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Account & App

1. Do I need to create any account before using your product?

Yes, FamiSafe is account-based. You need to get a membership first. You can create an account within the app after installation.

2. How to install FamiSafe app?

You can easily install the app on both your phone and your kid’s device from App Store or Google Play. You may also visit famisafe.com to download the app.

3. How should I set up everything on my kid’s device?

Once FamiSafe is installed on your kid’s device, you can log into the FamiSafe account and select the identity as Kid. Then you may follow the in-app guide step by step to complete necessary settings.

4. What should I do when I need tech support?

You may submit a ticket through the Help section in the app or email us at support@wondershare.com. We will usually reply in 24 business hours.

5. How to uninstall FamiSafe app?

On parent’s device, you may uninstall FamiSafe directly like uninstalling any other app. However, to uninstall the app on the kid’s device, it is required to log into FamiSafe account password first.