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Join Us to Protect Children from Online Dangers

FamiSafe team is dedicated to helping parents create a better digital world for kids and alert them when detecting any potential dangers. As for project NoPedo, we aim to expose the facts of pedophilia and call on both parents and kids to join us together to fight against online predators.

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Child safety is the utmost concern for every parent. But do you know that there are at least 25000000 child images censored online each year? Online dangers are often the most neglected problem. It’s never far away and needs to be known. WATCH NOW to learn how pedophilias go undercover online and what you can do to stop them.
Pedophilia is a big problem that parents and children are facing in digital life. 82% of predators will use social networking websites to determine what their victim likes and dislikes to make the encounter proceed more smoothly. Even though 71% of parents will restrict or supervise their kids' internet use, but there is still 42% of children between the age of 6-17 are exposed to hardcore porn. Online safety is a partnership between parents and kids. To make kids stay safe and have no chance to expose to online predators, parents and kids need to agree on the ways that personal devices and technology will be used.

Step 1: Sign Family Online Safety Contract

For parents, choose the parents' version and check the lists that you should do for kids when they are accessing the internet. For kids, choose the kids' version and check the lists when using the internet.

Step 2: Share Your Family Contract

Share the generated contract image on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the below information and hashtag #FamiSafeNoPedo. All the participants who have shared successfully can have a chance to get our prize.

I just signed this family digital contract from @Wondershare FamiSafe!

#FamiSafeNoPedo Join us to protect children from online dangers and seize a chance to win a big prize here:


Step 3: Win Prize

All the participants who have signed and shared their contracts can have a chance to get the free 1-month license of FamiSafe, please submit your email to receive. For the final winner, we will contact you via our Facebook.
*This can only be submitted after completing Step 1 and Step 2.
For users who have shared the signed contract and get more likes on their posts can get more chances to win iPhone Mini.
For users who have signed the contract and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can have a chance to get a 1-month free license.

Stays with Parents to Fight Against Online Predators

In 2021, FamiSafe spots more than 5,390,449 risky messages from 26,409 kids' devices in a month across their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Kik, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Messenger Lite. Over 2,792,622 parents set safe online boundaries for kids with FamiSafe's assistance. They help kids explore online safely by restricting access to risky social media apps, inappropriate websites, and videos.

Suspicious Photos Detection

Detect porn images on kids' phone galleries.

Explicit Content Detection

Monitor suspicious texts on social media and SMS.

YouTube Monitor

View video history and block disturbing videos or channels.

Screen Time Control

Control screen time and track app usage.

Web Filter

Block websites by categories on Chrome or Safari.

Activity Report

Monitor phone activity and app installation.

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