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These House Rules for Teenagers That Make Parenting Easier

Discuss These House Rules with Your Teen

Parenting a teenager is a challenging task. When you see that your innocent, obedient kid is starting to develop ideas and thoughts, then you should direct them in the right direction. This means that you should have house rules in place that will ensure that your child becomes a responsible adult. With that in mind, let's look at some of the house rules for teenagers that will make your parenting more effective.

Different House Rules for Different Purposes

Your growing teenage kids experience a lot of changes that pose challenges when it comes to becoming independent adults of the future. Whether young or older, rules are vital in getting them away from trouble, manage their growth, as well as keeping them safe from the jaws of the world. Teenage life is full of experiments that lead them to dangerous situations. At some point, they will dare your patience since kids will always be kids. This is the reason why you need to consider these four rules that address parenting.

Rules That Teach Teens About Safety

The world can be a scary place when you're a parent. It can seem like danger is lurking behind every corner, waiting to threaten your teen. The truth of the matter is that there are some rules you can introduce in your home that will introduce and promote safety to your teen. These include:

Setting a Curfew

There's a saying that nothing good ever happens after a certain time at night. In many ways, that is the truth. The later at night a teen stays out, the more likely they are to encounter a dangerous situation. As the night goes on, there are fewer adults awake; the adults who are still up are more likely to be using drugs and alcohol. More high-risk activities occur later in the evening. Getting your son or daughter home before then will help keep them safe.

house rules for teenagers - set up curfew

Meeting with New Friends

With the advent of social media, so many teens are making new friends online. It is important to establish some rules regarding meeting people they don't know. First, you should make it a requirement for your son or daughter to be your friend on social media when they sign up. When they talk about meeting a new friend, you should ask them if anyone they know has ever met them. Insist that they meet the new friend in public and not alone. Make sure they are required to check in with you at certain times.

Protecting Their Personal Information on the Internet

With so many scams and con artists roaming the web, it is a good idea to have rules regarding the sharing of information online. You should instruct your child to never release their birthdate, social security number, or full name to anyone on the internet that they don't know. They should also know to never agree to send money to anyone they don't know or send explicit pictures. Stress to your teen that anything that is on the internet is never really gone, even when deleted.

house rules for teenagers - protect personal information online

Rules That Help Teens Form Healthy Digital Habits

You must teach your kid healthy digital habits early in their life. Here are some house rules for teenagers that will help them to be safe when they are on the internet.

Restrict Their Screen Time

Use FamiSafe to restrict your children's screen time, which will give them more time to read a book or go outside to play. Research shows that reducing screen time has a positive effect on children's social, physical, and behavioral well-being. Want to know the best part? It can improve their academic performance. When you use FamiSafe to cut back on screen time, your children will get enough sleep. Maintain a regular sleep schedule is vital; inconsistent sleep affects your kid's day-to-day life.

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Restricting screen time will also ensure that your kids have better grades in school because they will have enough time to concentrate on studying. Lastly, your kids will have a lower BMI. When your kid has a lower body mass index, this means that they are not overweight. Being overweight can increase the risk of your kid developing health problems. Essentially, FamiSafe ensures that your kid has a better body and mind.

Establish Digital Boundaries

You should set boundaries dictating where your kids can use their mobile devices. While you can incorporate technology into Family activities, family time is a great chance to unplug. Create a rule that discourages your children from using mobile devices before going to bed, before taking breakfast, and the short moments between various events, such as riding in a vehicle. The moments of detox can add up, and they are great opportunities for your family to focus on each other. You should also be an example to your kids by avoiding using your phone in certain places.

house rules for teenagers - establish digital boundaries

Set a Rule About Visiting Dangerous Websites or Talking to Strangers

Warn your kids about the significance of privacy and online threats. Put a rule of not sharing anything on social media that would later damage their image because they cannot delete what they share with others. Set a rule that tells them not to talk to strangers when they are online and let them understand that sex offenders use the internet to look for children to exploit.

house rules for teenagers - set rules for visiting dangerous websites

Rules That Get Your Teens Prepared for Real Life


Honesty goes a long way to cultivate a culture of being remorseful and grateful for the simple things in life. Sensitize them to know that covering up for bad deeds and cheating in life is not something to be proud of. Staying away from dishonest friends will help your kids to grow up as responsible and honest people.


Tell your kids that they should respect seniors and other people around them. Respectful kids are less likely to do bad things. Instead, they make good choices in their life and follow what their parents tell them. Let your teens walk away from the menace of traps set by peers who are just out to distract others from achieving their goals.

house rules for teenagers - respect


Teaching your kids about self-discipline will allow them to make the right choice regardless of how they feel. Self-disciplined children can cope with any uncomfortable emotions in a good way. They are can control impulsive behavior because they have anger management skills. The greatest rules of investing and utilizing the resources within them are by way of going ahead to gain the best skills that will help them survive the harsh world.

house rules for teenagers - self discipline

Rules that Enhance a Family Relationship

Each family should have its own rules that exist to strengthen their bond. Below are some of the house rules for teenagers you can create in your home.

Family Comes First - Hold Meetings

Having family meetings is a great way to strengthen your bond as a family. To get the most out of these meetings, though, you have to agree that they are a place where everyone can speak their minds safely. This doesn't mean that everyone shouldn't follow the basic rules of family decorum. Instead, every family member should realize that they have a right to be heard when these meetings occur.

house rules for teenagers - having family gathering

Families Must Make Time for One Another

There should be a hard and fast rule that your family will spend a certain amount of time together each week. While the exact amount of time you spend together weekly is going to vary by the age of your children and the reality of work schedules, you should make it a point to do something regularly. Whether this is a game night with younger children or just a promise to eat dinner together with teens, it shows everyone the importance of making time for one another.

Yelling Doesn't Solve Problems

Another good rule is that you have to solve problems without yelling. While emotions can run high, no one shouldn't decide while they are unable to control their emotions. Create a rule stating that no one should make major decisions until everyone has calmed down. In turn, this will allow your family to discuss problems rationally. This is a great way to build trust while also allowing everyone to avoid knee-jerk decisions.

house rules for teenagers - yelling won't solve problem

Parenting is a challenge for busy parents. By discussing the above house rules with your teenager, they will understand the reason behind your guidelines. It may help them start to consider safety more often in their decision making. Start the conversation about safety with your teen today and reduce the amount of stress you have about their decision making. Using FamiSafe to cut down screen time will have a positive effect on your kid's overall well-being.

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