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Easy Trivia Questions and Answers to Kill Time with Your Kids

Funny Easy Trivia Questions & Questions

Trivia questions offer a great way to boost your child's confidence and knowledge. They are more fun than reading factoids, as they give you a chance to strengthen the bond with your child. Research shows that kids who share trivia questions with their parents while at home have a high IQ and increased comprehension abilities. Keep on reading to learn about some easy trivia questions and answers that you can use to kill time with your children.

easy trivia questions & answers

What Is a Trivia Question?

A trivia is a question in the form of a game or mind sport. Players get turns to answer the questions that you have asked them. Whether you are on a road trip or hosting a game night, a round of trivia is something that you can enjoy with your family.

Your children might end up learning a thing or two. The questions can be a brief assessment in the education sector or fields that will expand your children's knowledge. You could also pose questions relating to nature, as they can help increase their general knowledge about their surroundings.

How Can Trivia Questions Help Enhance the Parent-Children Relationship?

Parenting is not an easy task; parent-child relationships, in particular, need work and effort. It takes persistence to maintain a close relationship and stay connected with your kids. A kid with a strong connection with their parents will want to listen to instructions that they give them. Creating a good parent-child relationship with your child is the best way to keep your kids focused and on track. Below are some of the benefits of sharing easy trivia questions and answers with your children.

  • Enhances a Happy and Content Relationship With Your Children

Sharing trivia questions with your child allows you to form strong, emotional ties. A family that spends time together stays together. We all know that we need to build a strong parent-child relationship. And trying trivia questions and answers is one of the best ways that you can achieve this.

Parents need to keep a strong bond with their kids from an early stage. During your free time or weekends, you can strengthen the bond between you and your children by sharing a few easy trivia questions.

  • Allows You to Connect With Your Kids

Many relationships that parents have with their children depend on family dynamics. Posing a simple challenge for your child to solve, or try to solve it with them increases their IQ. Also, kids tend to feel more connected with their parents when they have an interactive moment together.

  • It's a Fun Activity

Because trivia questions are fun, they allow you to share memorable moments with your children. You kids will cherish these moments, which will help you to bond.

What Should Parents Be Aware of While Carrying Out the Trivia Questions and Answers Game With Kids

When playing trivia questions games with your kids, you need to be alert, especially if you allow them to use their mobile device as a reference tool. Here are some of the three things you need to be aware of while carrying out trivia questions with children.

easy trivia quesitons and questions

  • Choose Questions That Are Appropriate for Your Kids' Age

When playing trivia questions with your kids, you need to pick questions that will help expand their thinking capacity. Avoid selecting questions that are out of your child's age limit. In turn, this will ensure they are limited to information that is right for their age.

  • Monitor Your Kids' Activities on Their Devices

Kids are born with an explorative nature. If you decide to allow them to use their mobile devices as reference tools, you should monitor them while they are using them. This will ensure that your child cannot visit other sites with adult-content or age-inappropriate content.

  • Don't Laugh at Your Children

Laughing at your kids will reduce their confidence. They might end up getting nervous or afraid to answer the questions because of this. Try to encourage them even if they get the answers wrong. The main point of this game is to spend time together.

20 Easy Trivia Questions and Answers

There is no better way to build your child's brainpower than using trivia questions. After all, it will not hurt you an inch if your child knows several interesting facts. Here are some easy trivia questions and answers that you might want to share with your kids.

  1. What Is the Element Used To Make Diamond Crystals?

Carbon. Diamonds originated from carbon dioxide atoms billions of years ago. They were found 100 miles below the Earth's surface.

  1. What Is Used To Traditionally Wrap Sushi?

Seaweed. You can use edible seaweed algae to prepare a meal. They contain high amounts of fiber and are rich in protein.

  1. What Do the Initials CNN Stand For?

Cable News Network. The channel is available for viewership in almost all countries around the globe.

  1. What Air Do Humans and Animals Breathe In?

Oxygen. It is the only pure air that humans and animals can breathe.

  1. What Is the world’s tallest building?

Burj Khalifa. The building is can be found in the city of Dubai in the UAE. Its extravagant and newly built landmarks make it easy to see from a distance.

  1. What Is the federal capital city of the U.S.?

Washington, DC. This is also the city where most economic activities take place and has a population of more than 692,000 people.

  1. Which Soil Type Is Made up of Tiny Grains of Rock?

Clay soil. The tiny rock segments make water drainage almost impossible.

  1. Which Is the fastest animal on Land?

The cheetah. This animal belongs to the cat family and can hit speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

  1. Which is the largest and fifth planet in the Solar System

Jupiter. It is approximately over 2 and a half the size of all the other planets combined. Jupiter is 300 times the size of planet earth.

  1. Who Was Elected as the First President of the United States?

George Washington. He started his first term as the president of the United States in 1789.

  1. Who Is the president of the U.S?

Joe Biden. He is the 46th president of the U.S.

  1. What Body Organ Covers the Largest Percentage of a Human Body?

The skin. It covers the entire human body. Adults can carry up to 8 pounds of skin.

  1. Which Is the World's Largest Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean. It is also the ocean that most people in Californian swim in.

  1. Where Is the Giant Panda Found?

China. The Giant Panda lives in the remote and mountainous regions of the country.

  1. What Natural Phenomenon Comes After a Heavy Rainstorm?

The rainbow. This colorful phenomenon appears when the sun passes through raindrops that are hanging in the atmosphere.

  1. Where Is the White House of the United States Located?

Washington, D.C. The residence was built in 1792 to serve as the house of the president.

  1. How Many Planets Make up the Solar System

8 planets. The solar system, however, consists of plenty of objects and dwarf planets.

  1. What Is the Name of the Smallest State in the United States?

Rhode Island. The state has an area of approximately 4,002 square kilometers.

  1. From Which Direction Does the Sunrise From?

East. The reason behind this is because the Earth spins toward the east.

  1. Did Albert Einstein have trouble with math when he was in school?

No. Einstenhas had exceptional grades in mathematics and science.

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Trivia questions improve your kid's cognitive skills and improve their mental capabilities. However, you should keep an eye on your children when they are using their devices to play this game. FamiSafe offers a simple solution to parents who are concerned about the safety of their children when they are on the internet.

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