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List of Top 5 Tracking Devices for Keys

tracking device for keys

Part 1: Introduction:

Losing a key is always an annoying situation that many people experience in their life and a lot of precious time is waste while finding the lost keys. One always wishes that keys should have a calling feature so that you can easily locate your keys. Fortunately, technology has fulfilled this wish by providing a tracking device for keys. Here, we have mentioned the best key finder devices which are present in the market and which are worth to buy.

Part 2: Top 5 tracking devices for keys:

1) Tile Mate:

The Tile Mate is the best tracking device for keys which use Bluetooth technology to find keys. It can be easily attached to keys and this tracking device can even be used for finding a phone or anything you want to find. Once attached with keys, you can track your keys from your smartphone. It is used by many people worldwide due to its amazing feature.

List of Top 5 Tracking Devices for Keys
Editor's Choice
$19.99 at Amazon


  • From one account, you can pair almost 250 tiles.
  • It offers a one-button feature to find lost keys with a ringing sound.
  • It is a water-resistant tracking device.
  • It can track location history of your keys.


  • There is no need for maintenance ever.
  • It can be used for finding any valuable thing.
  • It works with both Android and iOS platform.
  • It has a one-year battery life.


  • It has a non-removable battery.

2) CUBE Key Finder:

The CUBE Key Finder is designed for finding anything that you want. It can find lost keys in a short period of time. It can be used for a lifetime as there is no need of replacement and you just need to replace with a new battery for its working. It uses Bluetooth to find lost things. It is more than a key finder as it does many functions rather than just finding keys.

List of Top 5 Tracking Devices for Keys
Editor's Choice
$24.95 at Amazon


  • It can be used to control the camera of smartphone remotely.
  • It will show the last location of your key on the virtual map.
  • It will send a private message once it located a lost item.


  • It is a water-proof device.
  • It has a replaceable battery
  • It is very lightweight and portable.
  • It works with Android as well as iPhone device.


  • Its app interface seems to be outdated.

3) Eskey Wireless RF item Locator:

The Wireless RF item locator is a most used tracking device for keys worldwide. It has one transmitter and four receivers. All four receivers are of different color. You can easily control all receivers with one transmitter. Due to its extraordinary and interesting features, it is preferred by many people. Another reason for its popularity is that it is very powerful which can track lost keys very fast.

List of Top 5 Tracking Devices for Keys
Editor's Choice
$17.99 at Amazon


  • It can find lost items up to 30 meters.
  • Its receiver either sounds or beeps for lost keys or items.


  • It has friendly customer support which is always ready to solve the query of their users.
  • It is very easy to operate.
  • It has color-coded buttons for locating the lost item.


  • It cannot be connected to mobile platforms.

4) TrackR bravo:

The TrackR bravo which is known as a Bluetooth tracking device for keys is another amazing device to find lost things in an instant. It is compatible with both Android and iOS versions. It is best for you if you have a habit of losing things on regular basis. It can track lost item place up to 100 feet away. It rings once located the lost item. With this tracking device, you can even locate the item in the crowd.

List of Top 5 Tracking Devices for Keys
Editor's Choice
$29.99 at Amazon


  • Its app will send an alert when its battery is low.
  • It can be attached with various items like laptop, keys, phone, wallet and other precious things.
  • It includes a CR1260 battery which is replaceable one after every year.
  • It includes family sharing feature which let more than one family members can track lost keys.


  • It is very light in weight.
  • It comes in compact size and super slim.
  • It shows distance how far you are from your lost keys.


  • Its disadvantage is that it comes in very small size.

5) Click’n Dig Model E4 key Finder:

The Click’n Dig Key Finder includes four colored receivers to locate lost keys. These key finders are really very attractive in design. These also look like key chains and you can easily attach your keys with this key finder. At night, the LED light comes out from these tracking devices. Its Bluetooth range to locate things is up to 80 feet and it rings sound up to 90 db.

List of Top 5 Tracking Devices for Keys
Editor's Choice
$59.95 at Amazon


  • It is able to find a lost item in the dark efficiently.
  • Through the transmitter, it locates the lost item.


  • It offers one year warranty which also includes batteries.
  • These tracking keys are FCC certified.


  • It cannot be monitored from mobile devices.

Part 3: Conclusion:

Finally, you know the various types of key finders. Some of the devices use a smartphone and some use a transmitter to find lost keys. You can choose any of the above mentioned key finders according to your budget and need.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 14,2018 14:32 pm
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