How to Download FamiSafe

A complete guide to tell you how to download FamiSafe from different devices. Read detailed content below and follow it to get started.
Available on:
phone way
If you are using a mobile phone or tablet, please directly install FamiSafe by clicking the buttons below.
Choose the right app version for your phone or tablet.
  • For Android devices, please click Google Play button to download.
  • famisafe google play download
  • For iOS devices, please click App Store button to download.
  • famisafe app store download
  • For Kindle Fire tablets, please click Amazon Appstore button to download.
  • famisafe Amazon Appstore download
computor way
If you are using a computer now, there are five ways for you to install FamiSafe on kid's and your device.
1. Choose the Right Version for PC
  • To control kid's Windows devices, please click Windows button to download.
  • famisafe google play download
  • To control kid's Mac devices, please click Mac button to download.
  • famisafe app store download

Notes: Parents should install FamiSafe app on their phone if they want to check kid's computer activity.

2. Visit Specific Link
Please input on your phone or tablet browser, it will navigate to a download page and you can choose the right version for your devices.
3. Search FamiSafe
Search "FamiSafe" on Google Play Store, App Store or Amazon Appstore, the results would be shown like below, click the "OPEN" button to download and install the app on your devices.
google play search
app store search
Amazon appstore search
4. Scan QR Code
Use any QR scanning app on your iPhone or Android phone to scan the following QR code to open the download link. iOS 11 later users can use camera to scan the code directly.
famisafe app qr code
5. Send by Email
Fill in your email address, and click “Send”. The app download link will be sent to the inbox of your email account. You may check your email on mobile phone or tablet.