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Have You Ever Considered to Make a Cell Phone Contract for Your Kids?

A Cell Phone Contract for Your Kids

There is nothing wrong with giving kids cell phones because they learn how to be responsible early and are exposed to technology early. However, how can the use of cell phones by kids be controlled? Using a cell phone contract for kids is the best way to train them to use cell phones and protect them from inappropriate content.

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Especially when your kids are the type that is easily distracted or the ones that have challenges with controlling their impulses. A contract for kids will keep them on guard to minimize their usage, not to affect you financially and them educationally.

Do you have any ideas about giving your kids a mobile phone?

The decision to give your child a cell phone like a teenager is one that favors the time. Whenever you give your child a cell phone, you should know that you expose them to the world of information above their levels and connecting them to information that can either make or mar them.

Giving your child a cell phone sometimes means adding an extra financial burden. The best way to deal with that is by getting a pre-paid phone with some free call and text sessions. You can also get a phone with a service plan that offers inbuilt limits for screen time.

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Today's children will require that you give them smart ph0ones to enable them to connect with their peers easily. Yet the idea of giving a kid a mobile phone is not always as bad as people think. Yes, it can be financially burdensome; it can also be great for exposure, education, opportunities, and teaching them to be more independent and responsible. See it this way; you get to show them how the world is without actually letting them out the door yet.

At what age should kids have their cell phones?

Things are no longer the same as in the older days when technology had not gained advancement like what it is now. With the new wake in technological development, teens now have almost unlimited access to the use of cell phones. The question that poses so many worries to parents most times is that, at what age should a child be allowed to use a phone? The ripe age should be around the age of 10- 13 when preparing to go to high school. Although age sometimes does not determine maturity level, it generally seems like the most appropriate time.

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Many parents give their kids mobile devices at a much younger age than this bracket, which isn't wrong in its sense, but it is a risk. If the parents are not fully involved in usage, many things could go wrong. At the same time, some parents wait till their kids are much older, somewhere in their 14 to 17 years. Again, this isn't wrong; in one light, the kids will be a lot more mature and understand a bit more about life. But in another light, you would have hindered your kids from socializing and learning advancements for too long.

Kids will eventually grow out of their parental protection. The quickest way to help them learn boundaries and responsibilities while ensuring entertainment is through these mobile devices. In light of this importance, kids are liable to abuse the privileges by becoming addicted. However, that does not mean that they should be hindered by the new wave stirring the world.

Sample Cell Phone Contract

Even after being rest assured of your kid's responsibility and maturity level, you still need to put some measures in place to ensure they stay within the confines of being safe and responsible. It includes teaching them basic rules and the responsibility attached to the use of phones. The best way to settle this is with the help of a cell phone contract for kids.

Cell phone contract for kids is an approval that states what families will do to ensure that kids use their cell phones within the confines of the stipulated criteria. It also helps kids to be open about informing their parents or guidance whenever they receive any content that might expose them to any form of abuse. With a cell phone contract, parents and their kids make a promise to abide by the rules of the use of cell phones.

cell phone contract

With a cell phone contract for kids, limits are set on the amount kids are eligible to spend in a month on apps, especially when they struggle with balancing the use of cell phones with other important things. As parents, the best way to curb them from being addicted is to set a reasonable limit such as "phone-free" hours at any time of the day to help them keep focused. A Cell phone contract for kids can likewise help guide their academic life-limiting when they can use it and when they must study.

Each cell phone contract for kids is unique to the parents and child. Although there are personal inclusions according to family values and morals, every contact should have some standard or basic requirements. They include;

  • Sharing his/ her phone's password with you would give you access to check it anytime.
  • Not allowing the use of the phone to affect academic performance.
  • Not sending threatening messages to others.
  • Making sure the phone is kept charged always.
  • Willing not to exceed the stipulated time of making calls or sending text messages
  • Making sure the parents are promptly attended to come in anytime
  • Keeping phones away when at the table
  • Willing not to exceed the monthly limited call or text rates and failure to comply would attract the best punishment measures.
  • Making sure the safety of their phone is paramount.
  • Obeying school rules as regards the use of phones
  • Keeping parents informed in case of any unwanted contents coming from strangers.
  • Keeping parents informed if any form of harassment occurs.
  • Not bullying others, downloading contents without the parents' permission, and using phones to snap any embarrassing pictures of family members or strangers.

Want to manage more about your kids' phones?

Apart from paying or splitting cell costs, there are more important things to take note of when teens have access to the use of cell phones. The use of phones has many advantages, especially for academic, social, and other aspects. However, as teens continue to make friends from all strata of life, showcase their talents, and solve challenges through phone use, you need to track what they do in secret with it. Of course, you do not want to invade their privacy and restrict them from having teen inclined secrets, but you must keep an eye on them as parents.

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For a task like this, you can introduce the FiamSafe app into your cell phone contracts for kids. FamiSafe is a mobile tracker and monitor that helps curtail phone usage. With one FamiSafe account, you have multiple device support. It can help you protect almost five devices with just the monthly plan, ten devices with the quarterly plan, and 30 devices with your manual plan. The app is secure and trusted. With the app, no cyberbullying, harassment, violence, sexting alerts, or suicidal thoughts are allowed on your kid's phone.

FamiSafe allows parents to control screen time, track real-time location, and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices. When you download the FiamSafe app, you can track the activities on the teen's phone. It helps to know when any app is newly installed or deleted, know what apps are used, and the cost of time and amount spent.

Furthermore, it helps to block any website that may be inappropriate for your kids, helps you to view deleted browsers on their phones, and blacklist some websites that are not befitting for teens. You can also use the FiamSafe for the following;

features of FamiSafe

  • To know whenever disturbing contents such as porn pictures are sent,
  • When strangers infringe in their privacies,
  • Set a smart schedule on their phones at certain locations,
  • Block your kid's device whenever you want to give them a task,
  • It helps to track their movement and allow you to know when they are safe or not.

During the process of installation and registration, some obligations need to be fulfilled. But the biggest obligation is for both parties to understand that this is a preventive measure and not a means to spy or restrict their lives.

There is nothing worse than when kids are allowed to use phones without been monitored. As parents, you are saddled with the responsibility of knowing what your kids are up to. The best apps that can give you accurate information or track their activities is by installing security apps. It is best to help them through their teenage years into the maturity stage. With this app, your kids know they are safe, and you are assured that they are safe.

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