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Top 5 Best Vehicle Tracking Devices of 2018

vehicle tracking device

Part 1: Introduction:

Everyone hopes for the best in life, but life is uncertain and you never know when an unexpected thing might happen to you. Now, one of the most frustrating thing that is happening with many people worldwide is vehicle theft. Luckily, technology has provided exceptional GPS tracking devices, especially for your vehicle safety. So, this article is for the ones who are looking for the most durable and efficient vehicle tracking device.

Part 2: 5 best vehicle tracking devices:

1) Spy Tec STI:

The Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini is the most famous vehicle tracking device on Amazon. It is best as it provides the precise location of the vehicle. It is very compact in size which can track vehicles efficiently. It can be placed anywhere around the vehicle due to its compact size. This tracking device can be used to track someone else like parents can know the whereabouts of their kids.

Top 5 Best Vehicle Tracking Devices of 2018
Editor's Choice
$49.95 at Amazon


  • It includes an SOS button which is used for sending a quick notification of the current location in an emergency situation.
  • The Spy Tec now has SSL login and password for the security reason and you can remotely track the vehicle from the desktop.


  • It provides an accurate location.
  • Its battery life is excellent.
  • The Spy Tec price is reasonable.


  • It does not have a standalone app.
  • Its mobile site is bare-bones.
  • Its monthly charges are costly.

2) Motosafety OBD:

The Motosafety OBD is one of the powerful vehicle GPS tracking devices. Many parents rely on this tracking device to track their teen’s vehicles remotely. Apart from tracking real-time location, it can also monitor the speed and acceleration of the vehicle. So, it provides complete information about the vehicle. You can track your vehicle from both Android and iOS apps. Due to ODB support, it can be easily navigated from one vehicle to another.

Top 5 Best Vehicle Tracking Devices of 2018
Editor's Choice
$24.99 at Amazon


  • The Motosafety tracking device generates monthly reports regarding the speed, acceleration and other information of the vehicle.
  • It also provides the reminder for how much fuel is present in your vehicle tank.
  • It can be used for setting Geo-fences places for vehicle and then, get alerts when the vehicle enters or leaves Geo-fences places.


  • It offers an app version for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • It monitors 100% accurate real-time GPS location.


  • Its cancellation policy process is complex.
  • Its acceleration tracking is sensitive.
  • It provides inaccurate speed alerts.


The AMERICALOC is highly rated GPS vehicle tracking device that can track the live location of any vehicle efficiently. This tracking device for vehicle works in every country, unlike other tracking devices. It is also considered the ultimate portable GPS tracking device. This vehicle tracking device is designed with the aim of providing a long battery life. You can configure the location for every 60, 30 and 10 seconds without any additional cost. Its coverage area is excellent.

Top 5 Best Vehicle Tracking Devices of 2018
Editor's Choice
$106.00 at Amazon


  • It provides alerts for speed, vehicle movement, and low battery.
  • It includes a front button to send instant notification in case of an emergency.
  • This tracking device can track location history of one year.
  • It sends alerts when the vehicle enters or exit Geo-fences places.


  • It has superlative battery life.
  • Monitor vehicle from the computer, Android device, iPhone, and tablet.
  • It works worldwide.
  • You can cancel its subscription at any time.


  • It is very costly compared to other tracking devices.
  • It has an outdated design.

4) Amcrest AM-GL300:

The Amcrest AM-GL300 real-time GPS tracking device is another amazing vehicle tracking device which has battery life for maximum 7 to 10 days. This tracking device can be attached with luggage and any vehicle. It is an all-in-one tracking device which has many remarkable features for users. Its mapping interface is one of the best intuitive that provides amazing monitoring experience. Its versatile casing can be fit in your palm. It can be used for tracking vehicle, pets, and kids.

Top 5 Best Vehicle Tracking Devices of 2018
Editor's Choice
$59.99 at Amazon


  • It can track data remotely from various operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • It can create Geo-fences places for getting instant alerts when a target vehicle enters or leaves Geo-fences place.
  • It sends unlimited alerts in the form of emails and SMS.
  • It includes a rechargeable battery which can stay for a maximum of two weeks.


  • It is a water-resistant tracking device.
  • Its monitoring interface is user-friendly.
  • Its battery life is good.
  • There is no activation and cancellation fee.


  • Users need to buy the leather case separately to protect the device from the weather.
  • Sometimes, it fails to connect with the network.

5) MasTrack MT-OBD:

The MasTrack MT-OBD is one of the ideal vehicle GPS tracking devices that you can have for monitoring live GPS location of every type of vehicle. It provides nationwide coverage which includes the USA and Canada. This tracking device is used by many families for the safety of vehicles and the family member who drive the vehicle.

Top 5 Best Vehicle Tracking Devices of 2018
Editor's Choice
$78 at Amazon


  • It sends unlimited alerts for speed, Geo-fences places, harsh braking and rapid acceleration.
  • It even provides the vehicle maintenance alerts like an oil change.


  • There is no need for installation to use this device.
  • Monitor vehicle from Android and iOS app.
  • It offers 30 days of guarantee and one year warranty.


  • It generates random alerts form different numbers.

Part 3: Conclusion:

In this guide, we have mentioned portable GPS tracking devices and some of the devices can be monitored from a smartphone. Through tracking device, you will always stay updated regarding the current location of your vehicle. All the above-mentioned devices are reliable to use for every type of vehicle.

Thomas Jones by Thomas Jones Updated Sep 14,2018 14:32 pm
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