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Never Miss These 10 Best Classic Christmas Movies for Your Family Holiday

Best Christmas Movies for Family

Christmas is a time for food, beverages, family, and movies. When you eat too much, then you’re temporarily powerless to move from the couch, or you only want a pause from having similar awkward talks with your friends; there’s nothing like enjoying classic Christmas movies with your family.

By the long holiday upcoming, it is time to take a pew and have splendid family time. Colleges are over; schools are on break, workplaces are in holiday style, besides, it is Christmas! The loveliness in your house, the aroma of all the roasting, pastries, and custards, and your life look as if retained from a movie conspiracy.

In addition, talking about family Christmas movies, this long holiday is the ideal time for watching Christmas movies together with family.

christmas movie

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Why do we need classic movies for our Christmas holiday?

Christmas is just approaching! And there's no superior way to become excited about the joyful season. There are several reasons why you need a classic movie for your Christmas holiday. Here’s the deal:

  1. Watching family Christmas movies can increase your happiness because it activates dopamine discharge, a cheerful hormone. This hormone creates that neural change that can generate happiness.
  2. Watching classic Christmas movies can also decrease levels of anxiety and depression and can even support your relations.
  3. Christmas movies remind you of the great periods spent rising up with your friends as well as family. Generally, watching Christmas holiday movies can make you feel good.

10 best classic Christmas movies

Here is the list containing 10 all-time preferred Christmas movies that you can watch with your family!

1. Home Alone

Home Alone is an old-fashioned movie that has been viewed several times by everybody. The series is a good choice to have constant giggles for three sequential days if you are ready to watch them on discrete days.

The initial two parts are the finest, and everyone loves them, whereas the third part contains a different character called Alex D. Linz as Alex Pruitt. In addition, all three parts include the bad boy left behind by family throughout the Christmas evening and how this guy overcome two thieves and save their home.

classic christmas movie - home alone

2. A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a version of Charles Dickens's well-known story by a similar name. There have been numerous editions over the last era; however, this movie was equipped with 3D animation featuring Jim Carrey.

Furthermore, the story is about a miserly guy who thinks everything and everybody is nonsense. Someday, this man is taken out on a voyage to his past, current, and upcoming life by three glimmers that may alter his anger towards life.

family christmas movie - a christmas carol

3. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is about a young guy having glasses trying to chuck out a bullied teenager and desiring a “Red Rider Air Rifle” as his Christmas gift. Besides, this funny movie was resealed in 1983, and it demonstrates how this youngster survives his Christmas!

classic family christmas movie - a christmas story

4. Arthur Christmas

This movie is out there to save your day. How? You might be wondering: Santa, Arthur’s father, by means of a very advanced system to send gifts to every kid on Earth, overlooks one kid. Now: It is up to Santa’s son to make that kid happy before the beginning of Christmas!

family christmas movie - author christmas

5. Elf

Elf is a funny mix-up of a kid who unintentionally goes to the North Pole, then raises between Santa’s fairies. Meanwhile, he cannot afford apt into their realm; he moves to New York and searches for his right character.

movie for christmas - elf

6. Gremlins

This movie is among the Christmas movies that you must watch if your family members like watching horror films. This is a humor-horror, to be additional exact. Besides, if any member of your family becomes scared, then you can always ragger each other about it.

family movie for christmas - gremlins

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This classic Christmas movie is a dark imaginary musical movie around a “Pumpkin King” and how he becomes bored of frightening individuals daily. What you can get next during the film are his mishaps.

family christmas movie - The Nightmare Before Christmas

8. Miracle on 34th Street

This family Christmas movie includes a girl who has hesitation about Santa. Because Christmas is approaching, Macy desires to hire a guy who would look like Santa. Then the movie talks about a guy with a strange designation and how the girl comes to his protection. It is a stunning Christmas fantasy that can wonder you as well as your family.

classic christmas movie - Miracle on 34th Street

9. Scrooged

Scrooged is an up-to-date form of A Christmas Carol; however, you see an extremely popular television managerial whose ambition and bad anger make him an isolated person. After that, three ghosts take this man on a life voyage so that he can change himself.

classic christmas movie - Scrooged

10. The Santa Clause

This humorous family Christmas movie, The Santa Clause, takes it entirely. The humor includes how a divorced father kills a person on Christmas evening after getting his kid’s supervision, and whatever tracks the event will certainly make you giggle for several days.

family christmas movie - the santa clause

Why is it more difficult to enjoy a movie with the family today?

Most children nowadays love to use devices such as TVs, tablets, and smartphones before they can ride a motorcycle. Technology can play an important role in a health-giving childhood if this privilege isn't neglected.

You might be wondering: toddlers can support in learning the script on public TV, students can play scholastic games, and youngsters can do the study on the Internet. However, extra screen time can be an evil thing. That’s why it is difficult for kids to enjoy a movie with the family. Here are some reasons why this happens.

  1. Kids who regularly spend over 4 hours daily watching TV are more prone to become weighty.
  2. Children who view vicious acts on television show violent conduct and distress that the world is frightening and that a bit bad will become known to them.
  3. Youngsters who play violent games are more prone to become hostile.
  4. Characters on television as well as in video games frequently depict unsafe behavior like smoking and also strengthen gender-role and ethnic casts.


It is very significant for parents to keep smartphones on their children's screen time and create limits to make sure they're not using too many devices like TV, mobiles, and tablets. Television and video games contain content that shows risky deeds (for example, drinking, taking drugs, smoking, and having sex at an early age) as fun.

Research shows that youngsters who watch sexual content on television or mobile are more likely to start intercourse or contribute to further sexual activities prior to those who don't watch such content. Here’s the kicker:

There are several apps accessible that parents can consider for checking their child's screen time. But, the only issue with tons of choices is that you will get yourself muddled in selecting which is the ideal app.

To free you from the trouble of finding the proper app for limiting your kid's screen time. We have picked one for you.

FamiSafe is the most reliable parental control app for parents. In addition to that, FamiSafe is the safest option for you as it is easy to utilize. Its properties to control screen time lets parents set appropriate screen time for children and track their everyday app use. Besides, this app helps parents to get rid of addiction to digital devices.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

When it comes to limiting screen time or app usage, FamiSafe provides several features for you. Let me explain them in detail for you.

  1. Activity Report

FamiSafe offers parents the facility to track the regular activities of their children’s devices. For example, they can control their children’s devices to see the freshly installed or removed apps, extensive usage of apps, and their children’s total time spent using apps.

Additionally, parents can also screen these details, and they do not need to check their children’s mobile daily to avoid getting into arguments with their kids.

  1. Screen Time & Smart Schedule

Screen time is one thing that parents are always worried about. In our daily life, scree time has taken up much of our family and study time. Now that with FamiSafe's Screen Time, parents can set up a limit on the screen time kids can spend on their digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, or PCs to get more time for other activities.

Moreover, with Smart Schedule, parents can set up different schedules for different occasions to keep distractions away when kids should be spending time on study or with friends.

  1. App Blocker

Along with viewing an activity description for all the parts around your child’s everyday phone usage, this app also makes it promising for you to take on imposing activities. For example, you can block some definite apps, restrict app usage time for unpleasant apps, and even limit specific app types such as social media and showbiz. Moreover, FamiSafe also sends immediate alerts to parents once their child tries to use blocked apps.

This long holiday is the perfect time to watch family Christmas movies with your family. Christmas movies can enhance your joy because due to the presence of a hormone known as dopamine. Watching Christmas movies can lower stress levels.

With a list of classic Christmas movies, surely, you will spend your time with good laughs together with your family, without unexcitingly killing your time!

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