GPS for cars in the cars of teenage kids and monitor them in real time. Unlike the phone’s GPS, you can also monitor all the statistics like speed and direction of your car.

So, if you are also looking for a GPS for cars, here are ten hot GPS devices that you need to know about-

1. SpyMyFone

Developer: SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone-Always know what is going on.

It is one of the best and professional monitoring solution providers that specializes in providing you with the tracking and monitoring solutions. Whether you want to track your kid’s location or want to keep a tab on his moves, it is a powerful app with a real-time GPS location tracking feature that will let you spy him and all the messaging apps.


  • Compatible with iOS and Android.
  • You can sync your data with the target device.
  • Lets you monitor the browsing and call history.
  • It also allows you to monitor the apps and its usage.


  • Uses the real-time GPS location and geo-fencing feature.
  • No jailbreak is required.


  • The advanced features are not supported by the older version of iPhones

Link: https://www.spymyfone.com/

Price: The ultimate edition comes with full functionality and has a 1 month license at $39.99. While the premium edition comes with restricted functionality and has a 1 month license at $29.99.

2. Spyzie

Developer: Spyzie

It is one of the best and feature-rich GPS for cars that will let you track all the activities remotely on any Android device without rooting.


  • Has a built-in GPS system
  • Comes with a dedicated web-based board
  • Lets you monitor WhatsApp


  • Comes with an intuitive interface
  • Supports Android 8.0
  • Gives you detailed location history


  • Installation of the app in your phone is important

Link: https://www.spyzie.com/android-spy.html

Price: Ultimate Edition- $39.99/month and Premium Edition: $29.99/month

3. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time Car GPS Tracker

Developer: Spy Tec

Made by SpyTec, GL300 is a mini portable GPS for cars that allows you to track and monitor your loved ones when you are not around.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018
Editor's Choice
$49.95at Amazon


  • Comes with a built-in GPS system.
  • Allows geo fencing.
  • Has a built-in accelerometer that detects motion.


  • Comes with excellent accuracy.
  • Keeps you updated in real time and refreshes every five seconds.


  • Strong internet connection is required to track and map.

4. MOTOsafety GPS For Cars

Motosafety is known as a teen driving coach and a GPS tracker that monitors your kid’s car and his driving behaviors. Developed with the expert driver’s inputs, it gives you complete peace of mind when new drivers go on the street.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018
Editor's Choice
$24.99 at Amazon


  • Comes with a GPS system and Geo fence capabilities.
  • Has Find My Car feature
  • Easy to install Pros
  • It monitors all your unsafe behaviors.
  • Get real-time alerts during unsafe driving.
  • Comes with a driving coach program.


  • It requires a 3G network to operate in real time.

5. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

The Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker for cars lets you monitor and track the people that mean to you the most. Whether you want to track your own car or want to watch a route, this GPS for the car works for all your needs.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018
Editor's Choice
$59.95 at Amazon


  • It comes with both iPhone and Android and allows you an easy and fast-tracking.
  • This app comes with special routing feature for private investigators.


  • Unlimited GPS Tracking data is saved during the service.
  • You get an email, and a text message alerts for entering and leaving areas.
  • Efficient customer service.


  • It is used with cellular transmutation.
  • There is contact tracking proficiency.

6. MasTrack Real Time GPS Car Tracker

Developer: Mastrack

MasTrack GPS for cars is a small GPS tracking device that lets you plug in directly in the car and monitor it on the go. No wiring is required. All you need is to plug, and you are good to go.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018
Editor's Choice
$98.00 at Amazon


  • Has a real-time GPS that updates every minute.
  • Gives you unlimited email and message alerts.
  • Lets you set Geofence


  • Comes with an internal backup battery.
  • Can be used on any internet enabled device


  • It gets powered by your own vehicle.

7. The Mileage ACE GPS Mileage Tracker

Developer: The Mileage Ace

Mileage Ace Pro is uniquely designed to fit the needs of busy professionals. It is one of the simplest car trackers that require no setup and technical skills. Just connect the tracker, and you are good to go.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018
Editor's Choice
$46.89 at Amazon


  • Gives you automatic details for every logged in the trip.
  • Every tracker comes with its own connection.
  • 100% online tamper proof mileage logs Pros
  • This tracker is 100% accurate.
  • You can see your vehicle on an interactive map.


  • Real-time tracking comes at an additional fee

8. ABLEGRID GPS Car Tracker

Developer: ABLEGRID

It is a GPS for cars that come with the longest standby time and allows you to monitor and track speed, vehicle location, and a moving route anytime.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018
Editor's Choice
$39.99 at Amazon


  • Has a real-time Google Map.
  • Comes with GPS and rapid, precise positioning.
  • No installation required


  • It has an ultra-long working time.
  • Comes with voice surveillance
  • Gives you mileage statistics


  • It only works on 2G networks.

9. AMERICALOC Mini Portable GPS Tracker


The AMERICALOC GPS for cars is small and easy to use an upgrade of GL300. With one of the best battery backups, it has an extended multicarrier coverage and real-time tracking.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018
Editor's Choice
$106.00 at Amazon


  • Offers you real-time tracking
  • You can track your vehicle from any device.
  • Compatible with both Android and Ios


  • Gives you two extra months with your purchase.
  • You can cancel the subscription anytime you want.


  • The batter life is measured in days and weeks; not in hours.

10. Automatic PRO AUT-350 GPS For Cars

Developer: Automatic

Automatic PRO is a GPS adapter for a car that provides you with unlimited tracking for any car. With this GPS, you can connect your vehicle to echo and make sure that your family is taken care of at all the times.

The 10 Best GPS for Car on the Market of 2018
Editor's Choice
$129.99 at Amazon


  • Gives you real-time location tracking.
  • Detects crash.
  • Unlimited 3G subscription for five years.


  • You know the location of your car with no fee 3G.
  • You can integrate with Echo.
  • Agents reach for extra assistance in case of accidents.


  • It is not compatible in any region outside United States

Key Features To Look For When Buying GPS For A Car

So how do you make sure that you are buying a right GPS for your car? Well, here are the key features that you need to look for while buying a GPS.

To start with, check the compatibility of your device with the make and model of your car. The device should not impact your car performance and must give you all the location information in real time. Check the levels of security that your device provides. When it comes to security, your device should be tamper proof and should send data to the servers in a secure manner. Along with this, you also need to check if the device provides you easy access to information or not.

Ensure that the device records trip even without the internet connectivity. At last, you will have to see that it is an OEM grade device with best customer support terms.

So in this article, we have discussed the best GPS for cars, and we have found that SpyMyFone is one of the best GPS for vehicles. With SpyMyFone, you always know what is going on with your vehicle.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 29,2018 17:22 pm
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