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Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People

live gps tracking device

Among the various significant technological developments of today’s world, live GPS tracking device is one major innovation. The real-time GPS tracking devices give you with the power to monitor persons, animals, vehicles, etc. You can know of the user’s movement through recurrent notifications ranging from every second to every hour.

Due to the mounting consumer need the market has become very competitive and dealers have started providing us with GPS trackers at affordable rates. However, with the excess number of live GPS tracking device being available in the market, buying the right one becomes a challenge.

The device must be purchased from authenticating sources like Amazon, which also provides a lot number of discount and offers all around the year. After exhaustive research, we have prepared the list of top 10 in this article.

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker.

This product from Spy Tec is not only appropriate for tracking vehicle, but it can be used for tracking your kid or elderly person of the house.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$49.95 at Amazon
  • The mini size makes it very portable and can be affixed anywhere. You can keep it in the backpack without causing any trouble for the bearer.
  • It uses Google Maps to monitor and map the real-time location over the internet, and thus you can be assured of its accuracy.
  • No need of signing any lengthy contracts.
  • The Geo-fencing feature will send you alert when the person enters or leaves any specifically marked area.
  • Item weight: .5lb
  • Its con: Customer support team is not proactive.
  • Monthly fees: $25 a month with no activation or cancellation fees.
  • Amazon price: $49.95.

2. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker. XW Series

In spite of being highly priced, this live GPS tracking device is among one of the most well rated products of Amazon.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$106 at Amazon
  • No hassle of contracts
  • Get alerts when the person carrying the device makes any movement or when the battery reaches the fag end.
  • Track the device from any device: Android, iPhone, tablet or personal computer.
  • Get tracking history of up to 1 year.
  • Item weight: 2.24 ounces.
  • Its con: The battery life is not as good as promised.
  • Monthly fees: get two months of free service which can be extended.
  • Amazon price: $106.

3. GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0

With a SOS key, it is a suitable live GPS tracking device for teens.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$59.95 at Amazon
  • Use to monitor your family members, vehicles or any products.
  • With the precision in location, movements through Android and iPhone app, it makes tracking more accurate.
  • Get email and text notification for any movement, excess speeding of vehicles or when a person leaves or enters any restricted area.
  • The SOS button makes it very convenient for sending quick calls and alerts.
  • Item weight: 3.3 ounces.
  • It's con: No alert for a draining battery.
  • Monthly fees: $19.95
  • Amazon price: $59.95.

4. MOTOSafety MTAS1 Mini Portable Real Time Personal Tracking and GPS Tracker

Get this convenient and portable live GPS tracking device and ensure the safety of your near and dear ones.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$39.99 at Amazon
  • The live GPS tracking device is very useful for monitoring the movements of kids and other members.
  • The compact shape makes it suitable for carrying in bags, purses, and belts.
  • Using geo-fencing feature no the specific person enters or lives any restricted area.
  • Monitor the person from an app in your handset or your personal computer.
  • Item weight: 12 ounces.
  • It's con: Ambiguous manual.
  • Monthly fees: $19.99.
  • Amazon price: $39.99.

5. Linxup LTAS1 Mini Portable Real Time Personal Tracking and GPS Tracker

This is one of the best real-time trackers from Linxup with four layered GPS tracking for people.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$39.99 at Amazon
  • Monitor your family members and be sure about their safety.
  • The battery life is of up to 14 days.
  • Geo-fencing will alert you for movement in specific areas.
  • Item weight: 12 ounces.
  • Monthly fees: $22.99.
  • Amazon price: $39.99.

6. Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker Wrist Watch

This cool looking live GPS tracking device is very knowing the exact location of teens and elderly persons.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$49.99 at Amazon
  • The triple positioning with GPS, LBS and WiFi gives the position of the person whether indoor or outdoor.
  • You can monitor people via the Google Map on your smartphone.
  • Two-way calling feature, voice messaging makes it convenient for keeping in touch with the concerned person.
  • One touch SOS button is helpful during an emergency situation.
  • Item weight: 6.9 ounces.
  • Its cone: comes in limited colour and might not be appealing to your kids.
  • Monthly fees: as per the network provider of the SIM.
  • Amazon price: $49.99

7. TKSTAR GPS Tracker Smart Watch Phone| Q50

This light weighted smart watch can be an excellent new generation live GPS tracking device for your kid.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$26.12 at Amazon
  • Using the accurate GPS tracker, know about your kid’s location and protect him from probable threats.
  • Made of environment friendly products makes, it is safe for use.
  • It’s a user-friendly device and thus can be used by anyone without facing any challenge.
  • Monitor the location of the person from any OS and from anywhere.
  • Item weight: .64 ounce.
  • Its cons: compatible with T-Mobile only.
  • Monthly fees: as per service plan of T-Mobile network provider.
  • Amazon price: $26.90

8. Kids Smart Watch Phone GPS Tracker

Through this exciting watch, engage in the new age of tracking and let your child also have some fun.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$31.29 at Amazon
  • Using GPS tracking device know the real-time location of your kid.
  • It has all the essential features of a smartphone and thus can be used by any member of the house.
  • The SOS key is handy when it is crucial to send quick alerts.
  • You can remotely control the camera and click pictures thus ensuring the person using the watch is in a safe environment.
  • Item weight: 1.76 ounces
  • Its con: comes in childish colours and therefore might not be preferred by elders.
  • Monthly fees: depends on the network bearer you use.
  • Amazon price: $31.29 with one year of warranty.

9. IP67 Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Phone

One of the best-rated tracking device from Amazon with no hidden cost and a perfect gift for the youngsters of the family.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$47.99 at Amazon
  • Using the triple mode tracking system of AGPS, LBS & GPS, know the exact location of the person and have some peace of mind.
  • You can monitor his site using the app from your phone.
  • Being waterproof it can be used for daily wear.
  • On pressing the SOS key for three secs, he can send alerts to 3 numbers at one time.
  • The pedometer is very useful for keeping track of the person’s health.
  • Its drawback: slightly costlier than other GPS tracking watches.
  • Amazon price: $50.99.

10. iCooLive Waterproof IP67 Kids Smart Watch

Anyone can wear this superior quality tracking device without any fear of destroying it.

Real Time Live GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$49.97 at Amazon
  • Let the person wear it even while taking a swim or doing his regular activities.
  • As good as a cell phone with features like 2-ways calling, alarm, high-quality camera, games and text messages.
  • Monitor the person remotely through the companion app.
  • The pack comes with a free SIM card of Speedtalk.
  • Item weight: 1.76 ounces.
  • Its drawback: doesn’t support Sprint, Verizon, AT&T.
  • Monthly fees: applicable as per the network carrier (T-Mobile).
  • Amazon price: $49.97.

You can make your purchase from the comfort of your home after reading the various reviews of users and post comparing the different products of same categories. Above listed are some of the best rated products from Amazon and most of them are eligible for free delivery. The easy to navigate webpage of Amazon will also make your shopping experience a smooth one.

With the increasing number of threats having a live GPS tracking device is a good practice. It can keep you informed about your family members and ensure that they are safe. The SOS key available in most of the tracking devices is handy for kids and elders alike.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 14,2018 14:32 pm
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