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What is Overwatch? A Game Safety Guide for Parents

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Overwatch is a 2016 video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released by Blizzard Entertainment. Additionally, there are various game modes centered on team play. It's a standard first-person shooter.

Giving this game to children and watching them spend time with it, buy game props, and communicate with strangers on the team can be concerning. Therefore, it would be reassuring to indicate what kind of game to expect from a parent review. As a result, an Overwatch parent guide has been created to address safety and age ratings and how to use them.

What is the Overwatch Game?

is overwatch safe

Overwatch is a cooperative multiplayer shooter in which two teams of six players battle to conquer and defend various objectives. It is known for its clean, heroic aesthetic and emphasis on accessibility and giving an equal playing field for players of various abilities and experience levels. Overwatch is set in diverse arenas across the world. There is no single-player option, and the game is exclusively available online.

Leveling up is rewarded with mainly cosmetic goods such as color changes and victory postures, which do not provide an in-game advantage. You can purchase these cosmetics with either in-game or real-world money. The game includes a free trial period. After that, a subscription is necessary to access the game as a first-person shooter with a cartoonish aesthetic and class-based competitive play.

Game Theme

overwatch game theme

Overwatch is a shooting game with a lot of violence, as the genre demands. But on the other hand, it is a colorful, pleasant, and hopeful take on internet shootouts in gun-based gaming. There's some blood and flying cartridges, but the weaponry and characters are imaginative, and even the real-world settings are futuristic re-imaginings of crowded SF sites.

Modern gaming's increased accuracy has pushed in-game violence into a more explicit, realistic territory. Still, Overwatch's comic strip aesthetic is far less dramatic, with action and thrill than gore and grit.

Overwatch PEGI Rating

The founders created the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) age rating system to assist European parents in making educated computer game purchases. Game developers first implemented it in the spring of 2003. It has since replaced various national age rating systems with a single system currently utilized across most of Europe.

Overwatch is rated PEGI 12 in the UK and Europe, indicating suitable for ages 12 and up due to non-realistic-looking violence towards human beings.

According to the GRA, Overwatch has "regular sequences of light violence," and "violence consists of human and fantasy characters assaulting one other with a range of weaponry." "While blood is portrayed, there are no visible injury details, and the violence itself is very light," the GRA adds.

Potential Risks of Overwatch

There are inevitable downsides to gaming in general and particular games. Parents need to be aware that there are certain things they expose their kids to by letting them play Overwatch. It is not entirely supported to take the game away, but playing an active role in monitoring their habits goes a long way. Here are a few risks for the Overwatch parent guide:

Gamer Rage: typically refers to the sprouts of anger accompanying consistent failure in an objective when playing a game, which can cause outbursts and cause the gamer spends more time obsessing over getting past that objective or level.

Violent attitude: In Overwatch, there is a prominent use of weapons and violence. Exposing kids to this consistently can cause them to have more erratic behavior outside of the game. As in the gaming scene, the tendency to react when the child feels wronged is high.

Overwatch can be quite a game; the tendency to go on and on, especially when your team is on a winning streak, is high. That can cause the player to lose track of time and ignore things like eating and taking a bath.

Overspending: A lot of money can go into playing Overwatch, from game subscriptions to buying game props. Giving your child access to credit cards can incur unforeseen costs.

Verbal assaults: Typical online team games have a group call for communication. Your child would be interacting with several unsanctioned people. Aside from gaining a colorful vocabulary, your child is at risk of verbal assaults and bullying from teammates.

Tips for Parents on Overwatch

Overwatch has a large cast of characters covering a vast spectrum of genders, races, cultures, sexualities, and even creatures worldwide. Although there is a lot of violence in the relatively constant action, there is not much blood. The fundamentals are simple to grasp, but the game's wide cast of unique characters and skills adds to the experience's complexity. While the game itself does not contain any profanity, online matches may expose players to foul language from other players. In addition, Overwatch incorporates microtransactions in loot boxes, which include cosmetic additions that can be earned through gameplay, special promotions, or purchased through the in-game shop.

Is Overwatch safe? Not quite, but in a bid to make it safer, parents can opt to control certain things in the game and also ensure that the Overwatch age game rating is duly adhered to. Here are steps parents can take to ensure safety.

  • Do adequate research about the game.
  • Set screen limits and schedules via rules and applications.
  • Do not deny access to credit cards for purchases, and do not save them after purchases.
  • Activate parental controls within the application.
  • Monitor activities and set trigger warnings and alarms.
  • Teach the child to mute abusers and report abuse.
  • Add web filters to limit content access.
  • Limit in-app

Recall Blizzard Entertainment is the developer of Overwatch. It has support for a parent that allows them to enforce controls and keep their children safe. With Blizzard, you can:

overwatch blizzard
  • Set play time limits.
  • Receive playtime reports
  • Custom schedules for screen time and in-app control purchases.

What can Wondershare FamiSafe do?

wondershare famisafe block overwatch

Parents could not feel satisfied with the coverage despite the app's settings. There is the hunting option of exploring parental control apps before you go hunting. A reliable application for parental control is FamiSafe by Wondershare.

Wondershare FamiSafe is a fantastic approach to keeping your children safe. The software is essentially a collection of tools that enable parents to control their children's screen time and access to online content. However, FamiSafe is more than just a screen time software; it also allows parents to keep track of their children's whereabouts and safeguard them from internet threats.

FamiSafe allows parents to control, track, and detect usage, screen time, etc. FamiSafe offers:

  • Activity Reports: Enables you to check your kids’ phone usage details
  • Location Tracker: Get your kids’ real-time location
  • App Blocker: Block one app or a group of apps by age rating
  • Screen Time Schedules: set a healthy screen schedule to develop good a habit
  • Website Filter: Block suspicious or unsafe websites to establish an overall safe online environment for your kids


Gaming is a fun activity and a great way to bond, and Overwatch is a great game. However, it is essential to ensure that the child is duly protected and monitored while playing Overwatch.

Ensuring that parents are always informed of the best ways to do that is a great way to promote healthy digital habits indirectly. Is Overwatch safe? That is no longer the question after the article; it is instead to implement the Overwatch parent guidelines therein.

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