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10 Best Board Games You Can' t Miss[2024]

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With lots of games and gaming technologies, it is really difficult for parents to decide which gaming accessories or kits are good for their kids. Sometimes, to make your kids smile, you may tend to purchase or offer them several types of games.

However, with the increasing innovative technologies, smarter generations are more into mobile phones, applications, and games! Playing a few video games is OK, but when it is like a habit that cannot be left so easily, it will take a toll on your kid's mental and physical health.

Continuously playing video games can directly affect your kid’s eyes, improper sleeping schedule, and often makes them mentally tired. To avoid such circumstances and build up some good and sporty habits, we are sharing the list of top 10 board games which you can get for your kids to make them happy and try something new from the monotonous video games!

playing board game

10 Best Board Games in 2022

Before listing out the 10 best board games this year, let us share a great fact that these board games are entertaining & mind strengthening. These board games are considered best for fun factors as one can enjoy and spend his time happily! Check out a few best board games here:

1. Twister-$20.14


Let your kids move a little and do some interesting physical activities. You need 2-4 players to play this game. Twister consists of a sheet on which big colorful circles are painted. The referee is required to spin the wheel and tell you which hand or leg should be kept on which circle. Twister keeps on getting better and better when everyone is on one sheet with their arms and legs stretching from one corner to the other.

2. Connect 4- $11.99

connect 4

This classic game of connecting discs requires two players. Players choose a color and then drop the disc on the board one by one. The disc covers the lowest available space within the row or column. Players try to form a row or column of 4 discs of the same color to win. But, their opponent will keep disturbing their formation by dropping a different color disc. Connect 4 is a skill-building board game for 8 year old kids. It will make your kids push their minds to determine a strategy to win.

3. Scrabble-$12.09


How can you miss out on scrabbles when talking about top ten board games? Apart from entertaining, scrabbles help sharpen memory and familiarise children with new words. Two or four players can play scrabbles at a time. You will have a board and a bag full of letters. One player will pick up the letter and start forming a word at a time. Whoever forms the maximum words wins.

4. Operation-$15.99


The next board game deals with operating a patient. But relax; the patient is not a real human being. Instead, a human figure called SAM is painted on a board with a big red nose. At least six players can play this game in one go. By using the cards available with the game, each player is provided with a description of their operation. Next, players operate on the cavities present on the board using the tweezer. If the tweezer touches the sides of the cavity, Sam's nose starts to buzz, and you lose the game. Nevertheless, it is a fun and educational board game. Your child's fine motor skills are improved with this.

5. INGENIOUS-$36.46


Four players can play this game together. You have to match the colored hexagonal tile with a colored hexagonal shape. Sounds easy, right, but the catch is the person who scores the highest in their lowest-scoring color wins. Indeed, an Ingenious Game. From children to adults, everyone loves playing this mind-boggling game.

6. HEDBANZ-$12.97


Hedbanz can be played between 3 to 6 players. Every player will get a chance to wear a headband over their head and stick an upside-down card on it. First, they have to guess what picture is there on the card. Then, other members will help him by answering "yes" or" no" to his questions. The player who will give the maximum no. of correct answers wins. This game will help your child broaden their reasoning capability.


kerplunk sloth

Kerplunk Sloth is a simple, fun children's board game for your 8 year old. It is easy to play and will compel your children to form strategies to win. It is a two-person game. First, throw a die and see which color do you get. Then, pull the same-colored straw from the palm tree and collect the fallen sloths. But the twist is the player who gets minimum sloth is the winner.


race across the usa

Make your kids learn more about their country by playing Race across the USA. You can play this game amongst four people. You start with your home state and then keep answering the geographic questions about the USA. As you keep answering correctly, you keep moving forward. The player who covers six states first wins.


apples to apples junior

Easy to play Apples to Apples Junior helps children in building cognitive skills. You will have two decks of cards in this game-the green apple and the red apples. The green apples have a noun written on them, and the green ones have an adjective. Players need to match the red card with the card. The person who fits four cards wins.

10. AZUL-$22.94


In Azul, you have to strategize and form beautiful tiled mosaics. Players are given their set of the board where they have draft tiles. Carefully use all your supplies and make pretty designs out of them. If you want to score big, choose all your tiles smartly. You can play this game with 2-4 players on board.

Benefits of Board Games

Board games are not just for fun or entertainment. There are several other benefits your kids will avail of while playing board games. Few such benefits are listed here:

  • Help kids be more social: Board games require 2 or more players are required. With this, your child gets to mingle with other children & family members, which helps them be more vocal and strengthens their social relationships.
  • Increase mental strength: Board games are full of brainstorming activities. It helps develop your kids' thinking ability.
  • Reduce screen time: Playing such board games can divert your kids' attention from tech devices to this social activity.
  • Reduces stress: Kids' pressure can be relieved easily by playing the game with friends or families around them.
  • It's completely portable: Compared to video games, board games can be played anywhere, anytime, as it is really easy to carry. Whenever and wherever your kids want to play board games, you need to provide them with a sitting comfort and the board games(of course, a little snack would be great!)

Wondershare FamiSafe—Make Video Games Safer to Play

The above-listed best board games for 8 years old is a sure shot best thing your kids can get to entertain themselves. However, if your kid insists on playing the video game, you must be aware of the activities happening at that particular moment.

The simplest thing you can do is access what your kids can play and whatnot. Just decide it and give them some time with their favorite video games! Nowadays, several apps have been created where parents can have complete control over tech devices. Just go with the flow and have parental control app to ensure that your kid is just getting what he needs.

Wondershare FamiSafe is one such app where you can have complete control over the kid’s device from your site. It would help you with a few things to easily manage what your kids can do on their devices from any location. Here are a few benefits you can get from Wondershare FamiSafe:

Screen Time

Parents can easily limit screen time when their kids use video game devices. It is completely in the hands of parents to set the screen time for their kids.

App Blocker

This app also ensures that no unwanted apps are shown to kids using the devices. Parents can set up the app blocker to avoid any such scenario.

Location History

This app enables the parents to keep track of where they are and at what time, i.e., complete details of their location, can be accessed.

Several other features can be used within Wondershare FamiSafe, such as Geo-fences, activity report, browser history, web filter, and more to make it one of the most reliable, trustworthy, and safe app for your kids.

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