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Why Do We Need Minimalist Gaming?

Shoud we apply minialist gaming?

Minimalism can mean different things to different people, some scary and some interesting. Some people may see the word "minimalism" and ask why anyone would want to live like this? Some people may see this as a difficult lifestyle to achieve and will never try the concept.

The concept of minimalist focuses on the essentials of life to achieve a happier and more satisfying mood. In general, this means that you only spend money and time on real value things to you.

So what exactly is minimalist gaming? Minimalist gaming simply means that you only spend time and money on the games and devices you really love and appreciate. When you are part of a gaming community, you experience increasing pressure to buy and play more games and have more gaming devices. There are so many video games available on the market today that it is difficult to decide which are the true gems for you.

minimalist gaming

Why do we need minimalist games?

Gamers can be overwhelmed by the games they feel they need to play. You jump from one game to another without enjoying more of a video game. You try to keep up with the crowd, the fear of losing, and the social pressure. Of course, that's not why you fell in love with video games in the first place. In addition to the mental stress, it also costs you a lot of extra money.

Also, consider collecting video games- when you buy too many of these items, you start to run out of room for the games that really matter. After that, you start looking for closet space or finding different rooms, or worst case; you have to decide which items to remove.

On the other hand, Minimalist gaming isn't about getting rid of all your video games or all your memories; it is about owning the ones you care about and giving away clutter that blocks your view of the essentials.

Besides, why should you have a life full of objects that you don't care about? Why not walk into the house and immediately see the objects that you love to see?

Minimalism is the mindset that everything you have has meaning and depth behind it instead of carrying baggage that you don't want or don't want. However, it can be hard to let things go, especially if those things were gifts from people you care about.

Benefits of minimalist gaming

Okay, what exactly are the benefits of minimalist gaming, and how do you start this journey? Let's start with the benefits and then move on to the procedures.

 the beneifit of minimalist gaming

You will have more time.

One thing gamers have in common is "lack of time." You have a million things that you would love to do, but it seems like you can never get to any of them. In addition to the work, you also have to clean the house, do the laundry, fill the car (s) with gas, mow the lawn, pay the bills, the list goes on.

It may sound silly, but being a minimalist gamer will help you create more time for what matters, and you can get more things done. So, you can go from not having time to having all the time in the world.

You will have more money.

Make no mistake: gaming can be expensive. There's the upfront expense when buying new games, but then there's the added cost that you don't realize when you are in the middle of your buyer's high end. This is why it is so often followed by regrets.

Once you overcome the habit of always having the latest games and all, you will find that your expenses are decreasing, or at least stabilizing, rather than always increasing. Of all the benefits of minimalist gaming, I'd say this is still our favorite. It seems a bit superficial having to do with money, but nothing better than being debt-free.

More time for what you love.

Minimalist gaming gives you more time to do what you love. You don't have to spend your days feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unfulfilled playing games you don't like.

Becoming a minimalist gamer means you can play the games you love and still have time to do more things that bring you joy.

Less stress.

Adopting a minimalist mindset can also reduce the amount of stress in your life. Excessive clutter has been shown to cause stress and make relaxation difficult.

With fewer things, it is much easier to keep a clean and tidy home. With fewer things, everything you own is more likely to have a place, and it will be relatively easy to store. This means that you are less likely to lose or misplace things and play more of the games you love.

advantage of minimalist gaming - less stress

Five useful tips to master minimalist gaming

Get the type of games you like the most.

We all have a favorite type of game that we liked the most. Typical for most guys are fighting games. Maybe you like role-playing games or sports. These games you enjoy the most should be the ones you have out there to play as part of your minimalist video game collection.

tips for minimalist gaming - less stress

Sell the games you don't play much.

Sometimes we buy a game and find that we don't like it very much. We like the game when we start to play, but we get bored in the end. Most of us probably have a lot of those games gathering dust. Minimalism involves trying to minimize things that are not useful or meaningful.

If you haven't played a game you've purchased for more than a few weeks, it's a good idea to sell it or give it to someone. Don't worry if you want to play again in the future. Remember all the games that you enjoy and will continue to have.

Minimize hardware

Minimalist gamers only have devices that they use very frequently, if not daily. If you pick up a console once in a blue moon, isn't it better to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it more and use it rather than just letting it sit and collect dust? Try to find a way to access most of your games online to save shelf space in your home.

Take time to do other things you enjoy.

We all know that with many activities in life, spending too much time on them can negatively affect our lives. Life is not just about finding something we like. Life is more about finding all the things we love. There are probably many other activities that make you happy besides playing video games. Spending all your time playing deprives you of those other things that make you happy. Strive to live a balanced life by finding meaning in more things. Enjoy a variety of activities that will make you feel good.

Set a time limit for the game.

You can make sure you don't spend too much time playing by setting a time limit. Perhaps the ideal time would be an hour or two a day. Maybe just 30 minutes is enough for some of you. It may seem difficult at first if you are an avid gamer, but give it a try. Use your free time to try new activities or learn a new skill. Developing as a person to help you earn more wealth and with more wealth, more time to do whatever you want.

You can use Famisafe to organize the correct time management to use your gaming devices to also pay proper attention to other aspects of life. Famisafe consists of various functions, such as App Blocker, which allows you to block all apps to manage your time more efficiently.

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FamiSafe's user interface is flexible and easy to use. No need to have technical knowledge on how to use it. It is very simple; all you need to do is follow some basic steps, and you are all set.

The most important thing we want you to understand is that minimalism needs to be taken in small steps. Start slowly, and you will realize that there are more things that you don't appreciate.

Minimalism, when done right, should give you more freedom to enjoy the things you appreciate and make you less anxious to live with the clutter you have. Having a minimalist gaming mindset can also make you change your mind about the games you buy or the items you collect in the future, you start to see what you value, and you forget about the things you don’t enjoy.

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Ankhi Bhattacharya

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