Screen Time Schedule

Let parents have the power to remotely set reasonable screen time for kids and track their daily app usage. Help them cultivate healthy digital habits and get rid of phone addiction. Give less distraction and more productivity.

 Filter and block websites on Android & iOS with FamiSsfe

What FamiSafe Can Help:

Filter Websites using FamiSafe

Monitor Screen time

Monitor how much time kids spend online per day, week or month. Know which periods or activities they waste most time on Android phones.

Whitelist certain websites using FamiSafe

Preset Screen Time

Remotely schedule daily or weekly app usage around specific locations like school time or bedtime. Improve children's school performance or sleep quality.

Check incognito history using FamiSafe

Block Devices

Temporarily block devices to let children build more focus on family or school. Reward daily screen time when kids finish important assignments effectively.

know parents' concern

Know Parents' Concerns

Addicted to phone and unwilling to spend much time with family or friends.

Easily get digital eye strain and poor eye vision.

Can't focus on study at school or home for a long time.

Stay up all night for online chatting or gaming.

Easy to Start with 3 Simple Steps

1 register famisafe


Register a FamiSafe account on the
website or app from Google Play and
App Store.

2 install


Install FamiSafe app both on
parent's and kid's devices.

3 connect device


Connect and manage all devices from
FamiSafe dashboard app or web portal.

Related FAQ

  • The new guideline from the World Health Organization recommends:

    1. For kids 2 to 4 years old, they should spend screen time less than an hour per day.
    2. For children 5-18 years old, parents should try to set consistent screen time limits on the use of kids' any digital devices in two hours or less per day.
  • Here's how to limit screen time on iPhone using FamiSafe

    1. Create a FamiSafe account.
    2. Install FamiSafe app on parent’s and kid’s phones.
    3. Tap Screen Time.
    4. Tap Block Device to block kid’s whole device.
    5. Tap Set Screen Time Limit.
    6. Select a start and end time.
    7. Tap OK to start screen time allowance.
  • Parents should limit my child's screen time. Too much screen time can be bad for kids’ health, research suggests. It has been linked to an increased risk of social media anxiety, depression a greater risk of obesity, poor productivity and sleep deprivation. The AAP and other child health organizations have also advocated parents to limit child’s screen time.

  • Here's how to limit child's android screen time from parent’s iPhone or Android phone using FamiSafe.

    1. Create a FamiSafe account.
    2. Install FamiSafe app on parent’s and kid’s phones.
    3. Tap Screen Time to check a chart of kid’s daily screen time data.
    4. Tap Block Device to block whole device.
    5. Tap Set Screen Time Limit and select a start and end time.
    6. Select a start and end time and tap OK.
    7. Tap Smart Schedule to preset screen time. (where and when child can use their phones)
    1. Reduce digital eye strain and headache.
    2. Reduce social media depression and anxiety.
    3. Improve child’s sleep quality.
    4. Increase study productivity.

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