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6 Best free brain training apps for kids

Train your brain app

What is brain training apps?

Do you know that getting your kid the best free brain training apps for brain development is equally important as having exercise apps for their physical fitness? With many children being drawn to using smartphones, tablets, and iPads, most of them find these devices comfortable for watching videos, learning, and playing games.  The apps help reduce the workload done by teachers at school or will help your kids start grasping concepts at an early age. Brain training apps’ developers spend vast resources, to make the apps more useful and enhance your child’s growth.

Why Have Brain Training apps?

  • The train your brain app for kids will improve and sharpen your kid’s attention. While training young kids might prove to be a hustle, several studies have indicated that through using brain training apps, they play positively in a child’s brain development.
  • Many of the available apps to train your kid’s brain will improve your child’s cognitive skills. In return, it will help them improve and develop on how to focus on new things through learning. As a parent, you will have the chance to learn about your child’s strengths and weaknesses during the process.
  • The apps help improve brain learning, concentration, and for your kids to memorize what they have learned.

If you want to download the apps for your children, better lookout for ones that will match up your child’s preferences, and not get bored.

Here are the best six apps to train your brain and also for your child.

3 Brain training apps for Android

1. Elevate

Brain training apps

Have you been on the lookout for an application that will improve your child’s communication skills? You are sure to be satisfied when you download the Elevate application. The application is available for both smartphone platforms, iPhone and Android. Elevate is an award-winning application for training your child’s brain and yours.

The application is developed to improve your focus, math skills, memory, observation skills, processing speed, and the main one is speaking abilities, especially for your kids. Here are the main features of Elevate:

  • With more than 35 games, the application helps boost your child’s grammar, self-confidence, focus, productivity, and memory.
  • The application has tests that you can use to train your child by identifying the grammatical errors.
  • You have the option of tracking your kid’s progress over the game and assessing development from the different areas your child has participated in. Finally, you have a final report for improvement and assessment.
  • With an option of your kids playing with other kids makes it competitive. Your kids get motivated to participate with other kids online.

Lastly, this is the train your brain app that will keep your kids glued on their devices for long and not complain about it. The game is freely available for Android devices online.

2. 4-Pics-1-Word

Brain training apps

This is the most enjoyable brain train app for you and your kids. You have to download this game and check it out. You can play with your kids or get your kids to ask you questions when they are stuck. Naming pictures within the game is one mode of escalating to the next level of the quiz.

  • The game comprises four pictures with a common name; and your kids have to guess the word from the letters below the images.
  • The game has several quizzes that have different levels from beginner to expert level. Here, you will have to put 100% of your mental work while enjoying the game.

4-pic-1-Word is the app to download for your children to learn new words. After filling out the words, they will want to keep going and going on playing. The game is available for download from the Android Play Store.

3. BrainHQ

Brain training apps

BrainHQ is one of the best train your brain apps. The application meets the top level of brain development apps globally. Neuroscientists designed this application and the team made sure that BrainHQ has a top-notch slot when it comes to shaping your kid’s brain development. Your child will have a better understanding of the essential elements for kids, to the very complex elements that require more attention and memory to learn.

  • According to scientific proof, it is the best app for your child’s brain development app.
  • The app has several tasks for your kids, and your child participates by answering the questions based on their age. The app guides your child through the problems.
  • The tasks in the app, not only improve cognitive skills but also offers more collaborative thinking from your child.

The train your brain app is available for download for Android free.

3 Brain training apps for iOS

1. King of Maths

Brain training apps

Do you want your children to improve their problem-solving skills? Download King of Math! This is an application that trains your child’s brain in solving mathematical problems. The application has different math-problems for all age grades from 6-year-old to an adult point.

  • Your child can start playing from the beginner level, which is known as Farmer in the app, and level up in all the ten levels while answering the math questions correctly.
  • Many Maths-problems are available from different fields such as fractions, statistics, powers, arithmetic, equations, multiplication, and division. Let your kids explore Math to the fullest.

If your children have the iOS devices, you can download this brain train app for free.

2. Quick Math Jr

Brain training apps

Well, learning Math might prove to be boring for your little ones. Check out this Quick Math, Jr app, and help your child learn to love mathematics. This app will transform the numbers and make it more interactive and creative.

It’s an app for children and those who are about to start elementary school. The app trains their brain before starting their classes and equips kids with fundamental mathematical skills and concepts.

  • Unique graphics that help keep your young ones more engaged with the app
  • The app has a writing space for kids. This makes it suitable for your kids to perfect their handwriting.

The application is suitable for kids between four and eight years old and is free to download on Apple App Store.

3. Duolingo

Brain training apps

Is your child taking classes for other languages? Well, away from school, your child can keep on practicing other languages. Duolingo is one of the best free brain training apps for languages. The app is packed with different language exercises that your child can attempt and also practice reading skills.

  • Duolingo has more than ten different language courses, from other parts of the world.
  • The app has translation features to help your child understand their learning and speaking skills.
  • Your child can start with the basic words for each language course they’re taking.

The application is free to download and suitable for children of ten years and above.

How FamiSafe help to let kids train brain better?

As a parent, you want to know what your kids spend their time on, with their devices. With a parental control app like FamiSafe, you get an upper hand to keep an eye on the activities your child has been on.

FamiSafe parental controls app

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

The application has plenty of features under one roof to keep your child safe.

You can download FamiSafe for either Android or iOS devices. The application is capable of keeping your child in check with the best free brain training apps, and avoid distractions from other apps installed on the device. Here are the main features that will keep your child attentive.

  • App Blocker

This feature helps you to block the apps that are a distraction to your child. For your child to focus on the brain training apps while you are away, lock other inappropriate apps by age-based rating on their iOS device and enforce the weekly or daily schedule. You’ll also know whether they spend a large amount of time on various games on their Android phones hence, act appropriately.

  • Screen Time Limit

Too much screen time will also prove to be harmful to your child. You can track their daily app usage via the Screen Time Limit feature.  It helps you to restrict the amount of time your child spends on the phone while improving your kid’s school performance and other useful activities.


Several studies have proved that brain training can improve your child’s focus, memory, and thinking ability. Therefore, you should have the best free brain training apps for your kids today, and you will note the difference in their personality and performance. Just lookout for the best app for your kid as per their preference and get going. We have summed up the best apps; and to help your child participate more in the apps, install the FamiSafe parental control app to improve learning while keeping them safe online as well.

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