App Blocker & Usage

Block unwanted apps containing unhealthy information. Limit obsessive app usage. Let kids be more focused on school assignments, family, etc.

Filter and block websites on Android & iOS with FamiSsfe

What FamiSafe Can Help:

 FamiSafe App Usage

App Usage

See used app list and how much time kids spend on each app per day, week or month (For Android). Get to know if they spend a large amount of time on handset games or stay up late playing with cellphone.

Block or restrict specific threatening app

App Blocker

Lock apps by age-based rating on iOS with weekly or daily schedule. Block or restrict specific threatening apps and certain app categories, such as entertainment or social media in Android device.

Send instant warning to parents using FamiSafe

Instant Warning

Send instant warning to parents when children try to open blocked apps like YouTube or Twitter on Android. App icons will directly disappear on kids' IOS devices after being blocked and appear again when unblocked.

know parents' concern

Know Parents' Concerns

Easily get distracted from constant social media messages and fail to concentrate on studying.

Watch porn at an early age, affecting kids' thinking, behavior, and psychological development.

Addicted to phones and fear things like meeting new people, speaking in public or joining in groups.

Easy to Start with 3 Simple Steps

1 register famisafe


Register a FamiSafe account on the
website or app from Google Play and
App Store.

2 install


Install FamiSafe app both on
parent's and kid's devices.

3 connect device


Connect and manage all devices from
FamiSafe dashboard app or web portal.

Related FAQ

  • For Android, visit Screen Time option and view the time spent of various apps today, the past 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days. You can block apps usage from this screen by sliding the button on the right side of each app. For iOS, click on App Blocker option on the dashboard, and you will get options to block apps as per age limit (preset in FamiSafe). You can also schedule the start and end time for using the apps.

  • If you think your child is addicted to Snapchat, then you need to have a mature conversation with them. Talk to them as their friend and get to know the root cause of their addiction. A lot of kids get addicted to Snapchat because they want to escape from their reality. With FamiSafe, you can simply block Snapchat on their device so that they can’t use it. Furthermore, you can also set time-based restrictions on the device. In this way, they can only use the app for a limited duration.

  • 1. Go to the "Settings" option and "Account Privacy", and enable the "Private Account".

    2. Remove the unkind followers from the kid’s Instagram follower list easily.

    3. Unfollow the accounts which post adult content images.

    4. Disable the commenting option from your kid’s post which might cause bad remarks.

    With FamiSafe, you can set time limit to prevent the kids from becoming addictive to Instagram or block it. Connect your kids' Instagram account and you could receive keywords alert if any dangerous contents are detected.

  • Yes, Suspicious Photos, Explicit Content Detection (Android), YouTube Content Detection (iOS), YouTube App Control (Android), Screen Time (Android) and App Blocker (iOS) options can all together help you block porn on your kids' devices.

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