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Heimdall Parental Control Review - Pros, Cons and Alternative

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There is an abundance of parental control apps these days. But a few of them are usable and fewer of them are actually helpful. Heimdall is such an app that lets you control your kid's virtual activities. The app comes with some handy features. But how effective is it in practice? I'll be honest – this isn't the greatest parental control app on the market. But it gets the job done.

If you are considering getting Heimdall for parental control, scroll down to read my full review of the Heimdall Parental Control app with pros, cons and suitable alternative.

FamiSafe Alternative

Heimdall Parental Control

The Heimdall Parental Control app was developed by a French coder for his own family. Maybe this is why it lacks the professional touch of software prepared keeping in mind the needs of the market. If your main concern is the apps your kid uses on their phones, Heimdall will provide you with adequate support.

Here are the pros –

- Restrict Installation of New Apps

Once you have installed the necessary apps on your kid's phone, you can block the Google Play app. It will prevent your child from installing new apps without your supervision.

- Restrict Existing Apps

You can put a time limit on existing apps. This makes sure your child doesn't spend too much time on Facebook or Subway Surfer. You can even block system apps that you cannot uninstall.

FamiSafe Alternative

- Set Time Limit on Call Durations

You can monitor how much time your kid spends talking on the phone. You can cut back on this time by setting up a limit for call durations. This feature can teach your child the importance of managing time and staying focused.

FamiSafe Alternative

- Parental Filters

Heimdall complements the websites that already come with parental control options, such as Google and YouTube. If you have Heimdall installed on a device, it will automatically turn on the parental controls on websites that have that option.

- Track App Log and Browser History

You can oversee how much time your kid spends on each app. You can access your child's browser history and find out if they are accessing any inappropriate ones.

- Block Content (Paid feature)

Compromising and sensitive content can be found all over the internet these days. If you do find out that they are up to something, you can filter undesired content by blocking those websites. But you will have to pay to access this feature.

Heimdall Parental Control – Cons

If you have read the pros section, Heimdall might seem all right as an app to you. But wait till you find out what it lacks. Here is a list of cons we faced while using the app –

- No Remote Control

This is a major drawback of this app. I don't believe any parental control app is sufficient without the functionality to be controlled remotely.
You cannot be with your child all the time, nor can you access their phones that easily. Besides, if you have to control the app from their phone, they might as well control it themselves.

The lack of a remote control system drastically decreases Heimdall's viability as a parental control app.

- No Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Like I said before, this app was not developed commercially. Location tracking is one of the most basic and compulsory features of any parental control app. If you can't know where your child is, if he's lost or skipping school, what good is a parental control app?

Geo-Fencing is also a common feature among parental control apps but I can give Heimdall a pass on that since it's on the more advanced side of the tech spectrum.

- No Scheduled Operations

You cannot schedule a block on your kid's cell using Heimdall. You may want to block all recreational activities on your kid's phone during bedtime or when they're at school. It is a common feature available in many other parental control apps. Failing to incorporate such a basic feature makes Heimdall a pretty fruitless endeavor.

FamiSafe – the Best Alternative to Heimdall

FamiSafe Alternative

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of Heimdall parental control, you see why we would need an alternative. Making up for everything Heimdall doesn't offer. FamiSafe has already made a name among concerned parents who wish to keep their children safe under supervision.

Here's why FamiSafe is the best alternative parental control app you can get –

Remote Control

Yes! You can have the full functionality of this parental control system from your own device. You don't need to physically access your kid's phone for that. Install FamiSafe on your child's phone. Then operate it from the control panel on your device. We can all agree on this – a remote controlling option always takes the cake.

FamiSafe Alternative


Thanks to FamiSafe's geo-fencing feature, you can get notified when your child leaves the school area, neighborhood or even the town. This is a superb feature if you want to keep your child away from certain harmful locations.

You can also track the live location of your kid. Past locations are also recorded to keep you fully informed as a parent to an underage child.

FamiSafe Alternative

Smart Scheduling of Screen Time

You can limit the screen time your kid enjoys every day by scheduling blocks that turn off the phone at certain times or places.

FamiSafe Alternative

App Monitoring and Website Blocking

You can monitor which apps your child uses and how much time they spend on it. You can block undesirable apps or set time limits on the ones they are allowed to use. You can block their visits to illegal or inappropriate websites as well.

FamiSafe is more sufficient as a parental control package, compared to the Heimdall app. Unlike Heimdall, it was developed keeping in mind the challenges of modern-day parenting. Both technology and concept-wise, FamiSafe is a far better parental control system to choose from. Every parent is responsible for the well-being of their child. Your child's safety is a major concern that just cannot be compromised with. Download FamiSafe from Google Play or App Store for free and give it a whirl!

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