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7 Ideas to Spend Quality Time with Family Right Now!

Learn and do now, enjoy fun with family!

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From birth to adulthood, children require parental time and attention. The significance of face-to-face communication cannot be overstated. Family time is necessary because it affects children's social and emotional development and fosters profound understanding among family members.


The family's involvement can significantly influence children's emotional and behavioral disorders. Several studies have suggested that spending quality time with family is the first step in raising happy children who contribute positively to society.

Part 1: What does Quality time mean, and Why is it so Important?

Family time's ultimate purpose is to allow all family members to love and understand one another, resulting in happy, well-adjusted children.

Family time is an essential aspect of forming strong bonds, love, friendships, and relationships. In addition, spending quality time with family aids in overcoming problems, instilling a sense of stability, embedding family values, inspiring confidence in children, and much more.

Yes, time is valuable - in fact, time is money, as we're frequently reminded when we're trying to make a living as parents. But what about family time? Is this significant or useful in any way? Isn't it a waste of time when you might be earning a few thousand dollars by putting that time to work?

We are so preoccupied with our lives and pursuing our goals that we find it difficult to devote time to our families. Yet, a family is the most valuable possession one might have. Thus spending time with loved ones is essential. Your family needs you just as much as you need them, no matter how busy you are. Spending time with your family will strengthen your bonds and allow you to understand one other better. If you're curious about how spending quality time with your family might help you relax, keep reading!

Part2. Best workable ideas to spend time with family

Idea 1Outdoor Sports/ Exercise

It may be a lot of fun to work out with your family. This is a win-win situation for everyone since you will be healthier as a result. Join a local gym or work out at home if you have the necessary equipment. You may also instill the habit of fitness in your children. Begin by teaching your children easy exercises; once they've gotten the hang of it, they'll look forward to exercising regularly and spending time with you. Instead of getting lost in your phone or chatting with other parents, truly play with the kids. Organize a hide and seek game or start a sliding competition. Take turns going down the slide and posing in various ways. The idea is that it's good to be stupid from time to time in the interest of quality time.

When you're enjoying a meal together, put your phone on quiet or airplane mode. Instead, give each other your complete attention. Some parents find that waking up half an hour earlier, going for a morning hike, or scheduling a weekly jog in the park with their family helps them achieve more. Because children are inherently energetic, this is a fun way to spend time together (and it's also suitable for adults!). Simple activities to get active together include riding bikes, running around the yard playing tag, and playing ball.

Idea 2Watch a heart-warming movie or family TV series

Planning a special family movie night can make you a stronger family! It is more than just laying around watching TV. You can add some fun printable popcorn boxes, snuggle up on the couch, turn down the lights and watch a special new movie. Maybe you can take turns picking which one? Planning is part of what makes it special, so talk about it ahead of time and maybe snap a picture to remember the fun! You can watch great content on Pixar, Netflix, and Disney Plus.

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Idea 3Raise a pet

A pet is usually the main focus of family activities. Everyone takes the dog on a walk, grooms and feeds him, or gets down on the floor with him and plays with him. However, even merely watching a cat chase his tail or a fish swim in his aquarium has advantages. Spending time like this has the tremendous potential to help you slow down from the stressful pace of modern life.

Feeding and caring for a pet imparts a sense of accountability in kids. Pet-owning children have better impulse control, social skills, and self-esteem. Sharing the love and care of a family pet creates a new link between siblings. Stress, loneliness, and anxiety are reduced when you cuddle a pet.

Idea 4Set a cooking day for family

Cooking is a fun hobby to do as a family, and it's a fantastic way to spend quality time together. You can fix a day weekly or monthly to cook with your family. Cooking for a family may seem like a nuisance to you, but it is a precious moment for your child who needs time with you. We understand that it may appear more effortless to do things yourself at times. However, if you work together, your children will get a variety of valuable life skills in addition to spending time with you. Since you're teaching your child a new skill and making meals, this also counts as Acts of Service.

You can either try a new recipe each time or cling to an old custom and make a special meal that has been passed down through the decades. Then, take advantage of the opportunity to record those beautiful moments by taking photographs and videos at each stage.

Idea 5Family game night

It should not seem like a job to spend quality time with your family. Introduce a weekly game night to avoid this issue by allowing everyone to spend time together while enjoying screen-free entertainment. As you participate in this activity with your child, there will be much laughter (as well as some tears). In addition, it's a lot of fun to play board games with your kids. There are various games like Monopoly, Ludo, Chess, Scrabbles, etc., that claim to keep your family entertained and involved, depending on your children's age.

A fun and creative way to pass the time is by solving crossword puzzles or working on a jigsaw puzzle together as a family. Bring out a deck of cards or a stack of your favorite family-friendly board games for some plain enjoyable time spent together.

Idea 6For younger kids, try playing lego.

Spending time with family is not a sudden act. You can spend quality time with your kids by playing Lego. Playing with Legos, like most things, is always more enjoyable with family! Kids who play Legos with their families learn how to share things with others from an early age. When children work together to reach a similar objective, playing with Lego teaches them essential cooperation and communication skills.

Connecting Lego pieces necessitates accuracy and coordination, which aids in the development and strengthening of fine motor skills in children. Lego is designed for children of all ages, so Lego Duplo is ideal for early skill development. At the same time, more complicated Lego sets continue to challenge and teach refined techniques as your children grow. So don't forget to bring that bucket of Legos to your child's next playdate!

Idea 7Help your kids with their homework

Take a break from your work to assist your children with their schoolwork. You must be aware of what is going on in your child's life, and school is their second home at this stage. By assisting them with their assignments, you will determine their strengths and limitations. Taking the time to spend with the kids will instill confidence in them. If you're at their side, they'll be more willing to confront their flaws and anxieties about school.


Part 3: How to reduce screen time and increase quality time with family?

The average amount of time spent in front of a screen is seven to ten hours. While screens are ingrained in our society, there are health benefits to minimizing screen time, such as enhanced physical health, less obesity, and more time to play and explore. This is especially true for youngsters who spend a lot of time on computers and iPads learning. It's critical to take advantage of break moments to engage in some physical activity. When the school day is done, make a plan to put the gadgets away somewhere out of sight and engage the children in other activities.

If you're a parent with digital-age children, you've probably given screen time some serious thought. You may have even made a New Year's resolution to establish healthy screen-time habits for the entire family. The following suggestions might assist you in reducing your children's screen time in 2022. These suggestions can help your children in having a healthy, happy, and screen-free new year and spend quality time with you:

1. Tech-free zone

Create areas in your home where technology, such as portable video games, computers, and mobile phones should be forbidden. One example is your home's dining area or kitchen, which you may set aside for meals and family gatherings.

2. Engage in outdoor activities

Encourage your youngster to look out and participate in activities that do not need the use of a screen. For example, putting down the phone and going for a walk or playing outside boosts your mood and improves your physical health by increasing endorphins and providing that happy sensation in your brain. Playing outside, reading a book, or even resurrecting an old board game are just a few possibilities.

3. Act as a role model

Set appropriate boundaries first. Limiting screen time is essential for parents, but they don't have to be strict or severe to be effective. Act as a role model for the kids to look up to. Excessive use of gadgets should be prohibited in the house for everyone, not just children.

4. Parental control

You can use a parental control app like FamiSafe to limit the screen time of your kid's devices and monitor their activities. FamiSafe allows parents to monitor their children's screen time, follow their whereabouts in real-time, and detect inappropriate stuff on their devices.

•For example, with screen time and phone activity report of FamiSafe, you can:

•Monitor your children's phone habits from afar to learn more about their digital lives.

•Examine your children's phone usage daily.

•Find out when and which applications were used by your kids.

•Examine which applications your children use the most and which apps they install or remove.

•Learn about the questions your children are most concerned about and interested in on the internet.

•Examine which films or websites your children view.

Spending time with your family is a luxury, not a chore. By limiting your children's screen time and monitoring their online activities with FamiSafe, you can enjoy quality time with your family without worrying about anything.

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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Quality time means the time spent together. It's all about giving your full attention while showing your love and affection. You put down your phone, switch off your tablet, and focus on your children while you're with them. And when you do it, it has a significant impact on their hearts. They will feel valued, cherished, and unique, as if you made an effort to make time for them.

Unfortunately, quality time with our families is becoming increasingly limited due to technological advancements. Even while we're together, we're typically somewhere else, either on the internet or in our own heads. We've all heard it before: "It's crucial to spend quality time with your family."

On the other hand, most individuals are unaware that the keyword here is 'quality,' not 'quantity.' You can spend hours with your family, but what counts is how you spend that time. Quality trumps quantity once more. Here are a few reasons why you should spend quality time with your family.

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