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Who Owns ChatGPT and How To Use It With Parental Control

Joanne Croft
Joanne Croft Originally published Jun 19, 23, updated Aug 25, 23

Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword anymore. It has become an integral part of our daily lives. So understanding its intricacies is a necessity now.

Welcome to our deep dive into the realm of ChatGPT.

In this blog, we will know “Who owns ChatGPT,” a key player in the AI industry.

But that's not all. As parents, the safety of our children in this fast-paced online world is our primary concern. So we’ll show you how, as parents, we can ensure the ethical use of ChatGPT.

Let's plunge into this exploration together.

Part 1. What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI language model that was crafted by a legion of engineers & computer scientists. Now what does a language model mean?

Well, imagine a digital parrot that not only mimics human language but also understands & generates it. That’s precisely what ChatGPT does. Not too shabby for a bunch of code! Right?

The primary function of this AI tool is communication. It's designed to respond to text inputs in a human-like and contextually relevant way. Ask it about the weather, and it will provide a forecast. Pose a philosophical question and prepare for a deep discussion.

ChatGPT opening interface

And don't worry, ChatGPT won't judge you if you ask it the meaning of life at 2 am. It's designed for these endless conversations! Whether you need a virtual assistant, a tutor, or a responsive tool, ChatGPT is your 'guy.'

Now let’s get back to our topic. What company owns ChatGPT? Here we go with the answer.

Part 2. Who Owns ChatGPT?

When it comes to AI, it's not just about who builds it. It’s about who nurtures, maintains, and ensures it's used for the proper purposes. The puppeteer behind ChatGPT is OpenAI. It’s an organization at the epicenter of AI research and development.

OpenAI was founded in December 2015. It's like the guardian angel of the AI world if you will. But instead of a halo & wings, they wield algorithms and neural networks.

OpenAI official webpage interface

As the progenitor of ChatGPT, OpenAI has done more than just create it. They continuously improve it to ensure that ChatGPT remains relevant, user-friendly, and safe. Let’s explore OpenAI’s efforts in developing ChatGPT.

Part 3. OpenAI's Journey in AI Research and Development

Now you know who owns ChatGPT stock, it’s also essential to understand OpenAI’s role in ChatGPT development. We are now going to show you different aspects of this journey.

1.OpenAI's Mission and Values

OpenAI is driven by a mission to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity. They recognize the immense potential of AGI to impact society positively. But on the safe side, they also acknowledge the risks associated with its deployment. For example, if we give our kids unlimited access to ChatGPT, they may get addicted. This can significantly affect their critical thinking capabilities.

2.OpenAI's Role in AI Research

As a leading organization in AI research, OpenAI has made significant contributions to AI technologies. Their work has helped shape the AI landscape. OpenAI's involvement in creating ChatGPT showcases its expertise and authority in the field. It also shows their understanding of language processing and machine learning techniques.

3.OpenAI's Ongoing Improvements

OpenAI is not the one to leave its products after developing them. They are making continuous efforts to improve the ChatGPT further. These improvements include addressing limitations, mitigating biases, and refining the model's performance.

4.Collaboration and Feedback

OpenAI also actively engages with the AI community and users to gather feedback. They value the input of researchers, developers, and users to improve ChatGPT. By seeking collaboration and feedback, OpenAI demonstrates its commitment to ChatGPT.

After knowing who owns the ChatGPT app, do you think OpenAI did an excellent job creating it? They undoubtedly created a great product.

But as a parent, you don’t want to give unmonitored access to ChatGPT to your kids.

Let’s see why parental control is essential in digital life.

Part 4. The Concept of Parental Control in the Digital Age

We all wish to equip our children with the best tools while ensuring their safety. And in this new era, smartphones, AI, and the internet are intertwined with daily life. So parental control transcends beyond traditional boundaries. It's no longer just about monitoring bedtimes or supervising playdates.

Here are some of the key aspects of parental control in the digital age:

1.Online Safety

  • Protect children from online threats like cyberbullying, online predators, and scam websites.

2.Content Filtering

  • Restricting access to age-inappropriate content. This includes explicit, violent, or harmful materials.

3.Screen Time Management

  • Setting time limits on device usage to promote a balanced digital lifestyle. This can also help in preventing screen addiction.

4.Privacy Protection

  • Safeguarding personal data and teaching children about the importance of online privacy.

Parental control tools like Wondershare FamiSafe serve as the life jacket in this digital ocean. So let’s explore how this tool empowers us in our digital parenting journey.

Part 5. Wondershare FamiSafe: A Powerful Ally for Parents

FamiSafe official logo

As our children grow, their digital footprints expand. And with it, the potential online risks also increase. But fret not, for FamiSafe has your back.

It's a powerful ally that equips parents with the tools to ensure their child's online safety. From screen time limits to blocking inappropriate content, FamiSafe provides protection at every stage of a child's growth.

Wondershare FamiSafe official webpage interface

Key Features of FamiSafe

Here are some key features of Wondershare FamiSafe.

  • Time-limit controls: Define clear digital boundaries by setting limits on device usage.
  • App blocking: Encourage engagement with educational apps by blocking distractions.
  • Self-managed dashboard: Empower teens with the ability to manage their screen time allocation.
  • Real-time location tracking: Keep tabs on your child's whereabouts without being overly intrusive.
  • Device activity monitoring: Keep an eye on your child's device usage. You can also remotely lock devices for safe screen time management.
  • Content safety: FamiSafe blocks inappropriate content, providing an additional layer of online security.
  • Web Safety: Ensure secure browsing by blocking risky websites.
  • Location services: Track location history and enable real-time monitoring of your child's movements.

Key features of Wondershare FamiSafe

Benefits of Using FamiSafe Alongside AI Tools

Think of FamiSafe and AI tools as two halves of a golden coin. On one side, you have the interactive, educational, and exploratory aspects of AI. On the flip side, FamiSafe ensures a balance is maintained. It’s like a watchful guardian standing by to ensure the play doesn't get out of hand. Here are some of the benefits of using FamiSafe alongside AI tools.

  1. With its screen time management feature, FamiSafe ensures the excitement of AI doesn't turn into an unhealthy obsession.
  2. Sometimes children may stumble upon inappropriate content. But with FamiSafe's content safety feature, these pitfalls are blocked.
  3. FamiSafe also encourages the blossoming of little geniuses. By blocking distracting apps, it creates a conducive learning environment.
  4. And, of course, let's not forget about the darker side of the digital world. The risk of cyber threats is real. But with FamiSafe's safe search and web filtering features, our children are well-shielded from these lurking dangers.


As we arrive at the end of this journey, we've unraveled the mysteries of who owns ChatGPT. It’s no other than the popular OpenAI company!

We've also explored how FamiSafe stands as a bulwark, protecting our children while they use ChatGPT.

So why wait? Get FamiSafe and become well-equipped in this digital era of parenting. Together, we can celebrate the growth of our children in a safe, digital environment.

Joanne Croft
Joanne Croft Aug 25, 23
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