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It’s the nature of kids to explore unknown world, so FamiSafe geo-fencing feature helps parents watch over their kids in case they are too close to risky areas.

  • Able to create and monitor multi geofences.
  • Receive notifications when you kid enters or leaves the marked areas such as schools, parks, close friends’ houses, etc.
  • Combine geofencing with app blocking feature so as to set smart control schedules. For example, you may block gaming apps in school area while your kid is attending classes.


  • All major android phones and tablets; Android 4.4 and above.
  • iPhone/iPod/iPad; iOS 9.x, 10.x and above.

How to use FamiSafe to create and monitor geofences?

The first and most important thing is to communicate with your kid first. Both parents and kids should mutually understand the need of using FamiSafe parental control service.

  • Install FamiSafe app both your kid’s device and your own device.
  • Register a FamiSafe membership account within the app on parent’s device. Sign into FamiSafe account on your kid’s device with identity “Kid”.
  • Activate FamiSafe service on your kid’s device.
  • If your kid uses an android phone or tablet, you will need to allow several permission requests during the installation process so that FamiSafe could work properly.

    If you kid uses an iPhone, you will need to install a mobile device management file. It is also used to allow necessary permissions.

  • Finally on your own phone sign in as “Parent” using the same account. FamiSafe will automatically connect your kid’s device. When everything is settled, you can do all control things including creating and monitoring geofences.

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