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What is Fanfiction? A Parents Guide

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Fanfiction is one of the most widespread phenomena on the internet; entire websites and communities are dedicated to it. But what is Fanfiction, exactly? And is Fanfiction safe for kids?

Simply put, Fanfiction is stories written by fans of a particular work of fiction. These can be based on books, movies, TV shows, and video games—really anything that has caught the public imagination. However, as with anything on the internet, there is always the potential for inappropriate content. That’s the part that parents should be worried about.

what is fanfiction

This post will help you know what Fanfiction is and how parents can help their kids enjoy it safely.

What is Fanfiction?

what is fanfiction 1

Fanfiction is a type of writing where fans take the characters and settings from their favorite stories and create new adventures, which can be done with movies, books, TV shows, and other media types. While Fanfiction is often associated with young people, it is enjoyed by people of all ages.

One example of fanfiction is when Harry Potter fans write stories about what happens to the characters after the books end. The appeal of fanfiction is that it allows readers to explore their favorite stories in new ways. It also gives them a chance to see the world from a different perspective. For example, in many fanfictions, Hermione is portrayed as a strong and independent woman. This contrasts with her portrayal in the Harry Potter books, where she is often seen as a shy and nerdy girl.

Fanfiction can be a fun and creative way to explore your favorite stories. However, it is important to remember that fanfiction is not always accurate to the original story. In some cases, it can even contain offensive content. If you are concerned about your child reading fanfiction, you can do a few things to ensure they are staying safe.

Is fanfiction safe? There is no easy answer to this question. While some fanfiction is perfectly innocent, other stories can include mature themes and adult content. As a parent, it is important that you know what your child is reading and make sure that it is appropriate for their age. If you are unsure about a particular story, you can always read it yourself before allowing your child to read it.

What Should Parents Know About Fanfiction?

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As a parent, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with fanfiction. While some stories are harmless, others can contain mature themes and adult content.

The first thing you should know about fanfiction is that it isn't limited to superheroes and fantastic escapades. There's a lot of sex in it, and it can get pretty graphic. It may be on the XXX level of explicitness. Actually, the novel (and later film) 50 Shades of Grey began as Twilight fan fiction on the popular fanfiction forum FanFiction.net in 2009.

Children may encounter graphic sexual fanfic stories on several websites that they may not be emotionally ready to deal with. Furthermore, these kinds of narrations might glamorize predatory or incestuous relationships. That might cause kids to believe that such connections are acceptable when, in reality, they are unlawful and potentially dangerous. If your youngster has gotten involved in fanfic, we recommend discussing the type of material they could encounter. In addition, talk about issues like cyberbullying, sexual predators, and sexting.

Some parents might choose to outright ban their children from reading fan fiction. Others may try to monitor what they're exposed to more carefully. At the same time, it's ultimately up to you as a parent to decide what is best for your child. As a parent, it is important that you know what your child is reading and make sure that it is appropriate for their age.

Cons of Fanfiction

While fanfiction can be a fun and creative way to explore your favorite stories, there are some risks.

1. Offensive content - One of the biggest dangers is that fanfiction is not always accurate to the original story. In some cases, it can even contain offensive content.

2. Graphic sexual or violent stories - Another risk is that many websites host Fanfiction do not have any age restrictions, which means children may access graphic sexual or violent novels without any warning.

what is fanfiction

3. Inaccurate information - Another risk is that fanfiction is often based on speculation and rumor. That means that it can be full of erroneous information.

what is fanfiction

4. Cyberbullying - One final risk is that Fanfiction can be used as a tool for cyberbullying. If someone is unhappy with a particular story, they may post mean comments or threaten the author, which cannot be very pleasant for both the author and the readers of the story.

Pros of Fanfiction

But on the other hand, Fanfiction can also be an excellent way for children to explore their creativity and connect with other like-minded people.

1. It can help children develop their writing skills - Writing Fanfiction is an excellent way to build their writing skills. It can also be a fun and creative outlet for kids who enjoy writing.

2. It can help children connect with other like-minded people - One of the best things about Fanfiction is that it allows children to connect with other like-minded people. They can share their love of a particular story or character and bond over their shared interests.

3. It can help children explore their creativity - Fanfiction is also an excellent way to explore their creativity. They can take a familiar story and spin it, which can be a great way for kids to express themselves and their imaginations.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons to fanfiction. It is essential to weigh up the risks and benefits before deciding whether or not it is suitable for your child. We recommend talking to your child's teacher or school counselor if you have any concerns. They will be able to offer more advice and guidance on this topic.

What Should Parents React to Fanfiction?

If you're a parent and you've discovered that your child is reading fanfiction, there are a few things you can do.

1. Check what your kids are reading - The first step is to talk to your child about what they're reading. Ask them why they like it and how they think of the stories. It's also important to discuss any concerns you have about the fanfiction content.

is fanfiction safe

2. Encourage their creativity - If you're happy for your child to read fanfiction, encourage their creativity. Ask them about their favorite stories and characters. You could even help them develop ideas for their own fanfiction stories.

3. Monitor their activity - If you're concerned about the fanfiction content or the people your child is interacting with, it's essential to monitor their training, keeping an eye on what they're reading and who they're talking to online. You can also set some ground rules about acceptable behavior when reading or writing fan fiction.

4. Monitor the websites - You should also take some time to look at your child's websites to access fanfiction. Make sure that they are appropriate for your child's age and that you're happy with the content.

5. Talk about cyberbullying - You should talk to your child about cyberbullying and make sure they know how to stay safe online. If you have any concerns about your child's safety, we recommend talking to a professional such as a school counselor.

6. Watch out for sexual or adult content - One final tip is to be aware of any sexual or mature content in fanfiction, which is more likely to be found on older websites that don't have age restrictions.

Fanfiction can be an excellent way for children to explore their creativity and connect with other like-minded people. However, parents must be aware of the risks associated with it. By taking some simple precautions, you can help ensure your child stays safe while enjoying their favorite stories.

Apps and Sites for Fanfiction

Now that you know a little more about fanfiction, you may be wondering where you can find it. Here are three of the best apps and websites for fanfiction:


URL: https://www.wattpad.com/

WattPad is one of the most popular fanfiction websites in the world. It has a huge range of stories to choose from across all genres. You can also interact with other users on the site, making it a great way to connect with other fans. The age limit for this website is 13+.

what is fanfiction-wattpad



FanFiction.net is another popular website for fanfiction. It has a vast selection of stories and forums where you can discuss your favorite characters and plot lines. The age limit for this website is 13+.

Archive of Our Own


Archive of Our Own is a website that the Organization for Transformative Works runs. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving fanfiction and other forms of fan work. That means that all of the stories on the site are free to read. It is also one of the largest sites, with over two million stories. The age limit for this website is 16+.

what is fanfiction-archiveofourown

Tap by WattPad

Tap by WattPad is a great app for reading fanfiction. It has a range of stories to suit all interests, and you can save your favorites to read offline. You can download WattPad Tap from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The age limit is 13+.

what is fanfiction-tap by wattpad

What is Wondershare FamiSafe?

As we said before, there are pros and cons to fanfiction. Children who like to read and write fanfiction can benefit from it. However, there are also some risks associated with it. For example, they can encounter inappropriate, adult, or sexual content or be cyberbullied by other users. Therefore, parents should consider all the risks before allowing their children to read or write fanfiction.

This is where a parental control app like Wondershare FamiSafe can help. It is designed to help parents keep their children safe online. With FamiSafe, you can monitor your child's activity on fanfiction websites and apps. You can also set limits on what they can access and block inappropriate content.

Some of the features include:

1. Web Filter: The ability to see what websites your child is visiting and block any you're not happy with.

2. Screen Time: Set limits on how much time your child can spend online.

famisafe screen time

3. Explicit Content Detection: Monitor your child's search history and set keywords you want to be alerted about.

4. App Blocker: Receive real-time alerts if your child attempts to access blocked content.

With FamiSafe, you can have peace of mind that your child is staying safe while they enjoy their favorite stories. Try it for yourself today and see how it can help you keep your child safe online.

Below is the video that will show you how to monitor your kids' online activity with FamiSafe.

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There you have it, everything you need to know about fanfiction. As you can see, there are both good and bad aspects to it. The good parts are that it can help children be creative and connect with other like-minded people. However, the bad parts are that it can expose them to inappropriate content, or other users could cyberbully them. It is up to you as a parent to decide whether you think fanfiction is suitable for your child. Hope the information provided in this article can help you make the decision.

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