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Coolest Creative Tech Gifts For Teens You've Never Seen Before!

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The tech industry is a constantly changing and evolving entity, which means that there are always new products being created every day. This can be both exciting and challenging for techies, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. Teens in particular have grown up with a tech at their fingertips, so you might find yourself wondering what to get them this holiday season.


If you're still looking for tech gifts for teens, I've got some great ideas to share with you. This list is full of the coolest tech gifts and gadgets that will wow any teen on your Christmas list this season.

Part1. 5 Coolest Tech Gifts for Teens For the Holidays

Gift 1Infinity Orb UFO Levitating Floating Speaker

Let's face it; speakers are boring. They're loud and they play music. But what if you could get a speaker that does all of the above, but also looks amazing? This Infinity Orb UFO Levitating Floating Speaker is just that! It's an innovative tech gift for your teenage son or daughter this Christmas.

This levitating floating speaker looks futuristic and sophisticated, and the speaker is shaped like a UFO. The UFO, which contains the 5W speaker, is levitated through a magnetic field and rotates as your music plays. It uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to any device, and the orb itself rotates in all directions to create an incredible floating effect. The system's sound is also remarkable. While it only has a 5W wireless speaker, the music is loud and powerful, easily filling a space with song. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of bass it produced.

Another cool feature of this speaker is wireless charging technology. The Infinity Orb UFO is powered by a 1200 mAh battery, which gives you 6 to 7 hours of playtime. Overall, the Infinity Orb UFO is a great floating Bluetooth speaker. Not only will this speaker look great in any room of your home, but it's sure to get everyone's attention at your next party!

The Infinity Orb UFO Levitating Floating Speaker retails at $129.99.

Gift 2Ziiiro Horizon Watch – Black

Ziiiro watches are tech gifts that are perfect for any tech lover on your list. And they make great gifts for teens too! Ziiiro watches are unique compared to other traditional timepieces because they’re analog but at the same time are digital. I'm saying that in the sense that if you look at the dial, you don’t see any hour, minute, or second hands to indicate the time. There’s nothing like that going on here. Instead, you can see some thick circles, and some thick lines circling the perimeter of the watch.

Today we have a newly released Ziiiro watch, The Horizon. The Horizon is Ziiiro's newest minimal timepiece in the minimalist range. The name of the watch face comes from its distinctive geometric design, which includes a straight-line pattern, a basic circle, and a gradient under-layer. The hour is marked by the beginning of the gradient section, while the white line shows the minutes. With a black genuine 20 mm wide leather strap, this is unquestionably a watch for every occasion.

The Ziiiro Horizon is built to last. Thanks to its stainless steel case and hardened mineral crystal glass. The watch can withstand water up to 5 ATMs, making it perfect for activities like swimming and snorkeling.

The Ziiiro Horizon Watch – Black retails at $199.

Gift 3Avengers Marvel Legends Full Scale Iron Man Electronic Helmet

Teens and kids alike love Iron Man, so it's no wonder that the Avengers Marvel Legends Full Scale Iron Man Electronic Helmet is one of this year's most popular tech gifts. They'll love putting on this authentic-looking helmet and pretending to be their favorite superhero!

This helmet not only looks like the real thing, but it also has electronic sound effects and voice-activated light-up eyes, making it perfect for play or cosplay. It also has a detachable magnetized faceplate that triggers sounds when attached to or detached from the helmet. Also, attaching the faceplate triggers lights inside the eyes. It's sure to be a hit with any fan of Iron Man - or the Avengers!

The Avengers Marvel Legends Full Scale Iron Man Electronic Helmet retails for around $150.

Gift 4Nixie Tube Clock

Looking for a tech gift that's different and unique? Check out the Nixie Tube Clock! Anime fans would love this one because it's quite the look in Steins;Gate. This cool clock is made from vintage vacuum tubes, and it has a really retro look. It's perfect for anyone who loves tech gadgets, or for anyone who wants to add a bit of funky style to their home décor. If you're unfamiliar with what a Nixie Tube is and how it works, allow me to explain.

Nixie tubes, also known as cold-cathode displays or glow-discharge devices, are electronic displays that employ a glow discharge to display numerals or other information. A glass tube with a wire-mesh anode and a variety of cathodes that look like numerals or other symbols in tubes. An orange glow discharge is formed when electricity is applied to one cathode.

The Nixie Tube Clock is a great choice for a Christmas gift, especially for tech-savvy teens. It's sure to be a hit with anyone who loves gadgets and innovative technology. The Nixie Tube Clock costs between $210 and $230.

Gift 5Joytech Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Loudspeaker

You probably have heard about the famous Tesla coil invented by Nikola Tesla. It is a device that creates high-voltage, low-current electricity. I am sure you are intrigued by Elon Musk's Tesla cars, but let's admit, you can't gift your teenage kid a Tesla car or a Tesla coil. So, if an actual Tesla coil is not the tech gift you were looking for this Christmas season, why don't you get them Joytech Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Loudspeaker?

It will surely make your teen's friends go "Whoa!" in excitement. This amazing wireless Bluetooth speaker produces arcs of electricity when connected to a power source. The arc of electricity creates very interesting visual effects and turns every party into a blast. It is not only cool but also safe for kids as well since no power goes through them. Just don't let them touch the streamer wire because it gets really hot!

The circuit protection structure of this music tesla will not harm the input device and may play music in higher quality than an arc plasma loudspeaker. However, it's Bluetooth and this model can only play square-wave music. Your teen kid will have a lot of fun with this music tesla. It is a smaller version of the Tesla Coil. This music tesla has the functions of a loudspeaker and can light gaseous tubes and LED bulbs when you place them near it. It's really simple to use. All you have to do is plug it in, place the LED bulb near it, and the bulb will light up. Kind of magic, right? It’s amusing to watch people's faces as they discover what has occurred, and all of your guests want to know why you're smiling.

This music tesla is a great way to show your kids the science behind electricity. It's also great for teaching them about sound waves. Plus, it's just plain fun! Your kids will love watching the sparks fly and the light bulbs glow. And they'll love hearing the music play in high quality. Furthermore, this would be an awesome tech gift idea for teenagers who are interested in science, engineering, or physics classes at school.

So, what are you waiting for? Get them this music tesla today! The Joytech Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Loudspeaker retails for $105.

Gift 6Apple AirPods Pro

If you're looking for a tech-themed gift, the Apple AirPods Pro might be just the thing. They're perfect for teens and young adults who love listening to music and podcasts on the go. Plus, they come in a stylish carrying case that doubles as a charger. So not only will your loved ones be able to listen to their favorite tunes all day long, but they'll also never have to worry about running out of battery life.

The AirPods Pro features noise cancellation and a customizable fit, so they're perfect for use in any environment. Plus, the sound quality is excellent - even better than that of the standard AirPods. If you're looking for a great gift for someone who loves tech, the AirPods Pro is definitely worth considering!

The Apple AirPods Pro retail for $249, but you can get some discount codes online to bring the price down.

Part2. FAQ

Q1: What tech gifts are perfect for tech-savvy teens?

Some popular tech gifts that tech-savvy teens might love include the latest iPhone or iPad, an Apple Watch, a gaming console such as an Xbox One or PlayStation, headphones, and portable speakers.

Q2: Which tech gifts are the coolest?

It really depends on the teen, but tech gifts that are popular among teens include portable speakers like Beats Solo or Bose SoundLink Mini II, wireless earbuds such as Apple AirPods, and Jaybird X Sports Wireless Headphones.

Q3: What is the best tech gift for your teen brother or sister?

The most popular tech gifts for teens tend to be tech devices such as the latest iPhone or iPad, an Apple Watch, a gaming console like Xbox One or PlayStation, headphones, and speakers.

Q4: What tech gifts are teens dying to get for Christmas?

A lot of teenagers these days are obsessed with all things technology! So it’s no surprise that the hottest gift item this year is gadgets and gizmos galore. Some of the most popular tech gifts for teens include the Apple Watch, the new iPhone, and gaming consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation. If your teen is into tech, any of these items would be sure to please them on Christmas morning!

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