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Location History on Facebook Not Available? Here's What to Do!


Most people's top goal is to keep their families safe and secure. Being aware of our family's whereabouts at all times is always reassuring. You can keep your family members secure no matter where they are and act quickly in an emergency thanks to the sophisticated location history feature.

What if we told you that you could no longer use the location history feature on Facebook? You don't need to panic about the safety of your loved ones, as many alternative apps in the market can outperform Facebook's location history feature. But first, let's have a look at what is location history and why Facebook discontinued it:

Part 1: What is Location History on Facebook?

Facebook keeps several logs of your activities that make up your location history. This feature helps you to instantly connect with local Facebook members or locate a Wi-Fi hotspot that you could use when away from home. It can also help you discover what's nearby, display more useful apps, and enhance your Facebook experience.

Part 2: Why and When Facebook Deleted Location History?

When Facebook's Nearby Friends function first appeared, location-based social networking applications thrived. However, Snapchat won the location-sharing market, and Facebook couldn't compete. The Snap Map feature of the app allows its users to browse Snaps submitted to the Map from all over the world and their friend's whereabouts. Apple and Google gave tools to their users for finding friends and family, so Facebook had to quit this service because it wasn't surviving well in this market.

Facebook notified its users via emails and News Feed alerts that it will remove Nearby Friends, Weather Alerts, location history, and background location as of May 31, 2022. According to an informational message, the feature will stop collecting data after that date. Facebook destroyed the location history and shared background location data by August 1, 2022.

Part 3: What are the Best Alternatives to Facebook Location History?

Facebook has discontinued its location history feature, but you can still use these alternatives apps to track the location of your loved ones:

1.Google Map Timeline

Google Timeline is a service that displays your location history. It includes the time and date when you arrived and departed a specific place, the mode of transportation you used, and any images you've shot. Google obtains this data via your Google Maps app's location service.


Benefits of using Google Maps Timeline

If you want to use Google Maps instead of Facebook location, it can help you in the following ways:

  • Record Day-to-Day Memories

Since your Google Maps app keeps a record of every location you've been, it might also aid with your day-to-day memory. For instance, you can check your timeline if you had supper in a fine restaurant but need help remembering the name.

  • Create a Travel Scrapbook

It can be a terrific approach to compiling a contemporary travel scrapbook. Google Timeline can assist you if you've traveled to many places and want to keep a beautiful record of your trips.

  • Locate your Missing Phone

The most significant purpose of Google Timeline may be to locate your phone if it ever goes missing.


People in your circle can see where you are in real-time using the Geonection app. Each piece of information is encrypted before it is transferred or stored. In addition to the iPhone, Geonection is also available on Android, allowing you to keep in touch with your loved ones regardless of the smartphone manufacturer.


Benefits of using Geonection

Here is how this app is better than Facebook login location history:

  • Keep Track of Driving Records and Driving Habits

The Geonection app will also provide details about the members' driving records. You can obtain information about your driving habit; the distance traveled, peak speed, average speed, etc.

  • View Real-Time Location

Members get real-time access to your location.

  • Get Alerts

You can add a reminder or pin to a location, alerting you when a member arrives or exits that location.

3.FamiSafe-Location Tracker

Suppose you are looking for the best facebook location history alternative for your kids. In that case, you should use the FamiSafe parental control app. For parents with children of various ages, FamiSafe provides a variety of functions. Without switching between devices, parents may keep an eye on the activities of multiple kids on the dashboard. The parental control software enables parents to manage their kids' screen time, follow their whereabouts in real-time, and even find objectionable information on their kids' gadgets.


Benefits of using FamiSafe

Here is how it is better than Facebook location history:

  • Real-Time Location Tracking

You can follow your children in real-time and view their location history to find out where they are or have been. When children enter or exit the "Geofences," parents are notified.

  • Geofencing

FamiSafe is excellent for children who attend boarding schools or schools with sizable campuses or want to hang out in a particular area without their parent's supervision. It allows you to create geofences for your children. This app will notify you whenever your kid leaves or enters the geofence. You can change the geofence parameters and extend the range from 100 to 1,000 meters.

  • Location and Driving History

You can receive a list of every location your child has visited by simply using the Location History tool. The screen will show the places they visited and how long they spent there. FamiSafe can also acquire complete driving history records of your kids and keep an eye on their speed, average speed, and route.

  • Reverse Location Monitoring

Thanks to Famisafe's reverse location monitoring feature, your kids can see your location. Other parental control applications don't have this unique feature, which is excellent if you need to meet your kids someplace or if they get lost and need to find you. You can still keep your privacy if you wish to, since when your child requests to access your location, they must first get your permission.

Play this video to see how to track location with FamiSafe:

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4.Snapchat Snap Map

Snapchat has always distinguished itself from the competition by providing features that are both distinctive and entertaining to use. Snap Map is one of these features. It's a map that shows the location of users' Snaps and facilitates interaction.

You can find your friends on Snap Map, see news headlines from around the world, discover new locations, and do much more with this interactive map. Additionally, you can share your tales with the globe on Snap Map. And it's not just restricted to your phone; you can also use a web browser to explore Snap Map.


Benefits of using Snapchat Map

Here is how Snapchat Map is better than Facebook location history:

  • View Contribution of Other People

Using the heat map, you can see photos of other people's contributions on Snapchat. Drag the map with your finger to find the colored splotches that indicate where people are taking photos. Red indicates a lot of activity, while blue indicates a few snaps are taking place. To see the images shared there, tap a colored region.

  • Keep a Record of your Favorite Locations

You can keep track of your favorite locations using My Places. The popular local areas, your favorites, and the sites you've tagged in your pictures are displayed under the Places tab at the bottom center of the screen.

  • Track Real-Time Location

Snapchat's Live Location function enables a friend or family member to follow your precise location. Give a friend access to your location in real-time for 15 minutes, an hour, or eight hours by going to their profile using Live Location.

Part 4: Summary

Facebook location history has been disabled, but you can still use other apps like Google map timeline, Geonection, Snapchat map, etc., to track the location of your loved ones. However, if you are looking for an app that provides real-time location tracking of your kids, then we recommend FamiSafe. It is a reliable parental control app with various features like app blocking, web filtering, location history, geofencing, etc., which can keep your kids safe online and offline.

Part 5: FAQs

  1. Can I check other people's location history on Facebook?

Although Facebook has discontinued this feature, you can check other people's location history on Facebook using the FamiSafe app.

  1. How to check Facebook login location history?

Launch the Facebook App and click the profile icon in the upper right corner. Select "Settings & privacy" at the bottom of the page after scrolling down.

Choose "Settings" and select Security and Login from the Security menu.

You can view a few login devices, locations, and currently active Facebook sessions under "Where you're logged in."

Click See all on the right side of Where you're logged in. It will show all of your devices, times, and login locations.

  1. How accurate is Facebook's location history?

Facebook location history needs to be more accurate as sometimes it only offers an approximate position, which may appear inaccurate compared to your real location.

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