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Should You Let Your Kids be a Professional Streamer?

What Does it Take to Be a Streamer?

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The live streaming boom is slowly gripping the digital world. People across different age groups and wide interests are turning to live streaming platforms to showcase their skills and become celebrities. The outcomes of live streaming are far-reaching ranging from highly impactful to adverse.


However, experts believe live streaming platforms are extremely dangerous for innocent children. Several incidents have been reported in the past where kids were blackmailed by scammers and committed suicides as a result of immense mental stress. Despite all these problems, live streaming is one of the fast-growing professions and a large number of children are coming into this field. Even many kids have made a huge success and earned a high reputation by broadcasting on live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.

This article explains how to be a Twitch streamer and explains the prospects of this career.

Part 1: Why Kids Want to be Professional Streamers?


The lucrative world of live streaming is magnetic for both adults and children. Being a professional streamer is a dream for people who can sell their skills online and inspire their target audience with their talent. Particularly, gamers are today earning millions of dollars by playing broadcasting online tournaments and becoming more mainstream.

Here are a few reasons why children are turning to live streaming careers:

1. They are Having Difficulty in Real World

Scientific developments have created a parallel universe or a virtual world around us. Things we are seeing online are different from those in the real world. Take an example of relations, doesn’t matter how long your Facebook friend list is, it can never take place of your actual friends.

Kids who are unable to adjust themselves in the real world opt towards the virtual world of the internet. One of the common practices is live streaming which gives them confidence and an opportunity to present themselves before others. Despite being unsuccessful in the real world, they achieve their desired objectives by becoming professional streamers.

2. They Hate Going to School

The right to education is compulsory worldwide. Every child deserves to go to school for studies, irrespective of gender, background, religion, or ethnicity. However, not every child likes sitting in the classroom to attend tiring lectures. Some of them learn more outside and hate going to their schools.

A majority of these children who don’t want to go to school aspire to become live streamers. The profession doesn’t need preliminary education or specific qualifications. They can earn money and reputation by showcasing their skills and inspiring their target audience.

3. They Want to Become Professional Gamers

A large number of live streamers are professional gamers, who are passionate about participating in online gaming competitions and staying ahead of their rivals. Live streaming platforms allow these game lovers to broadcast live gameplays and share valuable tips with the target audience.

Hence, those kids who like playing games and want to use their talent for professional growth become gaming live streamers. This way, they can earn reputation and gain financial independence without attending any institution.

4. They are Fortune Hunters

Not every kid is stagnant, some have a dynamic personality and want to keep looking for growth opportunities in their life. If they are not succeeding in one field, they upgrade their skills and search for a more lucrative area that can help them achieve their dreams.

Those fortune hunter children who can get benefits from live broadcasting become professional streamers and begin earning fame in this profession.

5. They Have Some Special Talent

What would you make out of the talent you believe no one other has? Isn’t it better to use that talent for self-empowerment and to become a celebrity?

Kids with some special talent like gaming, photography, video editing, programming, singing, or hosting like to become live streamers. This profession allows them to chase their dreams and stand out from their peers.

Part 2: What Does It Take to be a Streamer?


Being a professional streamer is very challenging. You have to have a specific skill set to generate engaging, authentic, and realistic content that can inspire viewers. Only passion for live streaming cannot help you achieve your desired objectives unless you transform your personality accordingly.

Given below are a few things every streamer must have:

1. Communication Skills

If you can communicate with different people confidently, you have a good chance of becoming a successful live streamer. Great communication skills are necessary to deliver your messages and engage with your audience.

Those kids who aspire to become live streamers can develop their communication skills by talking to different people on various topics. They must have a good command of the language they intend to communicate in. Besides, their tone should be professional, interesting, and engaging too.

2. Professional Skills

Like freelancing, live streaming also demands a specific skill or expertise that you can utilize to excel in this field. For instance, if you are a very good player of PUBG, you can live broadcast the gameplay and become a professional gaming live streamer.

Hence, the second thing you need to become a live streamer is any professional skills like gaming, programming, designing, editing, singing, etc. Practice as much as you can to gain excellence in your field and increase your chances of success.

3. Ability to Amuse Others

Can you amuse a group of people with your acts, talent, or personality? If your friends enjoy your company and like spending time with you, it’s high time you create a channel on a live streaming platform and become a professional live streamer.

You can attract people across wider interests with your entertaining personality. From your words and gestures to your actions on screen, there are multiple ways you can make your live streams interesting and win the hearts of your fans. Get help from YouTube if you are interested in learning more about how to amuse the target audience.

4. Great Editing Skills

Do you know over 95% of the content we watch on screens is edited by professional editors? It might amaze you a little, but this is a reality that editing is necessary to make visual content more appealing and interesting.

Hence, to become a professional live streamer, you should know how to enhance your visual outlook during live broadcasts. Advance knowledge of famous editing tools like Photoshop is essential for success.

5. Required Facilities

The last thing you must have to succeed as a live streamer is the software and hardware facilities required to broadcast live streams. You must have a separate and well-furnished room equipped with a high-speed internet connection, a computer with an updated operating system and graphic card, and a microphone with a clear voice.

The recording area must have sufficient light so that viewers can enjoy your live stream and interact with you in real-time. Make sure no one disturbs you during the live stream and try to maintain decorum and professionalism.

Tap this video to know at what age your kid can use their gadgets to become a streamer.

Part 3: Is it Really Possible to Make Huge Success in this Career?


There are different possibilities when a child decides to join live streaming as a profession. One has equal chances of success or failure depending on his or her passion, strategy, and approach towards audiences. Many kids have made a huge success in this career by working extremely hard to achieve their goals.

Nonetheless, it’s very hard to succeed as a professional live streamer. The fierce competition in the market coupled with ever-evolving viewer trends makes it very tough for young streamers to succeed.

Tip 1Why do Most Streamers fail?

• They lack essential skills & expertise to generate high-quality streaming content;

• They don’t have any special talent that can inspire the target audience;

• They start their career with big games and get drowned out by the experts who are streaming that game constantly and have a broad audience;

• They have no fan following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube; and

• They choose the wrong streaming platforms that are irrelevant to their talent.

Tip 2How to Succeed as a Streamer?

• Reallize which kind of audiences you are attracting;

• Getting skills and expertise that you can showcase during live streams;

• Developing any special talent you can use to inspire your target audience;

• Starting from small gaming communities with a small number of gamers;

• Choosing streaming platforms wisely according to your competencies;

• Beginning with simple games with less complicated gameplay; and

• Competing with beginners in the start and elevating gradually as you become an expert.

Part 4: How to Ensure Safe Streaming for Your Children?

Does your child want to become a professional live streamer? Don’t stop your kid from chasing his or her dream, follow these tips to ensure safe streaming for your children:

1. Maintain Work-Life Balance

When your kid is stepping into the profession of live streaming, the first thing you should be aware of is work-life balance. Live streaming is not bad, but sitting in front of the screen for several hours continuously can be detrimental to your kid’s mental and physical health. Hence, don’t let your child broadcast extensively, define specific hours, and keep others options open like studies.

2. Parental Guidance

Irrespective of a child’s skills and expertise in a specific area, parental guidance is extremely important. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor which games their children are playing. Whether these games are child-friendly and do your kid’s age fall under its rating? If your child is playing a game that inappropriate content that promotes violence and pornography, instantly block that game and take timely action before it’s too late.

3. Streaming Platforms

Several live streaming platforms are currently available on the internet. However, all of them are not safe, some are very dangerous for innocent children. For instance, scammers and cyberbullies encourage children to participate in immoral activities and then blackmail them on live streaming platforms like Twitch. Once you notice some suspicious person from the audience is trying to scam your kid during the live stream, act accordingly and save your loved one.

4. Encourage Outdoor Games

Broadcasting live gaming streams is good, but they can never take place of outdoor games. Even if your child has decided to become a professional live streamer, you have to encourage him or her to go outside and actively participate in physical activities. The importance of outdoor games can never be ignored. They keep your children healthy and teach them essential traits of teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and passion to achieve the desired goals.

5. Use Parental Monitoring Apps

Finally, how can parents monitor which games their children are broadcasting on different streaming platforms? The answer is FamiSafe, the most reliable and efficient parental monitoring app that allows parents to keep a check on their kids’ online activities secretly. Even if you are in your office or outside, you can monitor who is interacting with your child and what type of streaming platforms he or she is using. Once you find any suspicious activity, you can block a specific game, streaming platform, or anonymous user in the target audience without letting your kid know. This way, you can enable your child to become a professional live streamer without compromising on his or her safety.

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With the arrival of the pandemic, live streaming platforms have become very popular globally. A large number of kids, particularly gamers, come and join these platforms every day and broadcast live streams to earn money and a reputation.

However, many parents are still confused about whether they should let their kids be professional streamers or not? Well, if a child is more interested in live streaming than studies, letting him or her chase this dream is not a bad option. Parents can use parental monitoring apps like FamiSafe to ensure safe streaming for their children and allow their kids to become professional live streamers.

Try FamiSafe today and let your child make it big in live streaming career!

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