Frequently Asked Questions

Know the detailed answers about product use, account setup, app install, payment and refund, etc. You can find some other frequently asked questions about parental control app.

Product Use

1. What is the difference between managing and controlling an iOS device and an android device with FamiSafe?

In most cases, FamiSafe works the same on both devices, though there are still several differences:

  • FamiSafe provides device activity report, browser history report and app usage report when the kid’s device is an android phone or tablet pc. These reports are currently not available on iOS devices due to strict restrictions. We may add the feature to iOS version in the future.
  • When using the app blocking feature on an android device, the icon of the blocked app is still displayed but when your kid tries to open the app, a FamiSafe cover will show up and block the app. On the contrary, when FamiSafe blocks an iOS app, the app icon will be hidden on the device.
2. Can I check the current location of my kid’s device and the places the device has been taken to?

Of course, you can use FamiSafe to track the real-time location as well as the history location of your kid’s device.

3. Will I be notified when my kid goes to school?

You can set the school area as a geo-fence using FamiSafe’s geo-fencing feature. When you kid arrives at school or leave school, you will receive notifications.

4. Can I block my kid’s phone at bedtime?

You may use the Smart Schedule feature to pre-set device blocking schedule in certain areas (such as school) or at certain time (at dinnertime or bedtime).

5. When my kid’s device is blocked, how can I contact him/her?

FamiSafe does not block everything, of course. You kid can still make phone calls or send text messages after the blocking function is enabled.

6. Can I block porns on my kid’s device?

You can use the Web Filter and App Block feature to block porn websites and restrict the use of porn apps.

7. In order for FamiSafe to work in full capacity:
  • When installing FamiSafe on your kid’s device, please always allow the Location access so that the app can always track your kid’s real-time location and record the location history.
  • When installing FamiSafe on android device, please allow every permission the app requires. FamiSafe will not work properly if your kid’s device is powered off or shut down. You cannot track the device location in this case.
  • Usually FamiSafe app works in background on kid’s device. In some rare circumstances, it may stop running or get crashed. So it is recommended to activate the app on kid’s device occasionally.