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Best parental control App

How to Prevent Your Child from Tech Addiction? Read this Guide!

Tech addiction among children has become a great cause of concern for parents in modern times. With the advancements in the technological field and the invention of digital devices, the physical activity of children has reduced, and they are spending more time than required on the internet.

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The excessive use of smart mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, and other digital devices among children has affected not only the physical health of children growing in modern times, but they are much more mentally ill than they ever were. There are other major risks involved with tech addiction among children as it may lead them to become violent.

internet addiction overview by age

Parents want their children to be healthy and active, but the tech addiction adds to their worries. Now they are not in control of what habits their kids are developing since they are often got disconnected from them. To address the great concern of parents to eliminate or reduce tech addiction among their kids, the solution also lies in the digital world.

Parental control apps are a kind of apps that can help parents to prevent internet addiction by monitoring their children’s activity online, which also allows them to control what the child sees on the internet and what should be avoided.

But how could you know if your kid is addicted to tech devices? And how can we address this issue? Let’s read on:

Signs of Tech Addiction

1.Less time and interest on outdoor activities, more on digital devices

The first and foremost sign of tech addiction among children is that they start to spend less time on outdoor activities, and tend to lose their interest in going out and playing physical games. Consequently, they become less active and social as they don’t want to interact with people anymore.

sign of tech addiction

All they want is to have a mobile phone or a tablet in their hand day and night, which turns into an addiction to mobile phones. It leads them to social withdrawal, and they are no more interested in meeting people and making friends.

2.Can’t entertain themselves without electronics

You could find out that your kids won’t be able to entertain themselves without electronics since they have no interest in outdoor activities anymore. No matter wherever you take them, they will always demand a digital device to spend their time on the internet. The charm of the outer world and playlands doesn’t attract them anymore as their interest is not the physical world but the digital world.

addicted to phone

3.Become more irritable

If you notice that your kids become more irritable when you refuse their proposal for playing tech devices, you may need to pay more attention to their daily activities from then on. It's because they may have got addicted to tech devices already.

become more irritable

It happens when they demand to play more and more on tech devices, and you refuse them. They will not listen to you and may become furious, leading them to other dangerous activities. They irritate you most of the time for not allowing them to play tech devices.

Dangers of Tech Addiction

1.Affect child’s brain development

Unlike adults, a child’s brain remains in the development process and is more prone to getting adverse effects of tech addiction. Excessive use of technology puts children’s brains at risk of harming their cognitive ability, and it may impact the healthy development of a child’s brain.

danger of tech addiction

It will also cause children to adopt an internet approach to thinking rather than a real-life approach, affecting their ability to understand the problems in real life.

2.Contribute to myopia

Excessive use of tech devices will contribute to nearsightedness. According to recent research, the prevalence of myopia increased with age from 14.7% in 5- to 7-year olds to 59.0% in 17- to 19-year olds. And during COVID-19, many schools choose to have remote classes, which causes teenagers to spend more time on screen, and less time on outdoor activities.It strongly affects their vision and leads to myopia.

contribute to myopia

3.Affect family’s harmony

Children with tech addiction develop a habit to be alone, and they are not happy being with their family or spending time with others. Lack of family time will significantly affect the family’s harmony, which may lead to disorder in the house.

affect family harmony

How to Address Tech Addiction

Where the excessive use of technology causes tech addiction, you can also find internet addiction treatment to address this problem by using the same technology like Parental Control Apps. To prevent tech addiction among children, parents can rely on parental control apps.

FamiSafe is one of the best parental control apps available on the internet. It allows parents to monitor and control their children’s digital use, offers parents internet addiction treatment for their children, and so on. Here is how FamiSafe can help you address tech addiction issue.

the way to address tech addiction

1.Set Screen Time

With FamiSafe, you could set scheduled screen time for the devices your kids are using to avoid tech addiction. It’s a little hard to keep children away from tech devices currently during COVID-19. But at least you could make sure they are studying instead of surfing.

FamiSafe could help you set the screen time you think is appropriate for your child, then they won’t get access to the device anymore once it exceeds the limit time.

screen time and limit

2.Activity Report

Apart from setting screen time to avoid excessive use of tech devices, you could get to monitor what your kids see on the internet and learn about what they’re addicted to.

By checking the activity report with FamiSafe, you can control the content on your child’s screen by restricting his access to unwanted content that is causing him to addiction to mobile phones or computers.

activity report

3.Away from inappropriate webs

To protect kids from being addicted to inappropriate websites, you could use Web Filter of FamiSafe to monitor and restrict the webs they’re browsing. The information among the network is too diverse that will attract the kids without parents' notice. Some webs may include inappropriate and even harmful information that causes tech addiction among children.

To get rid of this issue, you could use FamiSafe’s Web Filter feature. The restrictions set by you with the help of this app will help you prevent them from browsing inappropriate websites.

website filter

4.App Blocker

The reason for most of the kids being addicted to tech devices is because of the interesting apps. They could chat with different people on the app, play the game with them remotely. Get to know what your kids are working on and addicted to is a good way to help them out of tech addiction.

With FamiSafe, you could check the app where they spend most of their time. And it could help you block the app instantly or set a scheduled time to avoid excessive use.

safe internet with famisafe

If your kids are obsessed with video games, this guide you may also be interested in.

Other Tips

Aside from parental control apps, you could still take other steps to treat internet addiction. It would be helpful to spend more time with your child and telling them how much you care about them by showing your love and care.

You can also make them spend more time outdoor involving them with physical games and other innovative activities. Engage with your child and participate in games that he likes by playing yourself with him.

Help kids find their real habits

Being a parent, your child should not see you as his enemy. Many parents get furious when they see their child becoming a tech addict. They try to solve it by punishing them and snatching away the computer or other tech devices their child might be using. Some parents get frightened and use force to make their child quit the tech addiction.

participate in outdoor activity

Both approaches will instill a message in your child’s mind against you, and he will see you as an enemy, not as a friend who is helping them. It can also lead your children to suffer from nervousness, irritability, and anger. They may become violent and may adopt abusive behavior.

outdoor activity

Alternatively, you could adopt a friendly approach with your child while telling him what is good and bad for him. Spend an hour or more per night with him and help him understand that you are not trying to control him. And help him adopt healthy habits instead of using technology all the time. Try to put the digital devices somewhere you and other family members can see them to prevent internet addiction.

Show your interest in your kids’ daily activities

Another harmful habit of the parents is that they have never shown any interest in their child’s life. Still, upon seeing them suffering from tech addiction and internet addiction symptoms, they become anxious and try to solve it if it is out of their control.

stay with your kids

As a parent, you should take an interest in your child’s daily life and see his activities and how he is spending his days and nights on the internet. You must spend some time with him daily and try to engage and communicate with them to distract their attention from digital devices. Engaging with them helps a lot as they won’t need to use tech devices to pass their time. With parents and other family members around, the children would like to spend time with others instead of spending excessive time on digital devices.

happy family time

With the help of these tips and the FamiSafe parental control app, you can prevent internet addiction in your child.

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