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Will Lo-fi Music Help My Kids Focus on Study?

Full Review of Lo-fi Music

Are you looking for a way to make your kids focus on the study? Do you want them to be high-achieving students? With a little consideration of the factors affecting a kid's concentration level, you can make it possible.

Have you ever thought why kids or even adults find studying so dry? While on the other hand, they enjoy watching movies and playing around. What is it? Interest. Psychology says observational learning is the most developed type of learning in humans. That is why kids learn more from movies.

You might have grown hearing about the negative impacts of music or videos on kid's ability to study, but in actual, it's not true. A great way to develop a child's interest in his academics is to use music. Yes, you read it right! You can do it through music! And lo-fi study music has been proved the best in this regard. A study shows that kids who listened to pop music performed better in the test than those who didn't.

what is lofi music

What is Lo-fi music?

Lo-fi music is Lo-fidelity music. You might be surprised to know that Lo-fi music is the imperfections made while recording music. Yes, those soothing beats you enjoy listening are the errors encountered during the song/music recording. Contrary to Hi-Fi music, low-quality music is not supposed to add to the released music or song.

Lo-fi music refers to as misplayed notes or sounds that had some environmental interference. It was never itself a music genre, but later on, it became one due to its vast popularity and hype.

lofi music

History of Lo-fi music

Lo-fi music came in the '80s and 90's when some amateur musicians went into the field. Due to lack of venue and short budget, those musicians recorded imperfect music, and the people liked it for its authenticity. However, the term Lo-fi was invented first by DJ William Berger in 1986. He used to do a half an hour segment under the name 'Lo-fi.' He played home-recorded music in that segment, and people enjoyed it a lot.

How it got popular?

Lo-fi music got some popularity in 2010 when several channels on youtube hosted Lo-fi music, which later-on caught the viewer's attention. Since then, it's been growing, and today many artists choose Lo-fi music as their primary genre. Even some use artificial lo-fi effects to make the sound aesthetic and pleasing.

Presently in 2020, especially in the pandemic era, people were more attracted to such music. This hype is, 80% of people were in the phase of anxiety due to the abrupt change in the whole world. People used Lo-fi music to cope with the stress that gave them a relaxing and calming effect.

What is the most popular Lo-fi music?

We all desire calmness and relief, and lo-fi music guarantees it. Here are some most popular lo-fi music types that help us calm and relax and improve focus while studying.

Lo-fi hip hop

Lofi hip hop is the most popular type of lo-fi. It has its own kind of aesthetic, giving you chill and classic vibes. It is traditionally a mixture of jazz elements and hip hop. It helps in boosting a kid's concentration level when played during study time. Kids usually do not like the hard text to read, but they can develop an interest in dry subjects like history when listening to lo-fi music.

Japanese samurai Lo-fi hip hop

This type of lo-fi music has a perfect harmony wave. It has instrumental and landscape sounds. The up and down effects in this genre are so refreshing. Studying with Japanese samurai lo-fi hip hop is a great idea, especially with maths. The soothing beats help kids to calm down and help them reason when solving complicated questions.

Chill hop

Such lo-fi has low beats that have proven benefits in improving a kid's focus on studies. The idea is to soothe the mind while enabling it to focus on the present state. This way, students can learn faster while memorizing it longer. So if you’re a student, grab your headphones, sit on your study table, turn on the chill hop, and you can study for hours at ease!

Most popular Lo-fi music channel

Here are some of the most popular Lo-fi music channels on different platforms.

1. Chilledcow has the most significant number of followers on YouTube among several other channels because of his ability to create a soothing sound that has helped many students. The way he edits videos is also impressive. To date, 6.57 million people have subscribed to his youtube channel.

Most famous songs:

  • Study session chill beats
  • Relax to study
  • Anime girl

2. The red girl has got some magical power to make people addicted to her songs. The phenomenal lo-fi study music she makes is breathtaking and so addictive. She’s also getting so popular on Tiktok these days. Not only Tiktok, but she has also taken over all the social media platforms.

Most famous songs

  • We fell in love in October
  • girls
  • I’ll die anyway

3. College music produces the nicest lo-fi jazz hip hop. He makes classical music from old songs, probably the best remixes of old songs. He has gained 1.19M subscribers by only 935 videos. His streams are so soothing.

Most famous songs

  • Unfold
  • Can’t take my eyes off from you
  • I’m closing my eyes

4. Clairo is truly winning everyone’s heart with her melody. She makes extra stunning lo-fi music. The tempo of her vocals catches the perfect rhythms. Moreover, the smooth lyrics in her music are miraculous.

Most famous songs

  • pretty girl
  • sofia
  • hot Cheetos

5. Dreamy takes you to the dreamworld. His beat setting is so much perfect, and the serene vocals make the atmosphere heavenly. You can listen to Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud, and also on Youtube.

Most famous songs

  • Night lullaby
  • Summer vibes
  • Mellow vibes

6. The jazz hop cafè gives us so peaceful vibes. No one can make better jazz hop than him. He's the one who has made jazz hop a trend. He produces chill beats in such an appealing way that everyone is amazed. Studying and listening to sound is something impossible, but he has made this possible!

Most famous music

  • staying in
  • midnight aura
  • side streets

Will Lo-fi music help my kids focus on the study?

Urging kids to study is so much difficult task for many parents. But nothing's impossible in the 21st century. You should be glad that lo-fi study music exists!

Here are some benefits that lo-fi study can offer:

  • Activates brain

Lo-fi music produces several physiological effects on the body. A human brain has two parts; the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere; lo-fi music activates both hemispheres, helping your brain function more efficiently. According to Stanford research, music moves the mind to pay attention. The study showed that the brain assists students in focusing on the lesson and organizing the incoming information.

  • Happy mood

Another study showed that slow music releases a hormone Serotonin, which is known as a happy mood hormone, elevating your mood. With its calming effect, Lo-fi music increases dopamine and serotonin and reduces the stress hormone, Cortisol. And a happy and relaxed mood can help your kids focus on studying more than a stressful mind.

  • Improves learning

According to a study, lo-fi study musichas shown some improvements in kids' cognitive abilities under 12. The study showed that students who listened to music could perform more questions in the time allotted than those who didn't listen to music. The effect is known as the Mozart effect. So musical training makes the brain healthy and prevents mental disorders such as Dementia and Alzheimer's.

  • Reduces anxiety

Slow music reduces blood pressure and heart rate to normal, which ultimately reduces anxiety and stress. If your kid is suffering from anxiety about exams, a lo-fi study is the one that can help.

  • Soothing effect

Similarly, as a lullaby makes your kid sleep, lo-fi also has a soothing effect on them to make them focused on study. It relaxes muscle tension and makes you feel relaxed. And you better know that in which mood your kid can gain more. According to a USA Today study, music effects on a body are similar to a massage, which means music is a therapy to your body.

Is Lo-fi music enough to keep your kids focus on study?

Lo-fi music can help a child improve his focus, but it's not a permanent solution to keep the kids focused on their studies. For a long-term benefit, parents should opt to limit the unnecessary exposure of kids to the screen time. FamiSafe is one of the best parental control apps that keep track of your kid’s viewing history, screen time, location, and many more.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

With this app, you can manage your kid’s device without even touching their phone. You can set screen time according to your own will with complete control of the device. You can set a limit of time you want your kid to use his phone. After that limit, the device will get blocked and not operate until you let it. With the smart schedule, you can mention his study hours or school time. Within that particular time, his device will automatically get blocked for a few hours until that time ends.

famisafe - screen time

With this app, you can get the activity report, which lists the movies/shows your kid has watched along with the time and location. FamiSafe app also enables parents to set limitations on specific apps and locking few to build a safer environment for the kids.

famisafe activity report

FamiSafe app also has a web content filter feature enabling parents to block the kids' non-suitable content. Besides, a parental alert feature quickly notifies parents whenever their kid is in an unsafe zone or is exposed to any suspicious content. This way, it empowers parents to maintain discipline in their kid's life, allowing them to focus more on their studies than unnecessary activities.

web filter feature of famisafe

To sum up, it is entirely okay for your kid to listen to music during the study. If he's already doing it, do not stop him from doing as music helps focus on homework. In case your kid is feeling challenging to concentrate on studies and learning, buy him a good pair of headphones, and turn on some Lo-fi music to improve his understanding. It needs to consider that lo-fi music is not magic and can't do beyond some limitations. It's great to soothe the brain nerves, but it's not ideal for keeping kids focused on their studies. A better approach is to opt for a FamiSafe app that enables parents to maintain strict control over their kid's devices. FamiSafe app ensures that your kid's activity is on the right track, and they are safe from suspicious social media content. This way, this app delivers long-term solutions to maintain discipline in kids' routines and focus on their studies.

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