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Its Time For You And Your Family To Have A Social Media Detox?

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Parks closed, malls shut down, and entertainment places simply out of the league; people could not even enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

So, what have people been doing 24 hours sitting at home? They have been quite busy with social media.

In a poll conducted by YouGov, it was concluded that ¾ almost half of respondents' screen-time has increased during the pandemic. Ofcom revealed that people in the UK have been spending about 40% of their free time during the lockdown on screen.

But now, with life slowly coming back to normal, you and your family need to practice social media cleanse to get rid of this growing habit of social media dependency. Surely, you don't want to miss out on all the fun you have been dreaming of during that everlasting lockdown.

So, it's time to have a social media detox to start enjoying your life once again.

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What Does Social Media Detox Mean?

Over the years, social media has been a significant force of influence on the lives of many. An average person gives about 1 hour and 40 minutes per day to scrolling through their favorite social media apps.

Spending this much time on social platforms distracts you from your work, puts much pressure on your eyes and brain, and completely disengages you from your social life. If not stopped, it can become an addiction. Situations like these call for a thorough social media detox.

When you understand social media addiction, understanding social media detox meaning is much easier. Social media detox means detaching yourself from using social platforms all the time and keeping a time limit on using social media apps. This way, you indulge more in social activities and start living a normal life where you can focus on your work, relationship, and health.

Why A Social Media Detox Is Good?

The number of people depending on social media is rapidly increasing. Did you know that it has reached the stage where about 66% of people have developed a condition called "nomophobia” (a fear of losing your phone and constantly checking to make sure you have your phone with you)?

If you do not want to be among those people, counter-attacking social media influence over your life is the answer. Experiencing social media cleanse will benefit you in the following ways.

Control Your Privacy

To be active on social sites, you need to sacrifice a lot of your privacy. Uploading photos, talking about where you have been, and sharing your activities with your friends lets people know your private life and routine.

Moreover, messaging apps such as WhatsApp uses data from Facebook, compromising your privacy. The best way to keep your matters private is to either stop posting so much stuff on social media or uninstall apps to protect your privacy.

No More Comparison

Comparing your life with others on social media leads to lower self-esteem. People on social media boast about their achievements, their adventures and even share happy intimate moments with their spouses. Looking at those pictures and stories, you begin comparing your life with others, leading to depression, forcing you to see only the negative aspects of your life.

No More Comparison

With social media cleanse in effect, you have a chance of seeing the brighter side of your life, finding happiness with what you have, and even in the smallest of things.

A Life Of Joy

"Birth of a baby boy” feeling happy.

"My boyfriend proposed to me..ooooh. I am so happy."

These are your moments, and you need to be present mentally at these moments to really live them and remember to their fullest instead of wasting your time replying to the comments of your well-wishers. By breaking away from social media, you can enjoy the bounties of life more naturally and feel happy and relaxed.

Indulge In Physical Activities

Sitting all day and all night crouched on the sofa surfing through the social platforms uselessly is not productive, especially for kids who need sports and outdoor activities more than ever.

With social media detox in effect, you can participate in physical activities and also force your kids to go out, stretch their muscles, and participate in outdoor sports.

Improve Your Mood

Spending more time on social media either leads you to depression or leaves you stressed out. Besides, it is also seen that spending more time on social sites can cause anxiety.

Leaving your phone on the side table for a few hours can improve your mood by sipping on a glass of fresh juice on a sunny day and ignoring whatever is happening in others' lives.

How Do I Put Parental Controls On The Internet?

When you see your kids spending a great deal of time on social apps, you need to step in as a parent. Try these simple hacks from experts to develop healthy usage among your family members.

How Do I Put Parental Controls On The Internet?
  • Identify apps that your kids have been using most of the time and set screen time accordingly.
  • Do not use too many phones, especially social media platforms, in front of your children.
  • Talk to your kids and try to determine their usage patterns. This will let you know which social media detox technique will work the best.
  • Use app blocking apps. This way, your social media apps will be blocked for a certain time, while inappropriate ones will be blocked permanently.

Social Media Detox Is Also Important For Kids

Social media is undoubtedly an exciting place to dwell into. It links you with the world around you and helps you stay connected to friends and family, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. It can take children away from their studies, physical activities, relationships, and health; in short, excess use of social media can ruin a child's future.

However, parents need to behave smartly while planning screen time instead of scolding and forcing social media detox.

Here are some tips parents can use to minimize internet usage among children.

  • Teach and guide your kids to use social media responsibly without letting things run over their minds.
  • Explore the apps your children are using and set a time limit for kids and adults alike.
  • Allow kids to use age-appropriate apps. For instance, YouTube and Instagram need users to be 13 or above to create an account.
  • The best way to make a social media detox work is to compensate with something else. Plan activities, introduce exciting games, take out board games or ride a bicycle with them.
  • Use parent control apps like Famisafe to keep an eye on their online activities, apps they are using, and even have a look at their browsing history.

What Is FamiSafe? And How It Can Help?

FamiSafe is a renowned parental app with features that give parents full control over their kid's mobile activities. The app has advanced filter and browsing options enabling you to implement a structured screen time along with providing a safe online environment for kids.


Being compatible with all operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, you simply need to download the app and register yourself.

Parental Control Features Of FamiSafe

  • Check your kids browsing history for the previous 3 months.
  • Include a Safe search option to prevent your kids from searching adult content.
  • Change the web filter setting from your phone without letting your kids know.
  • Block apps on your kid's devices.
  • Block up to 10+ built-in categories covering topics such as drugs, violence, alcohol, adult, and more.
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Social media has undoubtedly changed our lives allowing us to stay connected with people around us, but again, each coin has two sides.

Spending unlimited time on social media means you are distracted from the life around you. Keeping a balance and forcing your kids to do the same will keep a balance between their daily and social life.

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