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How Can I Get My TikTok Account Unshadowbanned?

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Fame is a fickle companion. Anyone may go viral and become famous on TikTok by accumulating many likes, views, and video shares. TikTok's algorithm can push your videos to the top of the "For You" scroll and transform you into an overnight star, resulting in a massive increase in your follower count in just a few days. But did you realize that in just six months, TikTok erased nearly 50 million videos for violating its rules? You are now about to get all your answers after learning.

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What does shadowbanned mean on TikTok?

Shadowban is a very self-explanatory term. It indicates that your account has been suspended. However, because of the shadow component of the word, you will be unaware of the ban.

While this social networking platform has the potential to propel you to popularity, it also has the potential to alienate your followers. If you do not follow the app's community guidelines and policies, it may ban you from using it. If you are using TikTok for a long, you may be aware of users who are experiencing a shadowban on the platform. It's not uncommon for users to experience an unintentional suspension of likes, views, and traffic on their accounts due to a TikTok shadowban.

What is a shadowban on TikTok?

On TikTok, a shadowban stops your videos from showing up on the For You page or in hashtag search results. It's a situation in which your visibility has been reduced, or you've been banned from the platform without your permission.

TikTok's algorithm does the automatic shadowbanning of a TikTok account to safeguard other users from spam, copyright issues, and adult content. If you are shadowbanned, you will no longer receive likes, views, or visitors from the For You page. Shadowbans are frequently missed until they are pointed out by another user who happened to your video.

Shadowbanning, also known as stealth banning or ghost banning has existed since the advent of social media. Unfortunately, if your TikTok account experiences shadowbanning, it will impact your reach and growth negatively. Businesses and influencers and use social media for community creation. And they experience a loss of support when they are no longer part of that community.

How Can I Tell If I've Been Shadowbanned?

To see if you've been Shadowbanned, follow these three simple steps:

  • Look for someone who does not follow you on Instagram.
  • Request that someone who does not follow you check the hashtags you tagged in your post's feeds.
  • Use the hashtags you use regularly in your Instagram posts.

Don't worry if your post doesn't display right away; check back in 3–5 minutes. Because connectivity isn't always dependable, it can alter when a post appears in a hashtag feed.

On TikTok, why am I being shadowbanned?

Up till now, TikTok has not provided any information on its shadowbanning practices. What is understandable, though, is that TikTok shadowbans users create videos that violate the app's community guidelines.

Any video with offensive content that may hurt people's feelings or anything that may irritate other users may be subject to a TikTok shadowban. Because your account is spam or you are uploading inappropriate content, the app may limit the display of your content.

Spam Attitudes

The most common reason for a user's TikTok account being shadowbanned is because they spam. New people usually go on a liking and following frenzy in the hopes that they will be liked and followed back. TikTok, on the other hand, may interpret your actions as spam and label you as a robot. You might want to slow down if you like more than 100 posts every day. If you follow more than 50 TikTok accounts in a single day, you should reconsider your strategy.

spam attitudes

Inappropriate Content

You may be shadowbanned or permanently banned if you post videos that violate TikTok's rules and community guidelines.

TikTok considers the following content to be inappropriate:

  • Music with a copyright
  • Nudity/drugs
  • Violence caused by bogus news
  • Xenophobia

TikTok is dedicated to making its platform a welcoming and safe environment. Consider reevaluating your recent material if you've noticed a decline in views or interaction.

inappropriate content

How to get unshadowbanned on TikTok?

Do you want to know how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok? Here's how you can get your shadowban lifted:

  • Remove and reinstall TikTok
  • Upgrade to a Professional Account
  • Delete Harmful Content
  • TikTok should be put on hold for a while
  • Post unique and creative content
  • Recognize your target market

Remove and reinstall TikTok

To begin, remove your most recent video. Uninstall and then reinstall the TikTok app if it doesn't work. Your program may only require a minor update to re-establish its functionality.

Upgrade to a Professional Account

The most common recommendation you'll find while searching for how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok is to go into your TikTok account's Settings and hit "Switch to a Pro Account." The rationale for this is that switching will allow you to examine metrics for your posts as well as learn how people are accessing your videos. This allows you to readily track how far your involvement has increased or decreased.

Delete Harmful Content

You should delete any content that goes against TikTok's policies and community guidelines. You wait at least two weeks after deleting inappropriate information before the shadowban is lifted. You can verify if you've finally been able to lift the ban by refreshing your device now and again.

TikTok should be put on hold for a while

Clear the cache, close your app, make sure it's up to current, and then take a break from TikTok for a few days after you've erased the unpleasant content. Returning to TikTok after cleaning up your account and taking the necessary break may result in you being unshadowbanned.

Post unique and creative content

Ensure that your TikTok account is not shadowbanned again when you resume publishing content. Because your account has already been flagged for something, you work even harder to maintain good behavior. You will be kicked off the stage again if you return to posting the same type of content that got you banned in the first place.

Make sure you're continuously posting unique content with fresh ideas. Come up with something new and unique by brainstorming new ideas with your team. You can circumvent copyright infringement restrictions on TikTok this way.

Recognize your target market

There are a lot of youngsters and minor accounts on TikTok these days, so keeping the atmosphere clean is part of your job. Keep sexualized themes, nudity, pornographic material, and provocative themes out of your videos. Remember that sharing such content can result in a shadowban from TikTok.

Wondershare FamiSafe--the Best Parental Control App

The Parental Control software is another option for helping your children overcome their TikTok addiction. FamiSafe is the most dependable parental control tool available, and it can assist parents in monitoring their children's activities. You won't have to worry about your kids turning off TikTok family pairing or limited mode without your awareness if you use this software.

You can monitor your kids' phones and acquire details about their phone habits, such as how much time they spend on TikTok, using services like activity reports. It may allow you to view daily phone usage facts in a timeline manner, including when and which apps are in use, as well as the websites that you were accessing. You'll be able to see how often you use TikTok on your children's gadgets this way.

App Blocker

The App Blocker function allows you to block unwanted apps from your children's devices or set limits on their excessive use. You can ban apps based on their age ratings or the internet access of FamiSafe-supported apps. Moreover, you may set daily or weekly time limitations for the apps with this function, and you'll get warnings if your children try to open prohibited apps.

Screen Time

You can use the Screen Time feature to create a screen time limit for TikTok on your child's smartphone. If you find that they've spent a lot of time on TikTok, you can block it, as well as all other applications, with a single tap.

You might also establish screen time limits for weekdays and weekends. You can select an age range that will receive permission at all times. Set the timer and keep track of the child's app usage. You might even design a smart schedule and restrict unpleasant games or apps on their gadgets.

tiktok screentime

Overall, TikTok is a good app. However, if children become addicted, it will drain their energy. When kids begin to use it excessively, you exercise extreme caution. To monitor your child's behavior, turn it off or utilize privacy settings or an app like FamiSafe.


TikTok is a highly useful marketing tool. Although it may appear that being famous and going viral on TikTok is simple, it is important to use the social media network responsibly. It's preferable to generate content that follows TikTok's community norms and upload exciting stuff that your audience enjoys.

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