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The Best Child Tracking Devices for Modern Families

child tracking device

Part 1: Introduction:

Modern Families as the name implies use modern ways for the safety of their children and child tracking device is one of the contemporary ways that parents use for monitoring their child location. As parents are always worried about their kid’s location, the tracking devices gives them some peace of mind by providing the real-time location of their kids. In this guide, we have listed some best tracking devices and watches for kid’s which provides accurate location.

Part 2: What modern families can benefit from the child tracking devices?

Now, modern families teach their children to be independent and they provide full freedom to their children. But, modern families can have surety that their children do not take freedom in the wrong way with the help of tracking devices. These devices offer significant features that can really benefit modern families.

  • Parents can know the whereabouts of their kids. A child tracking device even helps in finding a lost child.
  • Parents can attach a tracking device to their children vehicle to know their children driving habits.
  • In an emergency situation, children can send instant notification of live location to their parents.

Part 3: 5 best child tracking devices for Modern families:

1) LG GizmoPal 2:

Want best tracking device for your child? Then, LG GizmoPal 2 is an ideal choice for you. It uses Verizon network to monitor real-time location. It offers a calling feature which makes this tracking watch very useful for parents to monitor their kids remotely.

The Best Child Tracking Devices for Modern Families
Editor's Choice
$149.99 at Amazon


  • It includes a button to send and receive a call.
  • It can be used to set and monitor Geo-fences places.
  • It includes ringtones and sounds.


  • It can be worn on the wrist.
  • Its battery life can stay up to 9 days.


  • It does not offer the feature of SOS alerts.
  • Its major disadvantage is that it uses only the Verizon network.
  • It is costly.

2) My Buddy Tag:

My Buddy Tag use Bluetooth technology to track location. Its free app is compatible with both Android and iOS versions.

The Best Child Tracking Devices for Modern Families
Editor's Choice
$42.99 at Amazon


  • It has a panic button to send notification in case of an emergency.
  • It sends alerts when the device is kept under water for 10 seconds.


  • There is no monthly subscription plan.
  • It offers battery life for one year.


  • Once the battery life completes, the device needs to be replaced with a new one.
  • Due to Bluetooth technology, it works for the small area only.

3) FiLIP 2:

The FiLIP 2 which is smart location watch is famous and most used child tracking device. Like many tracking devices, it offers two-way calling feature. It is a durable one.

The Best Child Tracking Devices for Modern Families
Editor's Choice
$149.99 at Amazon


  • It offers one-way text messaging.
  • It includes SOS feature to send alerts and to call.
  • It can use to monitor and set Geo-fences places.


  • Its app is compatible with Android as well as iOS versions.
  • Its app has a user-friendly interface.
  • It sends alerts for low battery.
  • It is easy to operate.


  • To activate this device, you need to go through AT&T.
  • It is not a waterproof tracking watch.
  • It is an expensive one to buy.

4) Trax Play:

The Trax Play GPS tracker for a child is the most powerful one which works in more than 40 countries. It comes in very compact in size. So, it is easy to carry. It has many features which parents can use to ensure the safety of their child.

The Best Child Tracking Devices for Modern Families
Editor's Choice
$98.64 at Amazon


  • It can create a virtual boundary of locations.
  • It sends speed alerts.
  • It tracks accurate location.


  • It is a durable tracking device.
  • It is water and dust resistant.
  • It has an app version for both Android and iPhone device.


  • It lacks the calling feature.
  • It lacks the SOS button feature.

5) PocketFinder:

The PocketFinder child tracking device is last but not the least to locate your child. It is preferred by many modern families to keep an eye on their kids remotely.

The Best Child Tracking Devices for Modern Families
Editor's Choice
$500.00 at Amazon


  • It sends alerts when your kid leaves Geo-fences places.
  • It automatically updates location after every 2 minutes.
  • Tapping three times on its surface send a quick notification.


  • It is a waterproof device.
  • It can set unlimited Geo-fences places.


  • No calling feature is included.

Part 4: FamiSafe - Best Parental Control tool for tracking:

FamiSafe is completer tracking solution for parents to monitor various types of activities of their child. It is considered the best tracking software to keep children activities in control. Parents can use this software to monitor their kid’s mobile device remotely. Because of its amazing features, this software is very beneficial for parents to have the safety of their kid’s from digital and real-world threats.


  • Monitor Location: It can monitor real-time location and location history of the target device.
  • Geo-fences Places: Parents can easily create a virtual boundary for their kid’s to ensure the safety.
  • Web-Filtering: It can block inappropriate content and unwanted websites like porn from the target phone.
  • App-blocker: It can block apps on the target phone. Parents can block games and social media apps on their kid device during exam time.
  • Screen-Time: Parents can track each and every activity of their kids and can know on which activity their kids spend maximum time.

Part 5: Conclusion:

Tracking devices for kids are one of the ultimate solutions for parents to supervise their kids. If you are looking for the best tracking device, then you can buy any of the tracking devices that we have mentioned in this article. However, if you have a teenage kid, then FamiSafe is the ideal choice for you to track your child phone. So, try its free version which is available for Android and iPhone on their respective store.

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